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Chevy Blazer GMC Jimmy Maintenance and Repair



  • So here's the latest. I changed the rotor and cap (both needed it) and the fuel filter again. Then, the blazer failed to start at all. I found that it had a bad ignition coil. After changing this it fired right up and now seems not to hesitate (although I haven't really given it a solid test drive yet.)

    Would an ignition coil in the process of failing cause a hesitation on acceleration (especially around 20-30mph when accelerating at any speed more than a crawl)? Or... is it likely that I'll still be dealing with the hesitation issue in the future?

    Thanks for all the help.
  • I started by flushing the heater core per your suggestion and it fixed the problem. It was easy and the heat works great now. I will probably still follow through with your suggestion of flushing the whole system and replacing the the cap as well. I was surprised however how little "sludge" came out. There was just a little browish-pink water then it ran clean. It definitely fixed the problem though.

    Thanks Repairdog!!
  • I have a 2000 Blazer in the shop right now and it has been there for a week. The tech does not seem to be able to find the problem. It will run fine then it will stall. The engine does not hesitate before it stalls or give any indication that it is about to stall. I stalls both when idling, and when driving down the street. After it stalls it starts right back up as if nothing was wrong. The engine light does not stay on. I have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plug wires, had the injectors cleaned. The tech claims that everything checks normal on the diagnostic machine but then the engine stalls. He is not getting any codes. Any ideas?
  • This at a GM dealer - if not might want to do that. Could be many things as easy as a defective cap/rotor if an aftermarket one - change with a Delco to rule out. Assume coil was tested and with a scan tool all sensors can be looked at. Possible crank sensor failing but dealer can pinpoint.
  • I am also having this problem. When ever I turn the heat to go to the floor it blows out the windshield defrost. All other settings work fine. Please help!
  • hi can anyone help me i have a 1986 s10 blazer 4wd 2.8lt
    and i just put a fuel pump and a fuel line filter in it and when i start it up after i get about 2 miles down the road it stops and when i go to mash the gas pedal it wont do anything the engine wont even rev and then it will eventually cut off and about a hour later u can crank it back up and it will do the same thing does anyone now what it could be
  • Possible choke cutting off air, sensor, coil heating up. That baby is 20 years old.
  • Thanks for all the great help. I had the system flushed (decided against the 50/50 chance of all those leaks from a chemical flush) and its blowing more heat than I can stand.


    signed: Now warm in Canada.
  • hey i have a 1994 GMC Jimmy and i replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, and spark plug wires and now its not getting fuel to the engine the pump works and i got 60psi of fuel and the check velve but car still won't start and it has spark but still won't start what could it be please i have to get this car fixed A.S.A.P is it the CPI, ECM, what? :sick: :confuse: :mad: :cry:
  • Cap and rotor next. Wires in right firing order? CPI you smell gas.
  • i have a leak in the oil cooling line that runs to the oil filter (guess it runs to the oil filter because its right besied the oil filter...this is going by what the mechanic told me) and i was wonder how i would go about fixing the leak and how difficult it is to fix/replace the line?? thanks!
  • All the factory lines leak at the crimps. Do it soon cause if it suddenly blows all oil will be pumped out and engine will freeze up. Dorman makes replacements sold at most auto stores ands under $50. If a 2wd theres only 1 set and if the filter is on the engine thats your case so a simple job but at the radiator end there are spring C clips that hold the lines in. Remove or slide the round plastic quarter sized retainer back off the lines where they go into the radiator, remove the C clip, pull lines out of radiator. Need to remove the air filter black plastic housing to get to them.
    For the 4wds have 2 sets of lines and a remote oil filter and the engine side lines require lifting the engine up one inch and are a pain to reach.
  • Hey thanks for the information repairdog. I just opened up the valve to the air injection pump and there was a ton of water that came out. I then ran the hose out the fender and now the light only comes on once in a while! thanks!
  • I have a 2001 blazer with a new battery and starter. When I went to start it today; the fuel gage moved to the extreme left and then nothing. The dash board is dead, no power at all. Dome lights don’t work. Battery has a full charge. There is no security system other than the system in the stereo.
    Any suggestions other than a sledge hammer?
  • newfynewfy Posts: 12
    Hi rd,just sent a msg to GM about the poor gas mileage and signal clicking behind the glove box. also told them that i have been informed that (98) jimmy and blazer are known for both problems.
    They say they are unaware of any problems which i have mentioned.i wonder if its also going to snow in Florida.
    how can i fwd GM's reply msg to you.
    Tom ;)
  • daylyndaylyn Posts: 12
    I posted on another thread, but wanted to try here as well.
    I have a '97 Jimmy. I had the tranny rebuilt 23k ago. I had no problems until driving on the highway a few days ago. Check engine light came on, went off, and I lost power. After that, could not go more than 50K, and the truck was over revvving up to 4500K. Got home, and tranny was really low on fluid, and smelled a little burnt.
    Took the truck to dealer, says the computer code reads "misfiring cylinder". Dealer says that I "should replace transmission". Does this sound at all related to a misfiring cylinder? Seems odd that there were no "faults" in the tranny, but Dealer thinks it should be replaced, and what about the misfire? I'm confused and I feel like I'm being hosed. Another mechanic friend says this could be a torque converted lock up, and to replace tranny filter, flush tranny, do oil change, and drive it.
    Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Probably the check valves on the exhaust are stuck open and then the 2 vac actuators maybe bad - then if the pump was full it may also be failing internally or have some crude in it.
  • Would point o bad starter install on the main power cable or the hot lead to the starter from the ignition key switch - look under and check (disconnect the battery cables first and this also allows you to make sure they are good (terminals too).
  • 3/36 warranty so do not waste your time and energy. Flasher switch is probably bad and then mileage could drop from many things - cap/rotor/plugs/wires/sensors so #1 is claen the MAF sensor in the air intake and make sure the engine temp is running at 195 (thermostat).
  • 97 so first install the known defective ignition switch which is actually the connector and harness in the column then see if any problems and post the codes that you can get read out at Advance or AutoZone. Yes a trans filter every 50,000 miles is best and may help but most rebuilds do not replace all the shiht solenoids or converter lockup solenoid and then 4L60E has a TCC that can stick.
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