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Isuzu Trooper



  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    I have the factory tint also (99 performance pkg.), which I'm told by several people is purely cosmetic. A year ago, I had the whole truck done for $175.00, (35%) front doors and (limo) the whole back end. The radio reception is fine and the defrosters are fine too. With the tint material (3M) used today you should never have to replace it. Most likely it won't turn Purple like in the past.
  • Hey bpb 30. Ask the dealer where they got the Troopers. If they come with the full warranty then that means they were never titled so they could most likely not have been rental cars. If they only come with a partial warranty then they were titled before and could have been rental vehicles.

    Where are you located? If these are never titled vehicles and have less than 15k let me know who this dealer is because I want to go buy another one for my wife. Her Jetta is starting to fall apart and we battle over who gets to drive the Trooper. By the way I bought a 2000 Trooper from a dealer in OH who had bought a dozen or so they bought at auction which were all AVIS rental cars. I have put 15k on it so far and it had 5k on it when I bought it for 19K. No problems yet and I highly doubt there will be any in the future. If you have any questions e-mail me!
  • Raydahs mentions tinting that purples and wrinkles... The key is to use a plastic window cleaner on the tinting. Any autoparts store has some stuff they'll recommend for plastic windows such as those on a Jeep soft-top. It's the ammonia in most glass cleaners that wrecks the film tinting. Regular glass cleaner is fine on the factory dark glass.
    Chris L.
  • bpb30bpb30 Posts: 10
    I asked the dealer for clarification and they said they have been titled and only come with the 5yr/60Month Powertrain Warranty. Still not bad. The dealer is in the Chicago area, They seem to always have a few of these program cars in stock. The 2001's should be coming in the fall.

    We are still trying to decide between the Trooper and the Honda CR-V. Where we live space is at a premium and mileage is important. There would be little to no off roading. Thing is, the Trooper just seems like the better bargain but the CR-V is probably all we really need. I actually prefer the looks of the Trooper over almost all other SUV's.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Will last longer than the CRV, if you have poor roads at all (pot holes etc) then you are gonna want the trooper. The CRV is built on the suspension of a civic, which isn't exactly good for heavy duty potholes, frost heaves etc.

  • Its a no brainer.....go with the Trooper. I understand space is at a premium where you live, but I don't think it would be any different whether it is a Trooper or a CR-V. Mileage probably will differ. I would imagine if you can get the Trooper for 17K that the price is going to be less than that of a new CR-V. How much is the CR-V selling for that you are looking at?
  • zutrooperzutrooper Posts: 66
    Guys: I've been looking at a 2001 Trooper S w/ 4wd and auto. I've been quoted $22390 ($7.5k rebate). My '95.5 trooper will only bring $5000 in trade. Does trade value sound reasonable? Mark
  • conman2000conman2000 Posts: 158
    you can get more selling it yourself. I have seen a couple of 95's private sale for $5k-8k and dealers selling them for 8-9k depending on the models in NY area.

    Where can you get the $7.5k rebate? as edmunds does not state anything over 2k rebate w/o IMAC fin. A cash price of 22k is very good as is listing cash price for 25k. My local dealer had a cash price for S 4x4 auto for $24.6k(with the 2k rebate).

    01 Trooper LS
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    There are a lot of places to buy OME/ARB products. You should check out ARB's main site, and email or call them for information. Most of the people there are helpful and take it seriously. As far as purchase? I have bought stuff from, very good experience, and have an order pending with 4x4connection was helpful and got me my stuff ASAP. So far Rocky-Road had better prices, but am waiting for equipment. I called ARB and know the shocks are backordered, but when I call them, they say they should be in any day? So the jury is out on them. has a lot of stuff for sale too, but they are pricey.

    ARB only sells products at "real stores" not internet shops, which limits choices. So there is a real market for aftermarket shops and web development :-).
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Also contact Matt at he now carries a full line of shocks, arb stuff, etc. Great guy and a true Isuzu Enthusiast.


  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    I saw the 2001 new advertised in the Baltimore Sun at $19995--seems very low and is with rebate, Not sure what the catch is but seemed like they had more than one for sale. At 22k and 0% I would have bought mine new but there is a demand for them and short supply here in CT. I bought my '99 as a Program vehicle last summer and it has full warranty. The nice thing was I tested the vehicle out before the purchase--and with 16k miles on it I knew if there were any problems they should already be apparent. Plus my dealer has been excellent at servicing the vehicle--fixing a few minor items (the back door locking hinge, a rubber window strip that had some cut marks along the door) that I had requested under warranty. In that regard buying it local is important to me.
  • Alas, it has come to pass that my commute will stretch to 40 miles again, and will terminate daily with an undersized parking spot in a garage in Washington, DC.

    Ergo, my Trooper is in need of a new home.

    '99 Trooper, Performance + Luxury (Now called "LTD"), 1 owner, 34k miles, gray leather, 6 CD indash player, giant moonroof, the works. Never smoked in, excellent condition. I added Rancho 9000 shocks to steady the ride. There are not a lot of the Perf+Lux Troopers for sale, so a price is hard to set, and it is difficult to compare a 2001 "S" model with this loaded model. Sticker was over 34,000; I paid 28,000 two years ago. I would entertain any offers.

    (By "entertain", I mean I can juggle and/or hum tunes.)

    I also have a set of Hella Supertone horns, and a set of Valley Spring Works progressive rate springs, uninstalled. These I would sell together or separately. Make offer.

    Direct your questions, comments or interest to .


    Ken ("Pat_Pending")
    Northern Virginia
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Sorry to see you leaving the fold :( I'm sure someone on here will find it a good home though.

  • Just to give you an idea.....I bought a 2000 S in December and the dealer wouldn't even take my '94 Trooper for trade. They said too many miles. Thank God they wouldn't take it. I sold it the first week I listed it in the Pittsburgh auto trader for $6k. It was a '94 S model 4x4 automatic with 152,000+ miles on it. If i were you I would try to sell it outright before even entertaining the trade in deal!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I've been trying hard to convince my dad to buy a Trooper. Yours would be a great choice. I hope you are able to sell it for a fair price and to someone who truly appreciates what the Trooper is all about. The former will be easier to achieve than the latter.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    That's silly. If the price of gas goes up, believe me the "gas guzzlers" will fall out of favor quickly, just like they did in the '70s...but it would have to go up a LOT before that happens, certainly over $2/gallon. I filled up yesterday for $1.349/gallon, so unless they put on a tax of a dollar per gallon or more, they won't accomplish anything.

    This kind of thing is always dealt with most efficiently by the marketplace.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    there is already nearly $.80-.90 worth of tax on every gallon of gas already.

  • Thanks for the words of encouragement in reference to selling my '99 LTD.

    It's funny: I have owned probably 25 vehicles in the past 20 years, and I have never had as strong positive feelings about a vehicle before this Trooper. I would never have entertained the idea of selling a vehicle to a friend or family member before, until now.

    The Trooper is a very solid and solid-performing truck, and has consistently impressed me, in spite of its many quirks. (Like that entirely useless "multi-meter". Please!) It deserves an owner that appreciates it.

  • conman2000conman2000 Posts: 158
    Sorry to hear this but good luck with your new car(hopefully better MPG too).

  • jahnoth1jahnoth1 Posts: 5
    I am considering a Trooper 2001 LS but the Trailblazer has caught me eye. It seems that GM has put together a vehicle with good horsepower and decent gas mileage (slightly better than the Trooper). It's also a bit bigger and can tow more.

    Any opinions.
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