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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Electrical Problems



  • I had an '04 till last week when I finally gave up and traded it in. I put over $20,000 into it and even in the couple days before I traded it in, it still had a short that did the exact same thing. Read the posts. Most guys swear it is the wiring harness and have had some success in swapping it out.
  • YES get rid of the P.O.S.!! And never buy another G.M. product. Trust me you won't be sorry. After Obama motors took over, the company just DOSEN'T care how they or thier dealers talk/treat thier customers.

    I was a 20 yr. die hard Chevy fan but the Colorado took care of that!
    Colorado the gift that keeps on giving..(to the service dept.)

    Randy Wise Chevrolet. Milan Mi. THE WORST DEALER ON THE PLANET!!!
  • Kandr313,

    If you would like assistance in working with a dealership towards resolving this concern, please email us more information (including your name/user name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, your servicing dealership, and any further details about this vehicle concern).

    GM Customer Service
  • Al6pndr,

    I'm sorry that you're frustrated with your vehicle and with your dealership. Have you already worked with Customer Assistance?

    GM Customer Assistance
  • I have to agree with the previous poster. Bot the Chevy hack but the person saying get rid of the Colorado and never buy another GM product.

    I've followed the posts since there were only like 40 or 50 of them. Now there are over 500. I really liked the Colorado but finally gave up and bought a Toyota. I never in a million years thought I would ever buy anything but American. Obama Motors is no longer American IMHO.

    That aside, there are so many electrical issues with this truck, and so many possible solutions, there is not any one single fix since the problems reoccur and are ongoing. It could be the programming of the control modules, the grounds, the alternator, the battery the.... forget it, just replace the truck with something other than a GM product.

    By the way, I did do the "customer care" BS. I got fed up with the GM service department randomly replacing expensive parts always promising this would fix the problem that would reoccur. Their "care" representitive offered four oil changes and a tire rotation "worth $450 dollars!!".

    Forget it, do yourself a favor, get rid of the money pit as soon as you can for whatever you can get for it.
  • Sarah. THNX for your concern! took care of the cust.serv. problem a year ago traded the 07 P.O S.(Colorado) off on an 07 Jeep Liberty and LOVE it! No rude,disrespectful service manager telling me "we don't care about your problem." "take your business somewhere else."

    After which I call someone like you at good ol' G.M. who tells me "Sorry Randy Wise Chevrolet. Milan,Mi. is and Independent G.M. dealership there's nothing we can do." SOOooo with that said obviously G.M. DOSEN'T care how a service manager/owners son of the dealership treats thier customers!! The sad thing is I REALLY liked the trucks 4cyl. engine/gas milage. and was a "DIE HARD" chevy customer for yrs. But I guess paying back Obama & the boys is more important than a few satisfied customers..

    Since my WONDERFUL treatment at Randy Wise Chevrolet. I've had a sign in the back window of my Colorado/Jeep stating just what they can do! and whenever someone asks why, I make it a point to tell them what was said to me by both Randy Wise/G.M. Have a nice day!

    Randy Wise Chevrolet. Milan Mi. THE WORST DEALER ON THE PLANET!!!
  • I'm sorry for these frustrating experiences, al6pndr. I hope that your new vehicle serves you well.

    GM Customer Service
  • I have to chuckle with this "Customer Care"represenatives trying to drum up business for their dealerships. How about arranging a recall on the truck?

    The "we're sorry with your frustration" reminds me of those banking ads with 'Peggy'.

    "Um, yeah, my colorado doesn't start, the driver's window doesn't work, the fob doesn't work, I've taken it to the dealer three times, they've replaced the BCM, the battery, the blower resistor, the fuse block, all the time saying they have never seen this problem before. Is there anything you can do about it?"

    "Ah-low, dis is Peggy. You are waluable customer. You con change in your coupons for tokens, vich you con redeem for credits...."

