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Isuzu Trooper



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yep similar concept. Having seen Matt's work from Independent4x, and having owned a small business, I like to support the little guys. There are a few distinct advantages over the Rhino bar on matts:

    1) Custom built for the Trooper, the bar is elevated up so that the top of the step/bar is level with the built-in step of the trooper.

    2) Rhino Bar comes straight out of the hitch receiver, this will result in a much lower bar than that of Independent 4xs, providing less protection from higher vehicles

    3) I am willing to bet that they don't use 1/4" thick walled steel tubing, not even my reese receiver-shank rated at 6500lbs towing capacity uses steel that thick.

    4) Spare Tire protection. The Rhino bar does not stick out nearly as far as Matt's does, so it will nor provide nearly as much protection to your spare-tire/door.

    5) Width. My bar ends exactly where the door openings end on the trooper 54" wide, which provides protection for the corners over your bumper from parrallel parking incidences.

    6) Custom built. GPM had his bar made 60" wide, and a longer shank on it so that it sticks out further than my 54" bar, also had stops built into the shaft so that it cannot be pushed through the hitch. Basically Matt will make it however *You* want it, so long as it doesn't vary too much from the original design.

    Also Independent 4x is dedicated to the Isuzu Community. He was just out in Moab at the big Isuzu get-together, he come off-roading with Isuzu guys, and actually owns a '91 Trooper. That said I don't see how the Rhino bar is any better than matt's. Contact him


  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    The rhino bar looks nice though and doesn't look like it would be bad. Paison's bar looks like it would offer more 5 mph bumper crash protection, i.e. stop people and things from pushing the spare tire in.

    How about rear bumpers? I would rather just replace the stock with something stronger. ARB offers one, but it is nowhere near the caliber of their roo-bar.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I think matt's working on a front and rear bumpers for 3rd Generation Trooper. He has them for the 1st gen already and should just need to adapt them for 2nd/3rd gen once someone orders one.

  • toddswagnertoddswagner Posts: 31
    There is the link for the add for an S model Trooper for under 21,000 dollars. I should know, I got one there. If the link doesn't work, go to, then to ajc cars and the next screen click on View Automotive featured advertisers. I got to pick which one I wanted, so there isn't a hook with, "oh, we sold that model already", type deal. I wouldn't worry about Edmunds or what they say because these prices are far below their estimated prices are.
  • Now, if they could add another receiver receptacle for a bike/ski rack on that hitch...

    or something for fishing rods...

    or to load a deer/bear/animal carcass...

    or cooler...

    or whatever...

  • ghinsonghinson Posts: 36
    Just called Horton's. Their ad seems a little bait and switch. It shows a 2WD at $19,800 and next to it is a balloon that says $379 a month with 0% financing. From a MSRP of $27,715. I asked him what he had in 4WD and he has the one I want. What's the killer price? $26500 if I want the 0% financing, "two or three grand less if I don't"
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm sure matt could put a spot for a receiver to go into on the backside of the bar, so that you could put a bike-rack, or basket, or whatnot.

  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    I had Matt ride with me at Moab on Fins 'n Things after a minor mech problem on his vehicle...very nice guy. I've heard nothing but good things about his dedication to customer service and the Isuzu community...

    He seemed very impressed with what a nearly new, nearly stock Trooper was able to do...
  • toddswagnertoddswagner Posts: 31
    I would call Lou Sobh Isuzu in Atlanta 770.232.0099 and ask for John Joy. Tell him about the ad that they are running at Horton and tell them to match it. Horton might be trying to do this over the phone with the bait and switch, but I know what deal I got. They are not going to give up the bank over the phone, that's why you need to work between the two dealerships. I got financing through my credit union, so I didn't worry about the 0%. I know for a fact that you can play these two dealerships against each other. The person that started Horton used to work for Lou Sobh. I got everything in writing from Lou Sobh and then went to Horton Isuzu. I got the price I wanted before I even saw the vehicle. I paid 20,700 and then asked if they had a green trooper. It was 22,500 all in. Email me at if you want some more information.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    Looks like it will be a US built Trooper in 2003.


