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Chevy Blazer GMC Jimmy Maintenance and Repair



  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Thanks for the quick reply, Howard. That's what I was afraid of. Where exactly is that circuit board, do you know? I have fixed boards in computers and stereos. If it's easy to get to, I may attempt it myself.
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    I don't know where the board is but once you find it, sounds like you have the skills to replace the resistors. I bet is is inside the dash near the fan selector switch.

    I'm a mechanical type but also do house hold electricals and generator stuff. Not the circuit board type.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Thanks again, Howard! I hear ya' on staying away from the boards. I'd prefer not to bother with it, and I may just replace the whole thing if I can find it. I hate to bug him, but I'm going to call my service manager that I'm good friends with over at the GMC dealer and see if he can walk me through the problem. He's given me a lot of free advice and actually saved me $ by helping me figure out problems without charging me. Now that you've helped me narrow the issue down, I won't take up too much of his time. I'm very lucky to have found this guy, so I hope he doesn't move until I trade my truck!
  • zr2randozr2rando Posts: 391
    Our old ACDelco battery also still had the green dot but failed the load test, so they replaced it.
    It seems the green dot is not such a perfect indicator....what else is new huh?
    see ya
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    did work. One time i had the radio on while drying it after i washed it. Only had it on for 10 min tried to start the truck and it was dead. Green light gone.
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    Since the green light only "monitors" one cell, it cannot be more than a guide to general condition based on that single cell, theory being that if electrolyte level, etc. is low in one it probably is on all. If another cell is shorted you'd never know. Mark, I know how you feel about your '98 vs a 4Runner. I traded my 89 4Runnner on my '97 Jimmy SLT. On paper the Jimmy is a better value, and when it's not broke it's a very nice vehicle. Unfortunately for me (see my previous posts in this thread) my experience has been so expensive and disappointing (both the vehicle AND GM's treatment) taht I will keep driving my Jimmy with it's Service engine light on half the time, the wipers not always available, the gas guage not working below ½ tank...........until I can afford a new non-GM vehicle.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Glenn, I hear ya.' This latest irritation of 3 of my fan speeds out, has me very anxious to see the new 4Runner. It's really too bad, because I've always been a GM loyalist. My family had Buicks while I was growing up and had them until Buick became too stodgy and stale. When Buick dropped the Roadmaster wagon without replacing it, my dad decided to go with the previous generation GMC Envoy. He liked it fine, and didn't have half the problems I've had with my Jimmy, but he liked the new GMT 360 platform even better, so he traded for the all-new Envoy last summer and has been very pleased ever since. He's had a few minor problems with electronic glitches and the couple of recall items, but he loves it none-the-less.

    Personally, I'm tired of little glitches. I had to take my truck back in for problems within a month of owning it, and I ordered it from the factory, so I had to wait 2 months as it was just to get it! It seemed like I had to take it back at least once a month for about a year! By the time my warrenty was up, I felt like there was no need to extend it, because everything beside the engine block and transmission was new.

    I was glad to see GM reach the #3 spot in quality, third to Toyota and Honda of course, but I've got a sour taste in my mouth. I don't want to go through all that again. There's a reason Toyota is #1, and Honda is #2. The new Envoy and Trailblazer have a lot of standard stuff for your $, but not only am I leery, I'm pissed that GM ignored the needs of those of us who want a bad-[non-permissible content removed] truck with ground clearance and cool wheels, without having to spend another $3000 on a lift, wheels, and tires. Those trucks are already about $4000 more than my similarly equipped Jimmy, even at invoice!

    Whoa, thanks for letting me rant! Anyway, it's nice to know I'm not alone. Look out Toyota, here I come! -TB