    Just sell the Colorado and buy a Chevy Volt. At least when that one burns up they'll buy it back.

    Chevy= :lemon:
  • col05col05 Posts: 1
    Could you forward me the pdf wiring diagram for 2005 colorado power window/lock issue.
  • Ok. This is my first post and am obviously here becuz the same thing happened to me yesterday.Was putting the xmas lights up while listening to music from my 2007 colorado LS.(which i still love by the way.....for now). Never had a problem b4 listening to tunes and the battery dying but it happened yesterday. Dont know if maybe my passenger door was partially open,and the light was on or what, but it died. It would barely turn over and wouldnt start. i shut everything off and let it sit for a couple more hours and then it started no problem. Took it around the block to charge it up a bit and thats when i noticed the drivers side window and power locks not working and the remote for the keyless entry. (wtf does FOB mean btw?) I looked at it this morning,checking all fuses,reading the manual etc etc. Pulled every fuse and looked at them and then kept checking the problem to no avail.I made sure every fuse was all the way in, forcing them all in tight.Still didnt work. Got on the internet and read a bunch of posts here.I tried bstroud5073's tips about disconnecting the battery and putting the key in etc. It didnt work so i disconnected the battery and let it sit for 3 hours this time instead of just disconnecting it and hooking it right back up. So what i did was disconnect the battery for 3 hours,then put the key in and turned it to ACC,left the door open and then hooked the battery back up.The door chimes came on right away and then i tightened the the battery terminals tight.(didnt hear any clicking noises of relays or anything). I then got in the truck and closed the door,turned the ignition off and pulled out the key.The locks never made a sound when i pulled the key out,but the window and locks both worked when i tried them!!!( I never put the emergency brake on either at the start). So i was happier than a pig in you know what. Now my remote wont work for my keyless entry. Maybe when my battery died it sent some signal to my remote and fried the battery in it!!! Haha. Who the hell knows. Hopefully it will work in a few days. Pretty damn strange how you cant even disconnect your battery w/o losing power to some electrical items upon startup!! What a friggin joke!!! And there was a mechanic in here who said that disconnecting the battery wouldnt do anything to reset the BCM? Sorry bud but you obviously have no clue. If you have no explanation why a dying battery causes electrical components to not work upon startup,then your reasoning behind disconnecting the battery for a while not working to fix the problem, has no value.

    Ive had the truck for a year and a half now and a rear signal light went a couple months ago.$1.99.Easy fix.No other problems until a month ago. My engine light came on and all of a sudden i cant pump gas into the tank at full pressure.Takes me about 20 minutes to fill up. Its not being able to release the air from inside the tank and i think the airline from the tank is plugged or something. I looked under the gas tank neck today and the airline is solid metal line welded to the main neck. I dont know how it could become plugged. Havent had it looked at yet as i have worked 27 days straight and havent really worried about it because im sure the engine light is on due to gas cap air pressure etc. Anyone know a fix for this problem?

    Anyway,i havent even started the truck yet since fixing the door lock/window problem.I want to give it a good run, but ill wait til tomo morning when i go to work. I cant believe that with all these posts on here that there isnt a definite solution yet. Its all a guessing game. I read alot of posts in here.Spent all day reading other peoples posts and its such a shame that GM could care less about the people who "WERE" and are supporting them. Charging people astronomical amounts of money for 2 yrs old or less vehicles to be fixed.

