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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Electrical Problems



  • Does anyone out there know if you can buy a battery for a Colorado truck some place other than the chevrolet dealer?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    You should be able to get one most anywhere. If you have a PepBoys auto by you they also carry AC/Delco batteries.
  • I'm a newbie with a 2004 Colo. and am having driver's window and power lock problems. I checked the fuses (OK) and took out the switch panel on driver's door and pulled plugs and re-inserted. Problem still there. Also, remote won't unlock doors. Where abouts is the control module located? I will check that out next. Also, my battery seems just fine and I have the extended cab model.
  • My 2005 GMC Canyon 5 cylinder has been in the dealer shop so many times that I fought and won an extended warranty. My latest troubles are an engine silouette check light that won't go off. This occurred after I replaced my original spark plus with Bosch Platinums. The engine also whistles when I turn off the ignition. In am concerned the dealer will try to attach the engine troubles as my fault. I welcome all comments.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Seems kind of strange that your problem started after replacing the spark plugs. Not likely that this is the case, but did you accidently drop one of those plugs and crack the plug insulation which can happen if dropped on the pavement. A cracked insulation would definately cause ignition issues.
  • All the suggestions are great. I was very cautious with the plug replacement.
  • After reading other posts on this door lock/ power driver's window, my take on this situation is to not panic and throw money to a garage or dealer. My theory is that this particular circuit in the Body Control Monitor (BCM) or in the main Computer is sensitive to high loads. This extra load could be when the driver is putting his window up or down and maybe also the passenger is doing the same while at the same time one of them hits the door lock button. This load is not high enough to blow this circuit's fuse, but is high enough to heat up that circuit in the BCM or in the main computer. This then takes awhile to cool down and resume it's function. This scenario has happened to me twice. Once a month ago and once a year ago. Both times I checked the fuse for this circuit and it was ok. I also took the switch panel out of the driver's door and removed and cleaned the wire connectors. This did not fix the problem. However, in both occurences I waited a week or so and then this circuit started working again on its own. The next time this happens I am going to try disconnecting the battery for a few hours and see if this lets the computer or module kick back in. I know not all Colorado/Canyon owners have this problem, but maybe some of us have modules or computers that are more sensitive to the electrical load in this circuit.
  • I have a driver's side rear blinker that does not work, bulb is fine, just no blinking in the left turn mode, nor the 4-way flasher mode. So, I bought a lighting control module, but I'll be darn if I can find out where it's located on the truck. I'm hoping someone out there can give me a clue as to its location. If not, it's off the the dealership I go. And, we all know how much fun that is
  • Same thing I am reading - at first it was an intermittant issue, then last week it seems to have become permanent. My drivers window will not go down, locks do not work with either the remote or the inside switch. In addition, my fan control will only operate on high. Lastly the left side of the radio/CD player lights are out. After rearing all these entries and researching the web, it appears that this is a far from isolated issue.
    I tried removing the switch panel, pulled all the connectors and reattached - nothing.
    Checked the wire bundle that goes from the door to the cab/frame - no signs of damage or pinching.
    This really has me torked as I do not want to get bent over at the dealer.
    The truck is a 2004 Colorado LS 4x4 Crew.
    I have not checked the fuses yet - but I suspect that will not be the problem.
    Open to suggestions or a number I can call to "have some meaningful dialogue" with a Chevy rep.
  • does any one know of a adjustment or is it another electrical moduale proplem
  • I have an 05 colly that developed this power lock and driver side window issue. I have checked all fuses, d/c'd battery and left it sit for four hours. I tried removing switches and opening them up, cleaning and re-attaching them. I even went as far as doing the same for other three doors. and still nothing. It has been two days since issue started and all I did was to remove driver side panel to fix my exterior lock. But here is the funny thing, I contacted two Chevy Dealers in my area today. Both dealerships say they have never heard of this issue before now. I have search several forums to find many people having the same issues. Kinda funny that alot of others are having this same issue and dealerships have nothing to say except to bring it in for a diagnostic costing $90.00 an hour. :mad:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    If its under warranty should be no charge. If out of warranty and it is broken then I would contact Chevy and plead your case. Be polite and shed big tears.
  • I have 1 2008 GMC Canyon purchased September 28, 2007 and the battery went out at 350 miles, battery replaced, and went out 11 days later, would not jump start. Dealer kept it 5 days and was not able to duplicate problem. 3 days later battery dead again, dealer kept it 8 days and unable to duplicate problem. 5 days later battery dead again, 604 miles on it. Dealer still unable to duplicate problem. I have filed with GMC to have it declared a lemon. I have requested a new vehicle, or a full refund, waiting for GMC to review and offer a solution.
  • As for the dealer not being able to locate the problem, I dont believe that. It's more likely they just don't want to take the time to find it. Next time tell them to check for an intermittent short to ground somewhere close to the firewall. I have had two defective under-dash wiring harness' replaced to repair faulty lites and blinkers. These shorts caused problems in one of the computers, so I made them replace it also. It took a ton of determination and close to two years to get these problems straightened out to this point, so stay with it. It is my opinion that the dealer will have to see that determination before they will take on the responsibility. Keep all dealer reciepts, and know your states' Lemon Law, these may come in handy. Anyway, hope this helps.
  • i am having the same problem, have you tried the replacing the relay yet?
  • Just a followup on the issues I had with the windows and door locks over the summer.

    In 20/20 hindsight it looks like the problem was the fuse box that the dealer replaced under a precautionary "service order". Since I had the fuse block replaced, and battery I haven't had any more problems. I think it's pretty evident that the fuse block must have some defect in it that caused the BCM and battery to die. Again, Chevy covered the fuse block but refused to cover the battery or BCM. I did the complaint line thing up the food chain and they offered me their "Smart Care" package, "a $390 dollar value!" that consists of 6 oil changes and a tire rotation or two. No, they are not using Mobil 1.

    The dealer, Gustman Chevy of Kaukauna went to bat to try and get the Chevy rep to cover some of the $800 in electrical problems I've had with the truck but the Chevy rep held firm, no dice. Ok, no problem. No further Chevy purchases. I'm sure by the time I'm ready for a new truck Chevy will be bankrupt.

    The dealer however did give me a check for about $250 from a 'good will' standpoint as they agreed that all these electrical problems happening so quickly made sense that the shorted fuse block caused the other stuff to fry. I'll give them good marks since they stood behind the sale even if the manufacturer won't stand behind their product. I hope to do business again with Gustmans; occasionally they get Fords and other products as trade-ins... I might buy one of those from them, but a Chevy? Never again.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I am sure you are upset with this matter but seriously do you really think Chevy is going bankrupt? Not a chance in our life time, they are too successful of a company. If this would have happened with you buying a Toyota would you have felt the same way?
  • I'm have the same problems too, except my truck will not start at all, the engine will turn, but it wont start up. the windows and locks will now work. did anyone ever get a fix on the problem?
  • cyrecyre Posts: 1
    Has anyone any idea what I need to replace to get the heater fan to work on 1,2, and 3?
  • tommctommc Posts: 68
    Bad thing about this is having a vehicle that is just not reliable, and you're doing without it on numerous occasions. Terrible situation. Any update on this? :confuse:
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