    (By the way, the "mark" tab is to mark the page, not my name. No biggie, just thought you'd like to know.)
  • cperezcperez Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a Jimmy 97 SLS 4 door. I was driving the SUV when sundenly died, the Jimmy lost all the current to inside. The panel was off, no accesories, no power window, no brakes, no claxon, no nothing.I when under the hook and check the voltage of the battery and was 12.19 volts. I pulled it home. Tried next morning and worked for 15 minutes and died all again, half an hour later worked and when home. I verified the altenator, battery, starter cables, relays on top of the engine left corner and the computer of the Jimmy. I removed the plugs and nothing created the same problem of no current inside the SUV. What else can be check? thank you.
  • I own a 2001 Jimmy with 12,000 miles on it. My service 4wd warning light keeps going off and on. My dealer cannot find anything wrong and I am wondering if others have experienced this problem, and if so, what did they find out?
  • zr2randozr2rando Posts: 391
    I have been told that when the main engine controller starts going out it causes major loss of systems intermittantly, probably should check it out
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    Thanks, TB. I wasn't paying attention.
    For those of you that have been there-is there a recall for the wipers cutting out in mid stroke, then starting up again (so far) as well as sometimes not coming on at all unless you hit a bump? I know lots of you mentioned this, but I was wondering if anyone did the repair themself or had it covered out of warranty? Thanks.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    No problem, spoom. I've almost done it myself...
  • rangerron7rangerron7 Posts: 317
    Yes there is a recall or TSB depending on the year of Blazer. I complained for 2 and 1/2 years regarding the problem on my '95 and the dealer could never replicate the problem. About 9 months after I got rid of the beast, I read on these boards that Chevy issued a recall or TSB advising replacing the wiper motor.
    Can someone who had it fixed under the recall/TSB help Spoom out?
  • dwsiisdwsiis Posts: 16
    I replaced mine myself. The local dealer said I missed the recall. It took less than 10 minutes to repair. The board cost around $65.00 I believe.
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    Were your symptoms the same as mine? Did the new board take care of it and where is it located? (Mine sometimes won't come on at all, but can usually be started by hitting the "mist" paddle switch as you hit a good bump. The mid stroke stop/start just started.)
  • blaatandblaatand Posts: 1

    I'm hoping someone can offer up some helpful suggestions. I own a 96 Blazer, 4 DR, with about 88k miles on it. Recently, the front end seems to have problems. Basically, when I brake, or just randomly, the vehicle will jerk itself one way or the other. It's quite an unpleasant experience and I'm afraid it is the sign of bad things to come. A transmission guy took a casual look and said it looked like the car bottomed out a few times. There were these rubber things underneath the front that looked ripped. And my the interior of the rim of my left front tire is very shiny and polished while all the others have accumulated normal dirt and such. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced similar steering/front end problems or could suggest a possible cause. Thanks a ton for any help you can offer me.
  • dwsiisdwsiis Posts: 16
    Look under the hood where the wires plug into the wiper motor. That is the location. get the board and the rest is self explanitory. I think there is 3 screws. Mine would work sometimes and not others. never seemed to want to stay running when it was raining. Very common problem.
  • My advice is to stop driving your Blazer. The rubber things you refer to are the jounce bumpers on the frame? There are also rubber boots around the upper and lower ball joints. If wheel contact has been made with the A-arm , then you probably have a separated ball joint... NOT GOOD. Get it replaced immediately. Your steering is very sloppy, too?
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    I have lurked around this group for a while as well as the Trailblazer Boards. My wife and I had a leased 97 Blazer LS 4 door and returned it to the dealer at end of a 3 year lease. We both really liked it; it only had one problem in the 3 years we had it (cargo light remained on over night, maybe longer, and ran the battery down). Engine (pickup/passing/good mileage)was great for our purposes. We leased a Jeep GC for our next vehicle, because the Chevy dealer wouldn't be more competitive on leasing a new SUV. Well, we will be turning in the JGC soon, and my wife wants to go back to a Blazer.
    So, finally, I get to my questions. Is there going to be a 2003 Blazer? Were the quality problems I have seen on this board addressed in the 2002 Blazer? Or, should we move up to a TB (of course, the TB has had its own problems)? As I said, we really had a good experience with our Blazer, and are simply overwhelmed at all the problems some have had. Anyway, we appreciate any feedback.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    My understanding is that Chevy will be phasing out the Blazers by the end of the year. It will be especially sad to see the ZR2 go away. I think it's a big mistake on GM's part to not offer a replacement for it. I think they're answer will be in one of the versions of the S-10 replacement, the Colorado, or the Warrior (I know, stupid name), but it won't be in an SUV form.

    I have a '98 GMC Jimmy 4-Door 4x4, and while over-all I love my truck, I have had intermittent problems that have been irritating enough that my next vehicle will most likely be the all-new 4Runner coming in September. I really like the new Trailblazer and Envoy, but I actually take my truck off-road, and the lower ground clearance of the new GM replacements is prohibitive of any fun terrain. My uncle has a new Trailblazer, and my dad has a new Envoy, and they both love theirs, but they don't do the off-roading that I do. If that's not your concern either, then I would HIGHLY recommend the new TB. I went to the GM Truck Show in Motion program last year, where you drive all the GM vehicles and the competition on a straight-away and mild off-road course, and the TB/Envoy ruled both. If they made a ZR2-type version in 4-doors for the Trailblazer, I would have a hard time choosing between it and the new 4Runner when it comes out. I am a GM loyalist, and GM just got #3 in quality, 3rd to Toyota and Honda, but my irritations with quality on my truck may cause Toyota to win out either way.

    Are there any other vehicles you and your wife are looking at, like the Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot? Or, are you planning on sticking with GM?
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