    Congrats to snaproll for his new truck.I read alot of his posts!! Hopefully, unlike him and many others, this isnt the start of my electrical nightmare!!! Or i'll be going to Ford next!! Dont mind fords. Dont dislike japanese cars,just cant afford care and good luck all!!
  • I thought i maybe better take the truck out for a boot and see if everything works,half an hour after my last post. Its pouring rain out right now.I started down the road and drove a good 1/8 mile b4 i thot i needed to turn my wipers on.OMG,they dont I went around the block a couple times checking everything else.I stopped and restarted the truck 3 or 4 times.I tried my remote for my keyless entry.Yayyyyy.It works!! Wipers dont While driving around the block a few times i started wondering if i put a fuse back in the wrong spot for the wipers.Hmmmm. Could i have? Got home, popped the hood and sure enuff i What a relief!! Everything seems to be back to normal now but im now scared to roll the drivers side window down. I think a new battery is in order tho,what with winter coming and all. I'll just make sure that i wait a few hours to install it after disconnecting the old one.And i definitely wont be going to a dealer to get it!!! :shades:
  • Yeah, you have all the symptoms of the window/lock/battery thing. Disconnecting the battery may work, for me it was just the window module in the door. It may work for a few says, maybe a month. The problems will come back sooner or later. Get the thing running then sell it before it becomes an endless money pit.

    It really comes down to which is the problem, the chicken or the egg kind of thing. Did the low battery cause the electrical problems or did the electrical problems cause the dead battery? It seems the two are related, the low battery and the weird electrical problems. It could be bad grounds causing feedback and stuff to fry. It could be the bad fuse block if you haven't replaced it. It could be bad programming on in the computer modules. Perhaps low voltage gets causes error codes in the computer modules. There are many things is could be, and any one of them could cause problems with the others, so it is virtually impossible to solve. It's impossible to tell if the problem is actually 'the problem' or just a symptom of something else that is the root cause.

    You could take it to a good mechanic and spend $$ having them chase the problems. Or you can try a Chevy dealer, but I didn't have much luck with them randomly replacing parts. Needless to say I am pretty disgusted with Chevy service.

    A couple things you should be aware of if you didn't know already. The head needs to be replaced on the trucks. There was a recall on that. The cylinders go flat because the head was improperly constructed. There was also a SB to replace a fuse block. This can't be the main problem because I had mine done yet I still had the ongoing electrical problems. My fuse block was actually burned. There was also a recall on the tail lights. They could stay on, they could fail completely, but... "Don't take your truck in unless you experience these issues". Uh-huh, wait until you get rear ended at night, then bring it in. (Well, that is what Chevy is good at, rear ending customers IMHO).

    Again, seriously, your best bet is to get rid of the thing. I really loved my Colorado. If it was well built I would still have it. For its size, utility, gas milage, on paper it looks like a good vehicle. But... these weird electrical problems do not go away. It is simply a poorly designed system that Chevy did not stand by and rapes their customers over. If you want to experiment and "hope" for a while like I did, good luck to you. If you actually want to try the apologizing "Customer Care" reps from Chevy, give them a shot, but report back if they were able to do something except open your wallet.

    The alternative is to get with a car company that actually stands by their product. I've never heard anything but good about Toyota. I'm not a fanboy of non-American products, but there's a limit of what is reasonable for a person to expect. Like I say, if nothing else, trade the Colorado in for a Chevy Volt and wait for that to burn up so they will buy it back, but I wouldn't hold my breath on the Colorado.

