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Isuzu Trooper



  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    and Consumer Reports lost, sort of. But Isuzu in no way gained back what was lost by the effects of that test report.
  • Consumer reports should be made to dedicate permanent space on their front cover to appologise to each company they have intensionally harmed in order to make free advertizing on the news. The front is probably not big enough.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You're talking about the lawsuit three years ago that had to do with CR's claims about the '95-'96 Trooper. BTW - CR was cleared on that one!

    tidester, host
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Kinda funny this topic comes up again, today was our year end department lunch. So I volunteered to drive, I could take 5 no problem. I've taken all of the "Isuzu & Trooper" badging off the truck, so were walking up to it and someone asked "what is this". As soon as they found out what it was, the first thing out of thier mouth was "isn't this the one that rolls". More than 5 years later and that's what stuck in thier heads. It's sad, but it just shows how powerful Consumer Reports really is!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    my dad asked me about the rollover article in Consumer Reports for probably the first 2 years after we bought our '98. He didn't really buy my claims that the test was somewhat rigged to make the Trooper fail, and he still seemed nervous even though the CR safety warnings didn't even pertain to the model year Trooper we had bought.

    Yes, people definitely remember this stuff for a long time.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Yes, people definitely remember this stuff for a long time.

    I decided not to get the Samurai - even before the tests and reports. Sometimes you just know! :-)

    tidester, host
  • Objective reviews of vehicles are always desired. However, if faulty research methods are employed, or if a strong bias influences purportedly unbiased testing, with strongly detrimental effects to the builder, then I think compensation is warranted. At the very least, an on-going public apology to Isuzu on the front page should be mandated.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    ...then I think compensation is warranted.

    What is warranted is to stop buying a product from a publisher you believe has lost credibility.

    tidester, host
  • I have a copy of the video of the roll over publicity stunt. It is obvious to the most casual non-technical observer that the Trooper was given a way different course through the pylons.
    Have you seen the Mitsubishi Montero Consumer Reports publicity stunt on the news a year or so ago? That was also obvious that they were swinging the steering wheel back and forth rythmically to build up the tipping and get on two wheels. They could have got a Corvette on two wheels the same way. I was amazed they showed the video on the news because it demonstrated that Consumer Reports was not testing anything, just sensationalizing for the attentions, like a kid on a bike poping wheeleys because he can get a reaction from his peers.
    Trooper was driven to the outside pylons while the others merely needed to clear the inside pylons. Isuzu estmated the G forces from each run. The Trooper was put through 1.2G lateral force, the others about .4G lateral force. The Trooper is rated and tested to .67G lateral force (better than some of the others), therefore it would have easily passed the test.
    If you look up real world crash data you will find fewer Trooper rollovers per Trooper accident than other SUVs. In particular, the Ford Explorer which has a record of killing people when it rolls. I know of a person that did manage to roll a Trooper by taking to the ditch at high speed (55mph) to avoid a head on collision with a pickup truck which crossed the line. The Trooper was a mess, but the occupant walked away with just minor cuts and bruses. CR did not pick on Ford because the sales volume of the Explorer was enough to buy lawyers that would put the magazine in bankrupcy, while small in the USA Isuzu had a small budget and maybe GM (owning 40% of Isuzu) even went along with the publicity stunt to make sure the Trooper did not compete to much with the S-10 Blazer.
    Do not buy the Consumer Reports magazine. If you cannot help but look at it, do so in the store and leave the magazine un-purchased.
  • I saw a sign and arrow in the rear widow of a trooper that showed THIS SIDE UP ^
  • Picked up my new GX today,..quite a vehicle. Has all the "standard" bells and whistles except, strangely, the side mirrors are not power fold back! LOL MY Troop LTD had that!I didn't get the Nav's a novelty item that you probably wouldn't use after that novelty wore off. I didn't get the third row seats either.. I'm way passed the little kid stage. It has some "standard" stuff I would never opt for..such as... a rear seat audio system that permits the rear passengers to listen to music different then the front seat via headphones. I say "standard" because that's what they are on this vehicle even through the price you are paying for them. First impression..I WILL go off road with no problem. On highway it's smooth, quiet and capable. EXCELLENT ride and has power adjustable suspension. I got the base model and added a tow hitch. The stock tires were highway B-Stones and I insisted they replace them with Michelin X-Country's which they did. Buying experience was the best I've ever had with any dealer! So far I love it..BUT we'll see if it can live up to the standards set by my Trooper after 97,000 mi.
    AS for Consumer Reports I won't even pick one up to look at. They're a publication with no credibility as far as I'm concerned. The only power we have to punish them for the low blow they dealt to Isuzu, and the Trooper in particular, is not acknowledge their existence. Doesn't hurt them much but gives me a little satisfaction.
    By the way, speaking if the GX, you can get the same basic vehicle, minus the Lexus name and a lot less "standard stuff" in the new 4-Runner. But you know..I owed it to myself ! I'm gettin up in my years and might as well spend it now. Live for the momemt! Hahahahaha.
    Good luck and take care..I'll always be a Trooper lover and advocate!!!!
  • jim112jim112 Posts: 12
    Started the vehicle yesterday and noted no problem with idle when cold; seemed to function normally. However, after driving about 15 miles, letting it set for about 10 minutes, then re-starting, noticed a strange idle pattern going up to 1200-1400 then back to basically zero, then back up. The cycle repeats 4-6 times before stabilizing. Everything then seems fine, no problem while driving or at a stop as long as it remains in gear. When moved to neutral as when shifting from drive to reverse, idle drops immediately - sometimes dies. The fluctuation repeats itself after each start-up when engine is warm.
    Any suggestions. Thanx in advance and thanx to all on the previous differential/wheel bearing question.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    in the "search this discussion" box at the bottom of the page, do a search on "intake manifold gaskets" you'll see others with the same issues with resolution to the problem. A technical service bulletin has been issued for 99' Troopers, you'll see a link in the search results.
  • Just drove by the Lincoln-Mercury-Isuzu dealer I bought my Trooper from two years ago....a little LOW on the Isuzu products, sadly. I love my Trooper - the CR butcher job didn't affect my mindset at all, nor did CBS' butcher job on the Audi 5000 when I bought one in '87. But Isuzu has no one to blame but themselves - the mid-90's was the perfect time to start looking beyond their traditional genres, and Isuzu stuck with relatively old product or weak platforms. The Trooper was regularly updated, with improved engines and drivetrains, but the Rodeo got old fast, especially in the market at which it was aimed. Explorers and Blazers and Toyotas all swooped in to grab market share of Isuzu's traditional client....Isuzu's late, lame response was the Axiom, while quite a unique styling excercise, not enough to pull folks back. And now we have the Ascender, which is hideous...I can't believe Saab will use this platform for their midsize SUV (unless it was shoved down their throats, which is more the reality in my mind....). Before Isuzu abandons the US, I hope they have an opportunity to bring out a decent crossover, ala Highlander/Murano/Pilot, for the wannabes like myself (my LS is 2WD), and a new ballistic Trooper to replace the Ascender. I look forward to that day, but sadly, it may be passed.
  • jim112jim112 Posts: 12
    Thanx for your help. Read the posts as suggested. My problem occurs after the engine is warm. Some posts mention the symptoms occur when cold, others when the engine is warm. Is IMG failure more likely to declare itself when warm or when cold. I also failed to mention a hissing sound which is new and was first noticed after the symptoms began. From the discussions it appears this is consistent with IMG. Final question - should this be covered on power train warranty on a '99 with 42,000 miles?
  • Whether a SUV has a tendency to roll-ever to some extent is determined by the type of driver. I would not recommend a Trooper, or any SUV, be given to a teenage driver as their own personal transportation due to the dangers involved. But in the hands of a mature and experienced driver, SUV's are quite safe.

