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Chevy Blazer GMC Jimmy Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2000, didn't come with the anchor system...I believe 2001+ models all came equipped with them. For anyone who has used the anchor systems, you know how much easier (and maybe safer) they are...especially if you are always moving a car seat from one vehicle to another. My question is if its possible to get the anchor system installed after the fact. Can this be done from the dealer? Has anybody had this done?

    Thanks guys!
  • well, i hate to tell you, but I have a 1999 GMC Jimmy, and I put just about everything into it, 2 months ago, I bought a new transfer case and now I have a rattling, I thought it was the new tires that I just bought, I egnored it because I hated the thought that I would have toput more money into it. I took it to a garage and now I need auto hubs. Which is about a $800.00 job. I have replaced so many parts in this vehicle that I paid for it over and over and am still paying for it. Ihope your problem isen't as servere as mine, but I think we both have lemons. GOOD LUCK!
  • flexyflexy Posts: 5
    I have had the exact same problem the vibration was so severe that it has eaten out my transfer case's rear bushing. My Jimmy is a 2005 as well. I am know waiting for the district service manager to come and check it our him self but he only comes into our area once a month and I'm told I'll be waiting till mid September. While I'm waiting I'm going to take it to every dealer that will look at it. I'm even thinking of getting the local paper involved and a lawyer. I was a die hard chev man now I'm thinking Toyota!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  • Just an update. The problem was caused by some rusty wire coming out of the computer; which created an electircal short. A 6" slice fixed all its ails.
  • Sporadic trouble with my 97 Blazer (automatic trans) at high speeds on the freeway. It's like it won't shift into OD sometimes, and if it stays above 2000 rpms long enough, the SES light turns on. If I keep the SES light from coming on, when I pull off the freeway and shift from 1st into 2nd, the shift is really rough. Is it a transmission issue? I've taken it to a couple of places when the SES light is on, and no one seems to be able to tell me what the problem is (one time I was told it was a cylinder misfire?). This is a particular problem going up hills, but does not happen constantly and the SES light turns itself off after a while. I am sick of this happening and ready to have the transmission yanked and painfully dissected. Can anyone tell me what the issue is? I am female and can't fix anything or speak car-speak, but I can get my way with mechanics.
  • rambo41rambo41 Posts: 8

    What area are you from I am in Kamloops B.C. Canada..

    Thx... :blush:
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    What diagnostic trouble code numbers have been retrieved? If there's a stored P1870, this is usually the cause:
  • flexyflexy Posts: 5
    I'm live London Ontario Area if you would like to email me please use
  • I don't know what codes have been retrieved, unfortunately. But from the reading I've done here, that may very well be the problem. Is that costly to repair? Transmission shop kind of thing, or can I take it to a general mechanic? No dealerships for me...
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Best bet is to take it to an independent transmission shop. The dealers will want to replace the valve body, and general repair shops won't have the specialized knowledge or tooling required to perform the repair.
  • prouxproux Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 and mine has 2 anchors. They are on the floor in the rear. They look like little triangles if my memory is correct. If you do not have them, the dealer should be able to install them for free as it is a safety issue. I would get them installed ASAP.
  • tommctommc Posts: 68
    Our 01 also did this as you describe. Although we've sure had our share of problems with this dealer, they got it right on this deal. They had a Hunter "Road Force" wheel balancer system to actually read the tires with road pressure on them. This will pin point a stiff sidewall, bad belt, or any other runout causing defect. Our tires were rebalanced for about a 50% improvement, and one tire replaced that really fixed the problem. These are Uniroyals and I've really had good luck this brand on several S series vehicles. Do a Google search for this wheel balance system and find a dealer in your area with one, sure worth a try. We're going to miss the old S Blazers and trucks.
  • rambo41rambo41 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info and reply..That has been done here locally we have put on 4 perfect tires, pressure balanced them and still same results shakes at 100-110 speed....This is a serious prob with the 2005 Jimmy's and Blazer's there are 15 alone here in the city I live so I am sure there are alot more out there..I think we could be looking at a major recall by GMC if they don't figure this prob out real soon.... :sick:
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    "we have put on 4 perfect tires, pressure balanced them and still same results shakes at 100-110 speed"

    Have they verified front and rear driveline angles? Sounds like a classic driveshaft angle problem.
  • rambo41rambo41 Posts: 8
    That has been looked at also.... :confuse:
  • nfamousnfamous Posts: 3
    * poor idle
    * stalling, especially when starting after cold soak
    * hesitation, stumble and rough running during warm-up
    * tip-in hesitation or stumble
    * surge at cruise, even with warm engine
    * poor acceleration
    * low engine vacuum.

    These are the problems I am having.
    Replaced egr valve ........ DID NOT FIX PLEASE HELP
  • Thank you for the information. My 95 Jimmy died 1.5yrs ago and I was so mad
    @ the dealership at the time for my 4 wheel drive problems that I wouldn't take it to them until now. Prior to it quitting completely I had it to the best mechanic in our town and he checked it out the fuel pump, filter and all was good. Unfortunately he does not have the diagnostic equip & he had suggested that I take it in as it seemed to be the injection assembly as all the same problems happened to his friends 95 Jimmy and the same dealership ended up changing the injection assembly. Well I finally take it in and tell them all the problems with the fowl smelling fuel, idling low, powering out, and that I believe they need to check the fuel pressure for problems and I take in your information sheet. They did a fuel system flush and fuel pressure ok but bleeds back thru pump cured self during test. $450 a 1 days driving & it died on my 17yr old, out of town. Not a happy parent. I wished my other mechanic had the proper equipment, he is the only one who is an honest mechanic around here towards male or female.
    Does this still sound like the injection assembly? Thanks for the help.
  • domnickdomnick Posts: 1
    I just recently bought a 1994 Chevy Blazer and I'm having fuel pump problems. I was driving the other day and the car just died out without warning. I got it home and about 7 hours later the car started again but died out again. When I turn the ignition the car won't turn over. I'm guessing it's fuel pump problems or fuel injectors. Can anyone please tell me some signs of a bad fuel pump or injectors?

    Please help.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,006
    Check out Fuel Systems: Maintenance & Repair too.

    Steve, Host

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  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Does this still sound like the injection assembly?"

    Yep. It's not that difficult a job to remove the upper intake plenum and visually check out the lines from the central injection assembly to the 6 poppet valves at the cylinders. They've had their share of problems, and are replaced as an assembly. Usually when they go out they're replaced with the multiport injection system.
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