    Chevy= :lemon:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Thank you for your feedback on our services. I completely understand why many of you are on the forums looking for information; some because you don’t trust your dealer, some because you are out of warranty and looking for a less expensive fix. I’m not sure you completely understand why I am here on the forum. I’m not here to drive business to the dealers or even on behalf of the dealers. Dealers are our eyes and ears in the field yet they are independently owned and operated. I am here on behalf of GM. I am here to listen to your concerns and report the concerns to GM; however, I am not a technician nor can I diagnosis a vehicle via the internet. Therefore I have to have the vehicle diagnosed by a dealer to report the proper concerns as well as attempt to have them addressed by GM as well as the dealer. I understand this can be frustrating for you that I don’t have more technical information, but we do have the ability to contact dealers to see what’s going on or what the hold up is. GM is working to improve our customer service and so we are out here to hear you and your concerns and assist you. Each case is handled on a case by case basis. I can tell you that our service on different forums has helped us and many customers. Feel free to email me.
    GM Customer Service
  • den052den052 Posts: 27
    That is a good explanation and thank you for it. It is just frustrating that this "Drivers window, door lock" problem has not been addressed by the GM Pro's or troubleshooting team as to what is causing the problem. As a former GM Tech Mechanic, I have narrowed down the problem to either a voltage supply problem to the door/window lock module, or a "window/lock" drivers module problem or replacement. After using dielectric grease on all the drivers window module connections of my Colorado, the problem has not returned yet. All the disconnecting batteries and the various "shade tree mechanics" mentioned before is not really a FIX. Rest assured that if other people have done these things and the window/lock problem goes away, THEY WERE JUST LUCKY as the problem appears random and will cure itself sometimes for a while. My truck has actually had the problem 3 times. Cured itself twice just by waiting a month or two, and the last time I greased the connections as I mentioned before (and sofar no problem). I am convinced that there is no problem with the BODY COMPUTER OR MODULE HAVING TO BE RESET, ETC.

    Dennis S Tomlinson
    Certified Master Light and Heavy vehicle Technician, 30 yrs+ with extensive electrical background.
  • If Customer Service can be of any assistance (look into warranty/recall information or assist in working with a dealership), please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email with more information.

    GM Customer Service
  • There is a purge canister on or near your fuel tank, it opens and closes releasing tank pressure, evap. system, if is closed the tank pressure can't be released and your fuel "backs up" the fill tube, luckly mine stuck open and I could fuel it with no problem...just shy of 400 cdn to replace it, is your check engine light on? If really ambitious follow the line next to the fill tube and locate the canister..give it a smack! never know! Good luck..
  • "I am here on behalf of GM. I am here to listen to your concerns and report the concerns to GM..."

    Well, Christina, Camran, Sarah... and uhhh, "Peggy".... Yeah nothing personally against you guys, I know you are trying to do some kind of job on behalf of GM.

    The truth of the matter is the Chevy rep in our area made a very bad call when I had the initial problems with the truck. After the initial $750 fiasco of replacing the BCM that would cure the problem, then the fuse block, then the battery, then buring up the blower resistor while testing, I had worked out a deal with the dealer. They finally had to agree that all these things that happened in a three day period couldn't all be coincidence. They offered to cover $250 (out of their holdback probably), if I would cover $250 and they said Chevy would cover $250. Ok, fine... except the Chevy rep wouldn't cover the GM portion of the $250. I called the "customer care center", you know, the outfit you work for... the woman on the phone gave me all the "we apologize for your frustration" BS and said the best I could hope for was the five oil changes and a tire rotation, a "package worth $450 dollars!". About $40 bucks in oil and an impact wrench is not worth $450 dollars.

    Chevy and GM should be a footnote in history like Packard and Studebaker, not a nationalized car company "too big to fail".

    Ya know, if you want to take a "message" back to GM, it would be one of "don't be penny-wise and dollar foolish". The little $250 bucks that Chevy rep kept in the company has cost GM a lot more than that in future sales as good will.

    If you want to do what is right, push them for a recall on the truck. That is what should have been done in the first place.

