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Isuzu Trooper



  • The designers probably were told to use the standard filter that always has been used. Without the requirement to use the standard filter (PL14559 is the standard Honda fitler too), more options are available.
    The standard filter will work great, I have changed to the higher capacity PL24458 because my 1995 SOHC Trooper can get the lifter tick noise and I am trying to find all the inexpensive ways to prevent the noise from coming back. The replacement of all the lifter ticking parts in both heads would be around $3000!!!! I want my Trooper to last 200K to 300K without that expensive repair.
  • serranoserrano Posts: 107
    The LSD is always engaged. It is not a locking differential. It just has a series of clutch plates preloaded to permit slippage in turns but also permitting a certain amount of torque to be applied to the wheels. To my knowledge, there should be no clunks or thumps because there is nothing "engaging." If there is chattering, it's because the clutch plates are not slipping smoothly. That's why an additive is required. It conditions the clutch plates to slip smoothly with no stiction.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    The truck will lock itself if no doors are opened after 10 (or so) seconds after unlocked via remote.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That it will do.

  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    There is something going on back there. I'm familiar with the chatter issues on the LSD. I've gone thru that with my 97' before. This is totally different. If you listen closely with no radio playing, you too might notice what sounds like a dis-engagement taking place in the driveline. I'm not sure just where, but it sounds like it's coming from the rear end area. Funny thing is I don't notice it ever engaging. There is no sound or feel of anything happening as I move forward out of a 'coast' condition. Hard to explain, but there is also somewhat of a HUMMMMM as it dis-engages.
  • Greetings All,
    I just took delivery of a new Trooper S. This is my third Trooper(if you count the Acura SLX I bought in 96). I traded in a 97 Trooper S with 90k miles on it. I'm glad to have the TOD! Anyway, because I had my heart set on Moonmist Gray, I had only one car to choose from and it does not have a CD player. Does anyone have thoughts on where I can get one? I don't want to completely trash the existing radio because it has a cassette player that I need. So I'd really like to just add a CD player in the slot under the current radio (I want a player and not a changer). I'll be checking as soon as I complete this post. The dealer said it would be $400 to add the Isuzu player and he suggested I go aftermarket.

    Also, since my Trooper was so inexpensive, I want to add some "cool" stuff to it. Namely brush bars, lights etc. Do you have any ideas where I can find this stuff at reasonable prices?

    FYI here are the numbers on my deal 2002 Trooper S, with TOD and Isuzu-issue bug shield (I think those are the only two options).

    Selling price: $22,000
    Traded in 97 Trooper (blue - my kids call it purple but it's BLUE!) with 90k miles, cracked windshield, large dent running the length of the front left fender, another good sized dent on the rear door, and almost bald tires. Got $9,000 for the trade in.

    Although I think the selling price might be a little high, I was really pleased with the $9k for my trade in so that makes up for it.

    I live in Colorado.

    Thanks for your thoughts! if I haven't written enough already...BUT...are there any Trooper Clubs in Colorado (Denver area) I can hang out with?
  • I just saw these statistics on Yahoo! It looks like they only sold 502 Troopers that month:

    I still see a bunch of them sitting around at a few remaining dealerships in the Atlanta area.

  • tr0sstr0ss Posts: 14
    My '99 troop with 49K has been doing this for a while ... When I start it in the mornings, it cranks for a while then will eventually start, but kills almost immediately. The next time I start is fine. The other day, I was idling (after having driven for a while) and it just killed on me.

    Now, I replaced the battery not too long ago. Can anyone guess what this might be? Could it be spark plugs?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Could it be the u-joint bolts are loose?

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I had similar issues recently. I replaced my battery and it stopped.

    I think there are a few things you can look at...Fuel regulator...someone else just had this replaced with similar symptoms. Intake manifold gasket...this is known to go on some 99's (I guess due to bad glue used during installation?)...Exhaust issues? My catalytic converter just went, it has caused some rough running here and there.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm ditching my 6-cd changer for the nice JVC MP3 Player I put in the SVX. I love having 200+ songs on one CD :)

  • Congrats on the new Trooper! Which dealer do you use? I worked my best deal with the guys on 104th street. Deal was great but I am not at all impressed with the service department. I summer in Colorado, and I am really hopeful that I do not need any service this coming summer. I am interested in your take on service in the Denver area. Enjoy

  • Philip,
    I bought my Trooper at Denver Isuzu on 104th as well. Pretty painless. I had my 4 year old daughter with me when I went by there at lunch time. She was getting antsy so I had to leave. They let me take the car home for the day. Later in the afternoon, I called and did all the negotiating over the phone. Then went back around 8pm to sign papers etc. I took my 97 Trooper there once for service and was completely unimpressed. But that is the only option close by to me as I live in Arvada. Jerry Roth Isuzu on Colfax sold out to Osborne (not Ozzie!) and they're dumping Isuzu (they have only one on the lot). The next closest dealer is Courtesy Isuzu near Highlands Ranch. Mostly I had my 97 serviced at a smaller local shop in Broomfield who I trust. They do a good job. Let's face it tho, oil changes and tire rotations are about all these trucks need!
  • I have the same issue in my '99 Trooper S. When coming to a stop at a light, or shifting from drive down to park once I'm in my garage, a very noticable clunk happens. Guess I'll check some U-joints....
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Drop me an e-mail Have some good info on guys in denver with isuzus.

  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    When it killed, did it sputter and die, or just act like a switch was turned off?

    I wouldn't suspect the spark plugs at all, although some other part of the ignition system could be involved. Maybe even something like a bad ignition switch.
  • Rocco119,
    Sounds like you dealt with the same group that I dealt with. They really wanted to move those vehicles. I have had great success with my Trooper and hope to live with it for a long time. My wife has the idea that we should actually pay for a vehicle before we sell it. This is the first time that I really enjoy driving my car. I liked driving her 97 Seville more than my GMC, so we will see if this is a vehicle that is a keeper. Usually things go wrong with a car and I get the new car fever. I think the "hunt" is half the fun. The bad thing is the lose that you take on most trades. This time I came out on top and I feel that I got a great vehicle in the deal.

    A question for all of you out there, what do you call your Trooper when you refer to it? I do not like SUV, Trooper seems odd, Isuzu is really odd, I not comfortable with truck, so what do you all call it????
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    or Da Troopa.


  • That's a funny question because I just went over this with my 4 year old daughter. My 97 Trooper was Blue but it looked very purple. So she started calling it Barney (after the dinosaur). She became very attached to Barney and when I turned Barney in last night, she cried for over an hour. So I had to help her think of a name for the new one. She came up with Moonie--once again because of the color (moon mist gray).

    As for me, I just call it a truck.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    My wife seems to like this nickname too. Ours is a 98 Trooper with TOD. It's Red Rock Mica monotone exterior.
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