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Isuzu Trooper



  • Hello. I just purchased a 1997 Isuzu Trooper LS with 196K miles. It starts, drives, idles, and shifts great. Before purchasing it I checked the ATF and it was dark brown/black, but there weren't any particulates in it nor did it smell burnt. So I figured that I would just have the transmission flushed.

    I've been advised that I should have the transmission flushed because the ATF is dark (it should be a translucent red).

    I've also been told that I should NOT have the transmission flushed because I run the risk of loosening particles and deteriorating the seals through the process of flushing. This would then lead to having to rebuild the transmission.

    I purchased the vehicle used and I don't have maintenance records. I assume that the transmission was flushed at some point in the past since the mileage is so high (the Trooper would have died before reaching 196K without a flush, right?) Even though I prefer to take preventive measures I am thinking of not flushing the transmission and replacing the filter since it drives fine. If/when the transmission falters then I'll have it rebuilt. Does anyone have any other advice or insight?

    Thanks for your reply in advance and let me know if you need more information to better respond to my post.

  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    I would recommend NOT getting a flush, but rather, have the fluid and filter changed right away and do it again in another two or three thousand miles.

    While a power flush does get most of the old trans fluid exchanged, it also does as you describe. Better to change the filter and fluid gradually. 4L30E transmissions are known to get into the 200,000 mile range, but need regular care to do so.

    Power flushing a trans with that many miles usually proves problematic, and many owners report trans failures shortly after doing it. Since your history is unknown, you don't know that the previous owner ever did it. Rule of thumb with power flushing is do it the first time and everytime if you do it at all.
    HTH One guys opinion.
  • Hey Mike,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Given the concerns with flushing the transmission, are there any concerns about changing the fluid and filter? Conceptually, gradually changing out the fluid makes sense to me rather than "shocking" the transmission with a flush. However, is there also the threat of deteriorating the seals or dislodging particles with a fluid and filter change? Ultimately, I would like to avoid rebuilding the transmission until necessary (it dies). My concern is that a new filter may change the pressure in the transmission which could lead to damaging the seals which would then lead to rebuilding the transmission. Have you ever heard of a transmission having to be rebuilt after a fluid and filter change?
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    Well, you pose some questions that I don't think anyone can guarantee the result, but let's look at this from the perspective that auto trans need good, clean fluid in order to function properly. In your situation, you know your trans fluid needs changing. When you change the filter and fluid, the reality is that you will be only changing about 3 to 4 qts of trans fluid and the new filter won't increase pressure except that it will allow the pump to suck up the fluid easier. You will still have about 7 to 8 quarts of old fluid in the trans (converter, TCC module, etc;), so there is not that much "shock" as you might think. Each oil change will gradually improve the condition of the oil and hopefully prolong the overall life of the trans.
    HTH One guys opinion.
  • myth1myth1 Posts: 2
    I am turning in my VW Passat lease and am bringing my 2001 Isuzu Trooper out of "mothballs" and back into full time service. It runs great, has spent most of it's days in my carport and only has 63,500 miles. I have driven it about once a week just to keep it limber. I am looking to spruce it up with new car mats. Does anybody know a way to get new OEM Isuzu mats? Can I order them through a still operating Isuzu dealer? If not, how about getting them from Australia or Phillipines?
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    Couple of ways to go can go to and shop the parts you need and get quotes...if any are to be had....from dealers OR you can try people who bought a lot of the dealership inventory when they shut down North American operations and closed dealers. An email to may help, he has lots of parts, and a dealer in Missouri, St. Louis Isuzu, will dropship direct from Isuzu Japan if the part is available and you buy it through them.
    HTH One guys opinion.
  • I recently had my mechanic replace the timing beltand water pump. Everything is working except that I have some sort of rattle under the hood. I hear it when I go over bumps, when I brake, etc. Could the water pump be loose but still not leak?

    Also, my mechanic is saying that he is having difficulty getting parts for the Trooper. Are parts shortages becoming an issue now that Isuzu is not in the USA anymore.

  • moxconmoxcon Posts: 2
    this might sound nuts but after I had my timing belt changed I heard what I thought was rattling under the hood also but it was actually rattling under the car . I needed a new catalytic converter . I chalked it up to coincidence. But who knows. I sure hope yours is a loose screw instead of a 800 converter
  • dplastdplast Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    The 4 wheel on demand light is flashing. Just bought the Trooper from a friend and when I bought it he said "the problem was a bad sensor or two or something like that and was expensive and so he just ignored the light". Anyway, living in a Sacramento suburb he never had a need for 4 wheel drive. Where as I bought it to take it out on the desert.