    GM= :lemon:
  • Thx for you input on the purge cannister. I dont think i can reach it as i think it is on top of tank.Someone else in here said they took their truck bed off to get at it? Not a job I'm really into...haha. Is this another BS item installed by gm so you have to bring your vehicle in for service? Where did you get the price of $400 to replace it? Was it a dealer or a private garage or Canadian tire? My engine light was on b4 i disconnected the battery,for a few weeks. I drove to work today and back(25 minutes one way) and the light never came on. When i arrived at work i immediately released the pressure built up inside by taking the gas cap off.Made a whooshing noise. Air release or whatever.I might try getting under there again and give something a again :)
  • Dennis.I'm sure you are a fine mechanic. Sometimes electricity works in mysterious ways.I am an electrician.I know firsthand. Altho alternating current being different than direct current. Pretty weird how it never happened to me before until my battery died. Obviously some design flaw in the computer or something when full power is lost,affects the memory or program of the computer. I read alot of posts in here and the same story over and over is mainly that peoples batteries died.Not always tho. Most people admitted to leaving something charging in their truck,lights on, stereo,cooler plugged in etc etc. As for electricity works in mysterious ways, listen to this story. 10yrs ago lightning hit the tree directly beside my driveway,directly beside my plymouth voyageur. The tree was about 5 ft away from the van.I never saw the lightning strike as it happened in the middle of the night,but the next day there was a circle on the side of the tree where the bark had blown away from the tree. About the size of a frisbee.About a foot off the ground. There was bark stuck in the trim on the van. On the driveway there were pit marks all over the asphalt driveway. All close to the van. Around 20 or so. They were the size of a quarter and about a quarter inch deep.One 15 amp fuse in my house had blown.Only one. My neighbour said he heard a loud crack in the middle of the night during the storm and thot for sure that his house or mine got hit by lightning. Ok now to the point of my story. All the guages and dashboard lights didnt work in the van. gas gauge,speedometer,lights. Anything electrical on the dash didnt work. The headlights worked, taillights,turn signal, etc all worked. Drove it for a few days without having a clue to how fast i was going, how much gas i had and at night with no dash lights was hell. Didnt matter anyway. No gauges worked. No fuses on the van were blown. Took it to a mechanic who said the whole wiring harness was fried,or part of it.He said i should go thru insurance as it could cost up to $3000 to repair. He showed me where he thot it was melted. Told me to reach in and feel. I couldnt feel nuthing as it was all wrapped with a soft tape. I dont think he spent much time with it after hearing the story about it. I called my insurance company and took it in.The mechanic (dealer no less)said the wiring harness wasnt fried and that lightning didnt hit the van at all. This was a conversation on the phone. After work that day the insurance estimator called me and was arguing with me about how lightning couldnt have hit the van.He said that there was a short somewhere in the harness and that just normal wear and tear had caused something to short out. Somewhere in the conversation i told him i was an electrician and he said that i should know that it is excess current that would do the damage to wires or whatever and that lightning just has high voltage and no current.I said "Whatever dude!!!!!!! High voltage is high voltage!!!! And that no one truly knows how lightning works"!! What a friggin moron!! I told him to come over and look at my driveway if he didnt believe me!! Of course he wouldnt do that.The next day i was on the phone with the mechanic yelling at him cuz he was adamit that lightning definetily did not hit my van. He was yelling back at me too. I said "Are you calling me a liar!!?" I took my van to a dealer of my choice too. So i dont think the dealer was in cahoots with the insurance company,trying to save a claim or whatever from going thru. Maybe they were in cahoots. Who knows?All i know is that he was just a friggin moron who didnt know squat!!!!! I know the van got hit, or had trace amounts electricity go from the tree to the van. Or to the driveway and to my house too. Man was i pissed though!!!!!
  • OMG christina. You just dont get it do ya? The dealers are a bloody rip-off, understand? $100 just to plug it in for diagnosis.If GM really cared about their customers, and you being a GM representative, then you should start talking to people in your company about why this constantly happens. If you cant explain the technical stuff, then have a gm mechanic or engineer come on here and explain it. .Is that all they pay you for is to come on here and ask for VIN #'s and tell people you will kindly guide them to the nearest dealer? Pretty simple question that you would have to ask someone from GM. Ok,ready now? "Why is it that the drivers side window only, and the power doorlocks, and the keyless entry just all of a sudden stop working? "Alot of the cases are when someones battery goes dead or is dying". |" How do they fix it it?" "There are over 500 posts on one website alone, so it must be a common thing to happen" You said that you are here on behalf of GM,and you are here to report our concerns to GM. Have you reported our concerns? One concern is that we would like an answer. Thx......
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