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Isuzu Trooper



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    They are significantly stiffer. If you are looking for a soft lincoln like ride out of them it's not going to happen. Although with the 9000s set to #2 they are relatively soft. I bet if I turn them down to 1 they'll be about stockish. Body roll and brake dive are far better than before. So far so good :)

  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I just got a quote for a new 2002 Trooper LS 4x2 selling for $22,850. It's from one of the dealers in north Atlanta. It sounds like a fair deal, what do you think? Should I try to push them a bit lower?

    Also, they told me that the timing belt does need to be replaced every 100,000 miles. The similar service on other cars would run me about $400. Is this what I should expect to pay in Trooper's case? Are there any other maintenance ''surprises'' I should expect on top of changing fluids and drive belts every 60,000 miles?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Timing belt intervals on all CA equipped cars is 105k.

    Fluids should be swapped probably less than 60K IMHO.

  • justdrivinjustdrivin Posts: 17
    Hello all,

    Has anyone had any experience with aftermarket wiring harnesses?? At another board I go to for SUV's, they all rave about the improvement of their stock headlights with the install of one of these wiring harness kits...I believe my 2000S uses the 9004 set-up.

    Also, I read a lot about the Sylvania Silverstar replacement bulbs...much better than stock, even better with the new wiring harness, about $25.00 a piece(?). BTW, what our the Trooper headlight wattages (60/80)??

    Thanks for any responses. David
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You could put 150w bulbs in our headlights and the reflectors and lenses still are horrible. I run 80/100w bulbs and they help a little. I also have 100w H3 fogs and for high beams I have 130w Hella 4000s. Check out pics on

    I think the 9004 bulbs are 45/60w


  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    The valve adjustment at 60k requirement for the 3.5l was a surprise to me. So too is the nature of the job as it requires shims. What's up with that?
  • troop2shostroop2shos Posts: 235
    Just your typical DOHC engine requiring shims - nothing special or unusual. 60k seems too soon for an automatic tranny - doesn't see the higher sustained RPM's as w/ using a manual. 100k should be the minimum check w/ modern engines & that's still questionable as long as the oil & filter are changed regularly - could be fine at 200k+. The shims are the wear items & if they become pitted, they can tear-up cam lobes.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I think I've overlooked this one for our 98 Trooper (3.5L). I'll have to check the owners manual, but I think it's in there.

    Is this really necessary? What kind of cost should I expect?

    Our 98 is at 66,xxx miles.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I actually test drove the Trooper today and, though I liked it a lot since I'm used to driving a compact pickup truck, my wife didn't like it too much :-( I must say the seats are relatively small and not too comfortable. Anyway, the price for the LS 2x4 was $22,152 plus $850 for custom leather seating. Leather seats are the absolute must in this otherwise unimpressive interior. It does seem like a decent price for what you get ($24,872 out the door) but somehow I don't feel like I'd be "stealing"... What do you guys think?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Think about it cracovian... Name 1 other SUV you can get with that much room that is under $30K and will last for 200K miles?


    So IMHO you are getting an outstanding deal.

  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    This is my first high-tech engine so the valve shim approach is still new to me. In my limited research however it sure seems like this is a needed service that cannot be put off to anywhere near 200k. For example this quote from a Taurus SHO site - "I cannot stress this enough. The valves must be adjusted at 60K, not for clearance, but for the life of the shims and the cams. Too many times, I have found worn shims and worn cam lobes that could have been avoided by doing the maintenance at the right time." Here is the link -

    Since you obviously have much more knowledge about this topic, what makes the Isuzu design so much more durable than the SHO's Yamaha engine? Or, am I just being paranoid/falling for internet based shop propoganda?

