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Isuzu Trooper



  • Hello all- just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. My 1999 Trooper has been running perfectly the entire time I owned it- no oil burning, synthetic fluids only, all fluids changed regularly. It has 41,000 miles and just ran out of manufacturers warranty three months ago. Yesterday, on the highway I heard a muffled bang accompanied with momentary surge and it started to run rough and the CEL came on about the same time as the temp. gauge started rising. I shut it down before it got too hot and towed to dealer today. Dealership is saying that they believe it is a cracked head (antifreeze coming out of exhaust and milky brown foamy oil on dipstick). They want me to authorize a $700 tear-down to see what caused it. At that point the extended warranty people come out to look at it and have their say as to what caused the failure. My extended warranty covers all powertrain components, but I am leery of spending $700 just to be told that they are going to fight me over the cause of the failure.If its covered, I get my $700 back, if not I am out even more money. Anyone have any experience with this failure or aftermarket warranty companies? The extended warranty company is called Century warranty service of Jacksonville, FL. THANKS!
  • Decide how much you are willing to spend to repair first, then negotiate a lower price, shop around.
    Does the 99 have the manually adjusted valve clearance? Was this done on schedule? Is it possible that an exhaust valve failed to open and that blew out the head gasket?
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I haven't heard of this before. Of course I have to ask the questions regarding maintenance history? Have you changed the oil regularly? Had 15K and 30K services performed, etc.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    There has been a lot of upgrade talk in the past regarding new chips, intake changes, etc to gain more power. I saw this today, what do people think?

    I am not sure if I need more power than my 1999 delivers, but I thought it was interesting.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Tone Monday... I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him personally...

    I've had many a discussion with him about Isuzus and he's just thick headed and I'm not impressed with anything he says or puts out.

  • makayemakaye Posts: 81
    (Shiro) Nakamura is recognised as one of the most influential designers in the international auto industry and was general manager of Isuzu's design centre when Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn persuaded him to become Nissan's chief designer.
  • I have this sound once in a while on light acceleration, like a chattery plastic valve or like a playing card in kids bicycle spokes. It sounds like its in front of the passenger side firewall. Looking at the firewall there from the engine compartment I see a black plastic disc - looks like a diaphram, could that be it? Any ideas please. Thank You BoxTrooper.
    I read that blower site, 39hp for $2850? That is a lot to pay for so little gain, but might be handy at very high altitudes. The pictures on that site fail to make the blower unit look well built. How long would it last? How likely are other engine troubles when adding a blower? It is not for me.
  • I have another CEL condition after just 8 days ago having the thermostat replaced for the engine running too cold. I will take it back to the same mechanic since I trust them.
    No symptoms, just CEL. Maybe the fix is a piece of electrical tape over the CEL, but then the ODBII will tell on me next time I have to pay for a county emissions sticker, so I better deal with it.
    If the condition clears itself, will the CEL go back off?
    Is there a way to get the CEL to blink out the CEL code so I can find out what the problem is? (my 1984 Trooper had a couple pins to short out then the engine light would blink a pattern, this happened only once because I took it all apart just to see how it worked and missed a hose putting it all back together)
    Trooper reliability in my household all the way back to 1984 is legendary, now with two CEL back to back, there is some doubt.
  • I am pleased with the performance of my 2001 Trooper even though it has the CEL.
    In the next few months I will get OME shocks the HD mid grade ones and new tires.
    So far I am going with the AT-Revos LT245/75R16C because they are as tall as 265/70R16 and 7 lbs lighter, yet they have 15/32nds tread depth compared to the usual 13/32nds.
    Three days in a row I am the only one to post here! Why?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Three days in a row I am the only one to post here! Why?

    Perhaps everyone is out enjoying one of the last weekends of Autumn in their Troopers! Don't fret - they'll be back. The boards are usually relatively quiet on weekends.

    tidester, host
  • bawbcatbawbcat Posts: 118
    I believe LT tires tend to be stiffer than P. I presume that could give you a harsher ride. I once switched from LT tires (BFG AT) to P tires (Michelin AT) on a Jeep Cherokee, and the P tires were much more comfortable. I did replace shocks at the same time, so that probably helped also.
  • I tend to run my P series tires on the high pressure side so I can get that stiffer ride, I don't like it when handling seems mushy. I do wonder if the LT 75 tall tires will actiually give more that the P 70 series because of the extra height. That worry makes me consider LT265/75R16C instead, which will be wider and a little more stable, but I also worry about MPG, and the extra weight and diameter of the bigger tire will cost MPG. The extra width of the wider tire might be a disadvantage in snow since they must push/plow a wider tread path through it. The overcapacity of the bigger tires might also provide less stopping power on pavement if the rubber compound is harder for that heavier load that is not there. Bigger tires would definately look better.
    I have been also considering (compare to Revos) the Michelin LTX M/S, but LTX don't come in LT245/75R16C, they only come in "E" load range in that size, and I think LRE rubber would be too hard. They do have LTX M/S in LT245/75R16C, and it weighs only one more pound than the 245E. My tire store guy says even though the LTX M/S web page claims 15/32nd, they actually measure 14/32.
    LTX M/S would be a longer wearing tire than the Revo and maybe a little quieter(M/S vs. AT), but the Revo's softer rubber as it wears down is a very good thing. I had an emergency stop, car pulled out in front of me in the rain (driver on cell phone ran a stop sign), I expected to kill the guy in a t-bone accident that would total both vehicles, but, I stopped impressively well with my current set of Revo's that have less than 5/32nds left. I wonder if the LTX M/S would have allowed me to stop as well under those conditions, I doubt it. So I am still thinking Revo for the next set.
  • I've owned the vehicle for 10,000 miles. I had it tuned up when purchased, and have been changing the oil with Mobil one every 3500 miles. All fluids- ATF, coolant, differential etc. have been flushed and replaced also. I've had many import cars over the last twenty years but never something like this. Guess I'll need to locate all of my receipts if this ends up in small claims court. The aftermarket warranty company will cover any engine failure/damage to parts, gaskets, etc. except those due to overheating.
  • makayemakaye Posts: 81
    Could anyone give a rundown on the various OME shocks for a late model STOCK suspension Trooper?
    soft/medium/firm, N15/N65??? etc...
    Opinions, benefits, concerns? Ride quality on vs off road? Does someone make OME for them or are they their own manufacturer? The descriptor for their shocks is similar to Trailmaster Suspensions description of some of their shocks.

