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Honda Civic LX vs Nissan Versa SL



  • Before buying my Versa SL in December 2006, we test drove a Civic. As fate would have it, it was drizzling rain when we went for a test drive -- which required the use of the windshield wipers. On the Civic, each wiper travels in a different direction rather than in parallel, which is conventional. For me and my wife, we found this to be so distracting and irritating that it was a deal-breaker for the Civic. Well, that and the extra $2k over sticker that the dealer wanted for it.

    If you have a propensity to get motion sickness, I'd suggest that you try out the wipers before buying a new Civic.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    man that sucks. i always thought they looked cool.
  • I own a Honda Civic 2002 and swear I will never buy any Honda car again as long as I live. From year one, it has one constant problem after another. Thank god I bought the extended warranty. It must have paid back 10X by now. Every few months it has a major repair. Every time I go on a long trip, I come back and drive straight to the dealer the next day for repair. The dealers, of course, always tried to tell me that the repair is not covered by the warranty until I show them a copy of the warranty (which you can now download from the internet any time). I used to feel safer driving my 10 year old Toyota Corolla on long distance! I also discovered Honda Canada's policy on recall " Never perform a voluntary recall if Transport Canada regulations do not require it!" And if you talk to Transport Canada you will find that unless your car virtually explodes in your face, no automaker is required to perform a recall. As far as Honda Canada is concerned, if you can pull to the side of the road and wait for help, there is no need for recall. I cannot speak for all, but I sure as hell do not care to sit in the car at -30C with two young kids in the car on a highway waiting for help. And who likes to drive a car with unrepaired defects known by the manufacturer? Can't wait till I can afford to buy another reliable car again.
  • samncsamnc Posts: 44
    I owned a new 2000 Honda Civic in year 2000 and after drove for about 65,000kms in 2 years, I traded it with a Toyota Sienna in year 2002 for long distance travels (from Toronto to San Francisco). The Civic seats started to sag after about one year and 2 hours drive in a Civic was suffering the family (4 of us) with all pains and an 8 hours drive (from Toronto to New York City) needed at least 4 long rests and stretches. Nothing wrong with the Civic engine and transmission in that 2 years' ownership though. I miss the Civic's good response and good accelerations (better than Camry I4s) when compared with Versa (horrible accerlerations in the 20 to 50 mph range) but I guess I will never get back to Civic for seat sagging. Hope Versa seats will last 5 years.
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