  • troop2shostroop2shos Posts: 235
    I posted a long response but to your question but it might not have come through - will try to respond later if it doesn't make it - have to go.
  • marty2marty2 Posts: 11

    Back awhile I left a message about my daughters 00 trooper, 59,000 k using oil 1/2 qt. 100 mi. No leaks, dealer is installing a new motor. This week.
  • troop2shostroop2shos Posts: 235
    I'll try to be more brief on this second post - not that you saw the 1st. :)

    I own a '93 3.2L V-6 Gen II SHO ATX w/ 138k miles & a '98 3.4L V-8 Gen III SHO ATX at 60k. Both twin-cam engines require a valve shim check / adjustment at 100k. To my knowledge, my Gen II has never had the shims checked & I'm not planning to look at them anytime soon. The V-8's are prone to cam failure w/ its bad swaged sprocket design prior to the required valve adjustment. I'll let my Ford ESP handle the $8k - $20k for the repair / replacement when valves meet pistons (the V-6 Yamaha is a non-interference design :).

    The full Yamaha V-6 in the SHO is one fine engine & one of the best I've driven hard - near redline often. The link you refer to on the SHOtimes site applies to all Gen I & Gen II 3.0L Yamaha engines equipped w/ a MTX (manual transaxle) & requires a timing belt change at 60k, also - the ATX's have a hydraulic tensioner which lengthens the belt change-out to 100k. Doug is SHO guru mechanic, who has his own shop near Atlanta, made that observation / comment w/ some merit on performing the 60k maintenance on schedule w/ the MTX vehicles. However, many MTX's have gone 75k+ before the checks were made & found no issues. But again, an ATX usually doesn't see the frequent & sustained high RPM's as w/ a manual tranny - there is less wear. 3k oil & filter changes are known to extend the life of the shims, cams, etc. as opposed to 5k - 7.5k+ change-outs on dino juice.

    Many reports have come in on ATX equipped SHO's that their shims did not need any adjustment or replacement, nor had any wear after 150k+ w/ proper maintenance...& they're driven hard. Similar reports have come from our local SHO club, as well, just to see. Some owners have gone ahead & either flipped the shims over if there was any signs of minor wear or replaced shims to meet the middle of the tolerance spec while they had the intake & valve covers off. A SHO shim kit w/ tools runs about $200 for the DIY. Dealer's want $900+ to check & replace shims. Some SHO specialty shops only charge around $600 w/ additional services performed. The shim checks on a Trooper would appear to be much easier to perform than on a SHO.

    I'm not saying that it's not wise to check the adjustment - there could be warranty problems if the maintenance schedule is not followed. I am just saying that the 60k could be overkill in a Trooper w/ an automatic tranny & in an engine that is well maintained. 60k probably covers the bases for those who greatly extend maintenance intervals or maybe the shims are too soft. Anyone on the list had their's checked to advise?

    DOHC's from the 50's & 60's usually required a much shorter timeframe for shim replacement.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    SHO = sports car engine
    Isuzu = TRUCK engine

    Big difference in intended usage. :)

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just got finished towing 5500lb car trailer 300+ miles. Have to say that the trooper handled it like a dream. More later.

  • troop2shostroop2shos Posts: 235
    True, but my old TR-3A & TR-4A sure made good use of its tractor based engine - never failed me once... :)
  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    I appreciated your knowledgable and informative posts as like I said shims and valves is a new one on me.
  • scott165scott165 Posts: 1
    FYI - There is an Isuzu Trooper car cover on bought from for $200, for bid right now about $50!, search for "Isuzu Trooper Car Cover"
  • blaha1blaha1 Posts: 1
    Hi Group, I'm new to this board but have been reading it since I bought my 99 Trooper. I have made all the upgrades that this board has sugested as far as tires, shocks, and springs. My question is on gas milage and towing. First gas milage is 12 to 13 MPG on trips or in the city. Is this normal. Second I pull a center console boat which seem to catch a lot of wind. Should I pull it in drive with the power switch on or off, or should I pull it in 3rd gear. Please advise before I destroy the transmision. (Auto)
    Thanks for your response.
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