    Looks like there is a monotube adjustable KONI that might be interesting. Monotube, high pressure BUT being able to soften it to a certain degree. There is also the KYB Monomax. I'm concerned that the monotube shocks may be a bit stiff on washboard dirt roads, for example, rattling the Trooper apart. I know someone with the Bilsteins, higher pressure shock than the Monomax, but they are pretty stiff.

    I currently have RS9000's, but feel that while they remain controlled over large bumps they are too bouncy over small ones. I think they are, perhaps, not worn, but weakening somewhat in fine control. I've varied them from a setting of 2 to 4 and find the ride acceptable, but I find small road imperfections cause the Trooper to wander or bounce a bit (getting some tire bounce). I don't think it is related to being too stiff, as I also notice this on the softest setting. I do have 265/70 tires, so I'm carrying a bit more unsprung weight.

    With a low setting, I can fly down washboard dirt roads and not even feel it. Then crank them up for harder stuff. I'm thinking of trying a warranty exchange. The shocks are about 5 years old. I like them, but wish they were more of a true gas shock, providing a little more control.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I tried to get my RS9000s replaced under warranty, need the original reciept and it's not a problem. I didn't have mine unfortunately.

  • kleinckleinc Posts: 13
    I have a 97 and I'm trying to find a tire cover that is not the cheap kind on-line. Any Ideas? Anyone heard any news on the 2007 trooper?
  • The shop just a week ago did a thermostat replacement with new intake manifold gaskets and a new serpentine belt because they needed replaced.
    So when the CEL came back I was worried about another expensive repair. Turned out to be a not tight enough gas cap, never had a loose gas cap before, still, I am a little embarrassed, but having a $0 trip to the shop is a great thing.
  • Hi, Mike, I have the same situation. My mechanic recommended me to replace all 4 of them and he said they are causing the uneven tire wear and road noise. But I cannot find the original receipt :(

    Anyway, I found a deal at Sears this week, them will provide free installation promotion. This time, I will just go with Monroe Sensa-Trac ($40 each) and wish them last longer than Rancho. Sears also carries Rancho 5000 and 9000x. The sales men at Sears should have a second job at used car dealer. When I asked them to order the shock, they pretend they don’t know the free installation promotion! Later they guy try to sell me 4 tires and claimed that I have to replace my current Yokahoma which only have 30k miles. Well, even if I decide to buy tires, I will go to Costco, which is $30 cheaper and offer free installation.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Not sure about manufacturing details. I can report that they are superb on and off road.

    I first added a bullbar, and then added the OME shocks. The stock shocks could not handle some of the offroading I did in the summertime. 45 minutes bouncing over sand dunes to remote fishing spots was too much for them, actually 10 minutes was too much for them. They would start losing performance and I was bouncing all over the trails.

    The OMEs were such a huge improvement offroad, even the kids were picking to ride with me rather than in my brothers expedition because his stock shocks would fade and bounce like crazy. The OMEs just stay even the whole time.

    On road they are good also. I am very happy with the performance, less nose dive on braking, less body rolls in and out of cornering. Bumps are not as harsh (still jarring, just not as much).

    I have about 20K on my OMEs and they still seem good. I really don't know how long they should last, but the stocks seemed dead after 18K.

    I have the n65/15 setup. There weren't really any options since I have the bullbar upfront, they recommended that set from ARB. You should go to the email them your questions and ask for their recommendations, they are really good about getting back to people.

    I don't know about other brands, but the OMEs are designed specifically for the trooper and I have been extremely excited about the performance...They were definitely the best upgrade I added to my truck.

    You can buy them on the web and have a local shop install them. Try or for pricing.

    Last don't need OME springs to use these shocks. I don't have them and have no issues running just the shocks.
  • Man, is it looking dark for Isuzu. Pushing the Ascender for two years??!? My local dealer (who also sells about a no-win situation...) has all of 2 Ascenders on the lot. Their back lot, which was once filled with 150-175 various vehicles, is empty, with maybe 80 Mercury/Lincoln vehicles in the front. This is on a major Houston freeway. Pretty sad....
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