  • conman2000conman2000 Posts: 158
    Sorry for the confusion but you do not pay more for fin. you just pay less with the $2k rebate. For example, I paid $29,710 with 0% fin. but if I got my own bank loan, I could have paid only $27,710 but the best loan % I could get is 6.7% which would be over $5k+ in fin. interest payments over the loan so it would cost me more per month than getting the 0% so it was cheaper to pay more for the 0%. If you can pay cash, you would then take the lower price.

    For example, has a lower price than invoice because that includes the $2k rebate already. If you pay cash, that is the price you get. If you take the Isuzu 0% fin. you don't get the $2k rebate thus pay $2,000 more.

    So if you take edmunds or carsdirect prices. that is the cash price with the rebate and that is why they are lower than invoice. So you are not paying $2k over invoice it is less than that and people on this board are getting better than edmunds prices so shop around.

    IMHO, if you are going to fin. anyway, take the 0% cause you will save more than $2,000 over the life of the loan. I think the 0% ends this month so only a week to go.

    Good Luck to all.
  • conman2000conman2000 Posts: 158
    I tried going through VIP also (See my post at Isuzu board) but ended up going my own because I got atleast $1,000 for my trade-in at a non VIP dealer plus paid $200 less too! The only problem with VIP is that you are buying at invoice but will pay for "fees" which bumps the price to street price. The VIP dealer wanted $29,910 and I called up a non-VIP dealer and got $29,710. Because the price was lower, I did not haggle with him plus I got more on my trade. was cheaper but quoted me less on my trade(someone asked about carsdirect and they do help with the trade).

    I think I could have paid less on my truck(if I haggled) but since they were fair on the price and trade, I did not mind. I was lucky since I have a few Isuzu dealers by me.

    Miata? If the Stock market was better, I would love it. I don't think you will have problems selling it. IMHO, I would go to a non VIP dealer and see what price and trade-in they give you. You might get a better deal cause they might give you more for your trade. My VIP dealer made me feel that I had to jump through hoops to get the VIP deal(read my posts over at the wire). Good Luck.

  • conman2000conman2000 Posts: 158
    I am going to have Matt make me one too. BTW the Rhino bar is lighter steel(AKA not as strong) and is only $20 less than Matt's. Yes you can get it in chrome plus a plastic step but they are marketing it as a step. To each his own as I did look at this one too because it does look nice but decided I want the protection of Matt's plus it is longer and you can use the whole thing as a step(Matt includes grip tape on his too BTW). I am too worried about the spare tire so I am going to have mine farther out too.

    BTW, I think HiddenHitch makes a bike rack that can be used with any receiver as it just slips over the bar. So this will work with Matt's bar plus if you were towing something, you could still use the bike rack as well. Matt could use a extended tube and have a 2" receiver in his bar also(I might look into that myself...), that way, you can use any bike rack plus it will clear the spare tire which is a problem with most hitch bike racks.

  • pinoy99pinoy99 Posts: 79
    Here's my take...
    $94 delivered for Rhino,$129(delivered?) for Indy.
    If I would to get one(I won't) to serve as a step and rear protection for parking, I'll take the tubular one;this one seems to be made out of 3" OD tube with pressed plastic step...same materials used for side tube steps.

    ARB does not make rear step tow bar for Troopers.
  • conman2000conman2000 Posts: 158

    This is something I wanted for my Sidekick but you can't have a hitch though. So that is the reason I am going with Matt's because it is similar plus it works with the hitch. I am going to see if he can make it with a round tube instead. Will keep you posted.


    P.S. $98 shipped for the Rhino is a great deal BTW. Cheaper than where I found it.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
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  • conman2000conman2000 Posts: 158

    Yeah, It worked. This is something I would like Matt's bar to look like.

  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    Could this be the end of the Isuzu SUVs as we know them? That posting by Paisan does not look good. Possibly, isuzu SUVs will only be the US made or GM hybrids.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    on the 28th.


    PS: don't forget chat tonight. I won't be here though. I'll be out whipping around in my buddy's new WRX :)
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