    However, putting it into 4 wheel drive manually works but it just bugs me, that light flashing and wondering what it would do if it all worked properly.

    Any thoughts, thanks.
  • My 2000 Trooper has an issue that when from a stop you can press on the gas and it very slowly starts to accel very slowly and will kick into 2nd gear and finally get up to full speed eventually. Not sure what this is and dont want to start tearing it apart yet until i have an idea were to start. Any suggestions will help. Thanks
  • Try changing the wiring that goes to the injectors. I had this prolem last year and finally someone found the problem and it worked. it is a bunch of hoses that looks all bunched up together. lots of stores do not sell the part but you can order from Isuzu Auto Parts. 888 509 8712. Ask for someone who really knows about the parts. Or ask a mechanic what is the name so you can order, it cost about $200 and change but so worth it.
  • bsmart2bsmart2 Posts: 15
    Did you have any other symptoms besides slow acceleration, maybe before it became slow acceleration? Who found the wiring problem, and how did they narrow it down to that? Did you have any CEL indications or codes?

    I have an intermitten electrical issue of some sort, like an injector missing its open signal or something like that once in a while. It almost feels like a spark plug not getting spark, you can feel it thru the whole drive train, but its very random and spurratic. :mad:
  • bree722bree722 Posts: 1
    hi silverghost. i am also experiencing the same with the over heating please send me the photos and stes that you refered to in your post.. i would appreciate it. this problem has been ongoing to no avail
  • Isuzu sent me to

    Cost 24 bucks + S&H, $31.90 total.
  • isu2isu2 Posts: 8
    the isuzu dealership in cincinnati is closing and selling most parts and accessories at 50 per cent off dealer cost. on colerain avenue cincinnati ohio. also has manuals for sale
  • amlaniamlani Posts: 1

    I have a 1995 trooper and want to remove the seats. Thanks for your directions.

    Mine has bolts that look very different from bolts I have seen (six notches with curves and a pattern on top?) . I have tried the standard sockets wrenches but they don't seem to fit. Any suggestions?
  • swede760swede760 Posts: 1
    I am working on a 90 Trooper with the 2.8 TBI Automatic Trans. The engine turns over, has spark, but the injectors are not firing. New Fuel Pump, Filter, have pressure at the Throttle Body but I am not getting any signal at the Injectors or the Fuel Regulator on the TBI. I have replaced all the Relays and have checked and cleaned all the fuses. I have also removed the Ignition Modual and had it tested and it is ok. I am not getting any signal at the OBDI port either. I would be grateful for any help.
  • Goalie69Goalie69 Posts: 8
    I can no longer use the Air Selector Knob on my 2002 Isuzu Trooper to choose where I'd like the heat or air conditioning to flow from (floor, dashboard or base of windshield). The Air Selector Knob turns, but the heat/A.C. will only come out at the base of the windshield. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? I was told at one time that there's a box behind the dashboard that has a cable inside that likely broke. Does that sound right? And if so, what is that box called and what might a reasonable cost be to have a shop repair?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I have a 91 trooper 2.6 6cyl. Bought it a few months ago with about 160000 on it. Had the whole engine rebuilt top to bottom due to a major coolant leak. Part of that rebuild included replacing the clutch kit.

    A couple weeks ago my clutch started losing pressure and would not go into gear, especially not into reverse without grinding. My mechanic thought it may be the master cylinder and the slave which he replaced. After replacing those two components Trudi (my trooper) ran fine with the clutch nice and tight with lots of pressure shifting quite well. Two days later tho the clutch started losing pressure again and is now not shifting very well especially not reverse...

    It feels like sometimes itll have more pressure than others especially if I sit and pump the clutch for a while before shifting... ANYWAY

    Does anyone have any idea what may be affecting my clutch pressure if the master cylinder and slave have been replaced??? I dont think its the pressure plate because Ive been told that if that was the issue then it wouldnt be inconsistent like mine is.... Honestly the pressure plate seems to be the only thing left to replace as everything else is new as far as I know...

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated as Trudi runs really well other than this problem... and my mechanic said that as far as clutch pressure goes the master and slave would be the only things causing that problem ---- yet! the problem has come back!

    HELP HELP!!!! S.O.S. Please and Thanks Trooper lovers

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