    Different kinds of people buy different kinds of vehicles, and use them in different enviornments. What is a safe combination in one instance may not be so in another. To judge a vehicle in isolation irrespective of the driver type and how it is used is to do a disservice to the vehicle and what it was designed to accomplish. The upshot of all this is that testing of dangerousness is much more complicated than it appears on the surface. (last post on this topic)
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Actually, the one that has the most experience with this topic is SDC2, try searching "SDC2" here and under "Maintenance & Repairs"(see below). As far as Warranty coverage, check out page 3 in the PDF link, Gasoline Fuel Injection Equipment?

    Hopefully SDC2 is close to his computer this week and reads your post. I believe he's had it replaced twice. sdc2 "Isuzu Owners: Maintenance & Repairs" Dec 29, 2001 10:34pm!
  • ostazostaz Posts: 80
    A while back, I had a problem with the fan speed control (only worked on the highest position). I finally repalced the resistor pack, and the fan control went back to normal (4 speeds). But only for a few minutes, and now the old problem is back again.

    Something is shorting/burning the resistors, and my guess is that without any resistance, the fan works unimpeded at the highest speed.

    Any thoughts?
  • dnestrdnestr Posts: 188
    My Trooper was a silent truck till a winter had come. At a cold day (10F) on my way back home I noticed the noise which was coming somewhere from the tail gate. Checked a spare wheel, a washer reservoir and their fastenings. It didn't help. Then I bent up a little a supporting staple which was located on the big door from below. The noise disappeared and it hasn't annoyed to me since.

    I wish your Troopers will run without any problems even after their odometers have shown 200K miles. This is the best automotive site I've ever seen (I mean its graphics, info ability, host support) and nice people are over here. God bless your country and all the peace-loving world. Merry Christmas. Cheers!
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    If there wasn't the article, I may never had ended up with one. The only reason I chose the Trooper was its long laundry list of standard features (especially truck based offroad features) and the fact I could get it for $24K++. Had cost $31.5K as the sticker listed I would have passed.

    It is a shame that is all people remember about the truck. I have had relatives tell me that I "need to get my family in something safe". I always joke back saying "I only had it up on 2 wheels once so far".
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