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Isuzu Trooper



  • tkevinblanctkevinblanc Posts: 356
    I'm pretty sure I've replaced my rear blade without removing the spare tire... Maybe I shut it off in the perpendicular position? I don't remember, but I'm all but sure that I did it.
  • silverghostsilverghost Posts: 154
    Yep! Works like that on my '01. You have to hold your mouth just right, but it WILL come off that way.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
  • silverghostsilverghost Posts: 154
    As in "grimace" - a sharp contortion of the face, expressive of pain, contempt, or disgust.

    Also helps when removing that #6 spark plug!
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    all righty then...

    Maybe my mind is in the gutter, but I was really trying to avoid picturing you removing wiper blades with your mouth...
  • silverghostsilverghost Posts: 154
    Not likely. Then again, that's just me.
  • makayemakaye Posts: 81
    No one has mentioned it yet, but there is an easy way to remove the wiper blade. If we name the parts: refill - rubber part; wiper blade - metal frame; and wiper arm - attaches to the wiper motor with a bolt.
    Look at the wiper blade where it attaches to the arm. There is a pivoting rivet. feel on the underside of the wiper blade (again the metal part), it is actually a U channel. About 1" from the pivot/rivet you will feel a springy plastic lever/tab. Push the lever/tab slightly and move the entire wiper blade/refill toward the center - down the arm. The entire unit will slide off. To install, simply push it back into the wiper arm bracket until it "clicks." This works for the front ones too. May be easier to see if you look at the front blades first.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The spare tire. I've had to remove my tire the 2 times I replaced the rear wiper.

  • makayemakaye Posts: 81
    Has to clear. There is no space issue. You don't even need to move the wiper back from the rear window, just push the tab slide the wiper blade from left (driver side) to right (passenger side) in a straight line flush against the glass. One only needs to push the wiper assembly to the right 1 inch. I'm talking about the wiper blade not the spring loaded arm.

    If your wiper wipes, it has to clear. I know you have larger tires and likely larger spare, but surely you have room to push JUST the wiper itself 1 inch to the right. At most, you need to move the wiper AWAY from the glass maybe 1". Again, has nothing to do with the spring loaded arm, just the rubber blade and what that attaches to. Works fine with the stock spare at least.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    But I've tried it and unsuccessfully been able to get it off with my stock tire on. I never buy the blades themselves, always buy the whole unit.

    Not a big deal though, I just take off my spare tire.

  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    thanks boxtrooper, silver ghost, and paisan....

    I thought I read somewhere that CR faked the tests aand were haul ed into court....but the damage was done...

    have fun with your SUVs ... :)
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,976
    The Isuzu verdict (CR)

    No Money For Isuzu, But Vindication (Car Connection)

    In the Latest Crash Tests, Rollover Ratings, 7 SUVs tipped up on two wheels. (NHTSA)

    Steve, Host

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  • tkevinblanctkevinblanc Posts: 356
    I'm remembering this now... I just pressed the little release lever and it slid right off just as Mackaye describes.

    I do think I stopped it in the horizontal position just to make it easier. I did not remove the spare tire. I did replace the entire arm. I used the typical NAPA replacement blades.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Who does your nails?
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152

    Thanks for those links. For anyone who hasn't seen those sites before, its a great source of info. to help clear up this question of rollover danger. If memory serves, CU recently warned (mildly) that the Toyota Tacoma they tested had a tendency to lift one wheel in a turn. I like Tacos but they've always seemed narrow and tall to me and I suspect an agressive driver could roll one even more easily than a Trooper. Yet, CU has not made the Tacoma test result into a major story as it did with the Trooper, they just (if I recall correctly) dropped their "recommended" rating. Before my first Trooper I looked hard at 4-Runners and for various reasons I would have needed some seat hardware if I bought one. What struck me when searching salvage yards on the net to check pricing (for the parts I needed) was that there were a lot of 4Runners around which had been totalled in rollovers. Needless to say, there have also been a lot of 4Runners sold, etc. but both the Taco and 4Runner seem as vulnerable to rollover as the Trooper. So I side with those who feel that Isuzu was unfairly singled out when in fact the potential for rollover exists to some extent in all SUVs and pickups.

    Rear Wiper: Replacement intervals are so long that one might as well pull the cover and spare to inspect the latter and to reset tire pressure.


  • makayemakaye Posts: 81
    Jeez, obviously a combination of my teeth and a wet sander...what else? ;-)
  • dnestrdnestr Posts: 188
    Hey, boxtrooper I've gauged that my Trooper gets 27 mpg at 65 to 70 mph. I had been driving at 5th gear with a passenger and just a little of luggage. I filled a half of the tank in the end. So the mpg might be very precisely. Cheers.
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    dnestr, Thank you for the test. 27 mpg is 33% better than my 20 mpg which is very good for a 3.5L gas engine (once in a while I get 21 mpg, maybe requires driving with the wind or somehting).
    Loaded: for me 65 mph with 4 people and a lot of stuff aboard and 2 bikes hanging on the back gives 18.5 mpg. I have not had a chance to test this Trooper while towing anything.
  • silverghostsilverghost Posts: 154
    27 mpg?? Is that an american emission-controlled 3.5L?? If so, that's unheard of! I get 19-20 at 70-75 mph with the A/C running (2WD) and think I'm topping the charts!!
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