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2007 Rabbit - Sold out - 2008 Rabbit - 170HP engine

jwranajwrana Posts: 6
edited March 20 in Volkswagen
I just spoke to my VW dealer about purchasing a 2007 Rabbit. The one I wanted couldn't be found in Canada so he tried to order one from the factory. Sorry, no more are being built... the allotted amount has been accounted for this year. This even suprised him!!

My options are to see whats available on the lots across Canada (yeah right, try finding one!) or wait for the 2008 model which he said he can take orders for.

Apparently the new 2008 is the same car (slightly different option configurations) with the engine tweaked to 170 HP!

I guess I'm waiting.


  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    170hp? Sounds great, especially since i think that this engine needs to be tuned with more top end power, but where did you find this out? From what i have heard about the 2008 vw rabbits (if they are even still going to be called that.) they should be around until 08' and those were supposed to be the final model year.

    The reason they are not making them anymore is because vw is losing money on them. They apparently offer a little too much bang for your buck. And also given the so so milage with the 2.5, they are suppossed to do away with it as well, which i guess would make more sense than tuning it more powerful, even though i wouldn't mind if the mileage stayed the same.

    I read that the change is more than just options, but in the way the car looks too, suppossed to more sporty.

    Was this just what he told you or did you read it somewhere? Feedback appreciated!
  • jwranajwrana Posts: 6
    I went to buy a 2007 from a dealer at Cowell Motors in Richmond, Vancouver. He said the computer system wouldn't allow him to place the order. Instead he got an order screen for the 2008 Rabbit. The only difference in spec was the change in motor HP and the way the options were packaged. He said he was very surprised by this as VW hadn't actually notified the dealership.

    I searched and couldn't find any information about the 2008 Rabbit on the web. I'll let you know more this week when he calls me back.
  • samsvocsamsvoc Posts: 10
    I hope this isn't true as I've narrowed my 2 choices down to the Mazda3 or Rabbit. Can anyone else confirm this as I would be pi$$ed if I couldn't buy the vw. Thanks.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    well if it is true, it may just be a matter of waiting for an 08, not neccesarily not being able to purchase a rabbit in general.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    I think it was on car and driver or motortrend were i saw the whole 'golf redesign due sooner than later' to make it sportier and such. But it he says its just a difference in options and engine output, then maybe it will be the same body style and just be the last 'freshening up' it will get before the model changes completley. Honda does this too; they added a few options and a few extra horses to the accord since its being redesigned soon.

    I wonder if he accidentally just read you the torque numbers though; its 170 exactly. Dealer guys make mistakes like this all the time it seems. At any rate, let us know what he says!!!
  • jwranajwrana Posts: 6
    Ok, he got back to me. Sorry, he doesn't know anything more than what I've already stated.

    He did say that they had an open order in the system that they could change to fill my 2007 needs. If I go that way, it'll be ready sometime in July.

    Ahhh man, now I have to make a decision... wait til Sept for the 2008 or get the 2007 two months earlier.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    tough one man. Personally i'd just get it now, i know that the redesign is coming, but i highly doubt its so soon. Just get the bunny now! ;)
  • jwranajwrana Posts: 6
    So I've done a little hunting on the topic and it could be that the 2008 Rabbit has the new 1.4L TSI engine. This thing has 170HP with better fuel economy. This would be the best of both worlds.

    Check out this link on the European Golf GT
  • jwranajwrana Posts: 6
    Ok, word is starting to leak out now. Looks like vw is tweaking it's existing 2.5L
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    this engine is awesome! i've read up on it before it looks and sounds so sweet! I think it'd be the best of both world too...until something goes wrong.

    Not to dis vw relaibility (we have enough people here for that.), but theoretically it would stink to have to replace anything on this engine. I seriously doubt we will get it here; it screams euro market exclusivity. If they tune the 2.5 up, or make it a bit smaller, or get one of those new clean 2.0 diesels it'll be amazing. (as long as the price is kept low!)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i'll check it when i get home, my work blocks most forums! (well except this one. :) )
  • Keep in mind that this is all marketing. Its the same 150HP engine with an update to the ECM programming to get the extra 20HP and charge more money.

    They also will be bundling options such as ESP and rear airbags and CD Changer/Ipod adapter with Centerconsole for the 2dr's.

    I'm sure all of us with 06/07's can find out what the program is once they come out and get the extra 20HP if its important to you.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    yeah, i actually hopped (no pun intended ;) ) on vw vortex last night and found out that it is going to be an ecu upgraged and a re-worked intake manifold that the dealer can do, for an extra charge ofcourse.

    I wouldn't mind a little more top end, its the only performance penalty i see in the rabbit. Low end torque pretty much owns everything else in its class.

    I'd love the center console option! Sounds like much better packaging.
  • bpeachee1bpeachee1 Posts: 19
    Hey, anyone in BC, Canada...
    come down to the SF bay area... there are literally hundreds of Rabbits in stock within a 50 mile radius!
    Maybe they arn't sending enough to you guys up there!
    check stock here.
  • 1000hours1000hours Posts: 29
    Hi all,

    My company is taking away all the company cars and giving a car allowance to buy new cars for us people who drive a lot... A 2dr/mt Rabbit would fit nicely into my car allowance with some bucks left over too.

    My question is regarding the 2008 engine: does anyone have "real" info on it? Is the redline going to be increased past 6000rpm's?

    I also own a car that redlines around 6500 with an mt tranny, and I can tell you that I wish I could move the rpm cutoff a couple of hundred ticks higher.... I think I could live with the Rabbit as a company vehicle, but I don't want to be dogged by a low RPM engine.

    Is there any info out there on the 2008 Rabbit? Whats the 2dr "S" version?

    I used to own a Honda Civic and let me tell you that the new 2006 Civic's with their platry torque numbers are a pain in the 'you know what' to drive in city traffic becuase you have to rev the crap out of them from every stop light just to keep up with big and slow SUV's. So low end I'm not concerned with the Rabbit, but I'm wondering about the top end......
  • duncan36duncan36 Posts: 8
    My local VW dealer has a couple of '08's and like 30+ '07's. Anyone getting any discounts on the '07's?
  • 1000hours1000hours Posts: 29
    Has anyone driven the 08s???? Impressions? Details?

  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i didn't realize that you could even drive them yet, as none of the dealers near me have them yet.

    redline goes up from 5800 to 6300 and the 's' will just be a trim level, probably the more comprehensive one. (the engine output for all rabbits should be the same regardless of trim level.)
  • 08rabbit08rabbit Posts: 1
    Hey guys (I'm a calgary teenager), I just ordered my 08 2 door Rabbit (white loaded) and the guy who sold it to me informed me that the revs will increase into the 6000s. I test drove the 07 and that was awesome however the guy told me it would be substantially better with the extra 20 hp. Has anyone driven it yet, I'm interested in what I have to look forward too. Mine will be here on August 13th
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    congrats on your purchase man! i don't think that anyone has driven an 08 yet, as i do not belive they are on dealer lots. the redline is going up to 6300 from 5800, so bascially you are going to get better top end power, instead of a car that is great around town and just ok on the freeway.
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