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Dodge Ram Axles and Suspension



  • Thanks for the reply. I haven't escalated the matter yet. I'm going to call Chrysler and the Olymi-Care folks today to find out exactly what my warranty is and what it covers. Beyond that I haven't gone any further.

    Cutting out $990 worth of charges, a reduction by 72% does not feel right to me. My Chrysler mechanic friend suggested that perhaps when I started asking for all the info to check the warranty myself that the dealer may have decided to also check it for themselves (assuming they hadn't and just guessed that water in the rear-diff wouldn't be covered). Then when they called back 15m later they played the hero and said they'd just eliminate the $990 out of the goodness of their hearts, rather than say that sure enough it really is a warranty repair. So now my goal is to see if Chrysler will say that it should be warranty to begin with. In which case the $185 for the wheel sensor to fix my ABS should have also been covered and all I should owe on that would be the $100 deductible. Then I need to tackle the rack & pinion part of the problem to see if it too should have been covered. Fun stuff.
  • The dealer called today to see if they could go ahead and order the parts for the items covered by the Power Train warranty. I couldn't remember which item was covered so I asked him what the items were. He said the transfer case output seal and the components for the rear differential. I didn't react to this and told him that I'd call him back this afternoon. He actually said that the rear diff was covered under warranty. I could think of a number of reasons both good and bad but that's what he let slip.

    Chrysler confirmed today that the speed sensor wouldn't be covered even though the dealer was now saying that the rear diff was a warranty job and caused the speed sensor to go bad. They said is was consequential damage caused by the rear diff and not a failure of the sensor itself. They also said that rear diff oil wouldn't be included in the price because it was regarded as a maintenance item, even though you have to drain and refill it to do the warrantied seals and bearings.

    The Ethos people (Olympi-Care) said that the sensor wouldn't be covered because the cause for the failure (as listed by the dealer) was water damage in the rear-diff. Had it been listed a simple failed item it would have been covered.

    I made a list of everything and called the dealer back to authorize the repairs. I read it off to the guy with the prices. $100 deductible to Chrysler for the power train repair items (and i listed transfer-case seal, rear-diff seals, bearings, oil and labor (I said oil on the phone)). He said yes. $185 for the parts and labor for the speed sensor. Yes again. $100 for the rack and pinion parts and labor. Again yes. $10 for the oil change (my materials their labor) and $15 for the shop fee plus tax on everything. Yes to all. I didn't record it but hopefully it won't matter. In a few days I should have it back. I'll do the fluids in the front diff and transfer case myself for a lot less $$ when I move into my new garage next month.

    So I think this is where it ends. I'm not exactly sure whether this was carelessness or malicious intent. I think I've reached a decent resolution though. The ABS thing still annoys me. Next time I will get the GM that I wanted instead.
  • kbawikbawi Posts: 2

    Recently in the past few weeks have heard a whining noise coming from the rear end of my 97 Dodge Ram Sport with 85K. I first thought it was tire noise and rotated the tires and topped off the rear fluid with LSD type fluid.

    The noise has not disappeared, however, is only persistent below 20 MPH during acceleration/ deceleration. It is dependent on speed with each rotation of the axle. The noise is constant either driving straight or during cornering.

    I plan on changing the oil and changing the U-Joints for the drive shaft tomorrow evening with hopes of finding the cause. Does anyone have any ideas what else it may be? I am not convinced that it is the clutch or bearings due to the steady whine below 20 MPH…. I could be wrong. I have been proven wrong many times before!

  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    Correct me if I am wrong. I thought that if a warranted part failed and caused a non warranted part to fail then the non warranted part would be replaced free of charge. Do you have a new owners warranty booklet?
  • Well, that's what I thought too. I argued that point with Chrysler and the dealer and got no where. Consequential damage is what they called it. The oil for the rear-end surprised me too. I figured that it would be part of the standard parts list for warranty repair on a rear-end. Chrysler said that it wasn't included, though the dealer may just give it to us if they want.

    Anyway, the truck should be finished today or tomorrow. My family is not very happy with Dodge quality though. My mother's Durango has given them problems from day 1. My father's 96 Ram is a gutless wonder and the steering is constantly loose (replaced the steering sector and surrounding components repeatedly). We've never had a really good Dodge. I'm going to pony up the extra $$$ for a GM next time.
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    I agree with your assesment of Dodge quality. My last one was an 02 Ram 1500 with the sport package. After four and a half years and 40k miles I gave up.
  • inkraminkram Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 ram 1500 pick-up. It has 237,000 miles and still running strong, my only problem is I started to develope a really bad death wobble a few months back.
    I checked it out and it looks like it's a sway bar or trac bar. it looks like it connects the to the chassis on one side and the axle on the other. what is the name of this part. i need to price it and get it fixed.

    Thanks Bryan
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    I went through 2 trac bars on my 96 Ram 3500 4x4 in 9 years. You also want to check the ball joints - they also contribute to DW.

    kcram - Pickups Host

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • rascal5rascal5 Posts: 1
    I am reinstalling the front carrier and need to know the carrier bearing cap bolt torque spec?
  • ct_russct_russ Posts: 1
    im looking to lift my truck on the cheap .. yes i know it will give me a harsher ride and ill still only have 1/2 ton brakes .. just want to know if thay will fit , if i will get any lift other than reduced sag and aprox how much lift i would get .... just seems to me i can get comp lift with out spending 4 5 hundred dollars ..... thanks russ
  • bud08rambud08ram Posts: 2
    Got a Ram Sport 1500, has anyone added after market sway bars? Is there any benefit?
  • bud08rambud08ram Posts: 2
    Has anyone bought anything from I am planning on installing a airade cold air intake, flow master exhaust and a super chip programmer, later plan on a leveling kit, and 35's....just wondering where to get the best deals...
  • Can some one please tell me what this part is? I can not identify it in any of the axel diagrams.

    I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4X2 5.9L(360) w/ a 9.25" Chrysler Trac-Lock Differential and 3.55 Gear.

    The bottom of the case was wet with oil so I cracked her open to have a look and . . . this is what I found:

    click here for photos

    What the heck is this part?

    The truck drives great, I only opened the differential because it looked like it was leaking from the fill plug.

    Thanks for taking a look.

    - Sam
  • All right - after many hours of internet research - I found out that these are retaining clips for the clutch packs (for the limited slip diff) on either side of the spider gears. It looks like I can get replacement kit for about $50-60 but I am a little concerned about my ability to install. Has anybody actually rebuilt these clutch assemblies or should I just get a replacement LSD carrier - and if I am going to throw $400 in parts is there a better option - I will be moving to Colorado where I expect plenty of ice and snow so I do not think a full blown locker is a good idea. Any ideas?
  • sammytorch did you ever find out anything about replacing the clips. I have tried to find a diagram or something to tell about replacing but to no avail. Any info is appreciated.
    Thanks, mbeckley
  • I have an 02 Dodge Ram 1500 with Limited Slip Differential and was wanting to know is there a diagram or manual to show the replacement procedure for the retaining clips? I am located in WVa.
  • mbeckley:

    here are some very useful links - i have not done the install yet - let me know if you do and have any tips

    - sammytorch
  • I have a (99) 1500 dodge ram, and i would like to use a rear end out of (99) 2500 dodge ram with a Dana 70 in it. Any ideas? I had my trans rebuilt with a shift, and towing package in it, so i would like to use a stronger rear end for towing more weight.
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