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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Electrical Problems



  • I own a 2006 Colorado, it has been an excellent truck up until recently. My engine light came on, once I replaced the gas cap and the light went back off (Oregon we can't pump or own gas, so idiots constantly over tighten the caps), now my light is back on but I am not sure if I should bother paying out all the money for that fix. Because, six months ago I started having issues with my driver side window. I took it to a repair shop and they said it was the regulator and motor. So I had that replaced and paid out about $300 in total for labor and parts. But it turns out that it wasn't the issue. They tried to hand my truck back with the window half way down because they couldn't get it to work again. After complaining to the owner of the shop the dimwits manually put my window in the up position. I drove home and all of a sudden my truck wouldn't lock. The lights flashed and my dome light went off but my truck was fully unlocked. I tried to actually lock it with my key and it locked the driver side only and then the key couldn't unlock my truck. Thankfully I could get in the passenger side to hit the button. After playing with my key pad a few times, my truck magically locked and unlocked like there was never an issue. Though my window still doesn't.

    Now after reading all of these posts, I have a delimma do I possibly go through all of the BS the rest of you have gone through or trade it in. This really sucks because I only have two payments left. I could pay it off and let it sit and get a different car but I'd still have the issues sitting there waiting for my wallet to open up again and again. :sick:
  • I'm sorry to hear this. Can I get a better understanding of a few things?
    Was the repair shop a GM dealership? Have you worked with Customer Assistance already on this concern?

    Thanks in advance,
    GM Customer Service
  • It was at the local G.M. dealer here in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, that 400 included tax and an oil change...maybe by occasionally releasing the pressure you'll be o.k. they told me it was o.k. to drive it with the engine light on but I couldn't stand looking at it! lol...and with it on you don't know if anything else is going wrong, got to love the emmission system!
  • I still like one of the earlier posts comparing "GM cust.serv." to the popular tv commercial. "Hello.. Dis Peggy! how I help you?".. NO points use CREDITS now.. G.m." customer service" isn't that sort of an oxymoron? like Militay inteligence,Honest politicain?

    Does the word RECALL come to mind???!!! Kristina you know what RECALL means right??!! RECALL, to bring something back from where it originated? RECALL,RECALL ,RECALL!!!!! But I guess that ALL these post don't add up to enough for a RECALL!!!

    I bet if instead of the colorado we all were wealthy enough to go and purchase the Volt A.K.A. "Start,stop and BURN." why G.M. might do something for us besides the jelly of the month club/oilchange, tire rotation. Some earlier advice was to trade your colorados in on this (the Volt.) vehicle because G.M. is offering to buy them back.. GOD can America really afford ANOTHER bailout??!!
  • I have read through most of these posts. I too am experiencing issues with my 2006 GMC Canyon. The dash lights will flicker occasionally. Sometimes the blower motor only works on level 4. The radio loses some of its settings. Usually I am not able to dim the dash lights with the lever. It just simply stays on one level. And finally, the truck has died on me when turning corners. Very strange electrical issues. Now without going through ALL of the posts. Has anyone found a cure all for these common issues?


  • Not to be a "Wise-n-hymer." but do yourself a favor like others of us have done, UNLOAD IT B-4 IT'S TOO LATE!!!!! Had same issues,G.M./My dealer/G.M. service dept. Did NOTHING to help!!!

    Traded it off on someone elses product,have not been sorry. Found out thru friend at dealer where I traded it off, poor sap who bought it brought it back 3 days after purchase complaining of "Electrical issues??" Buyer beware of used cars!!
  • Good morning, Wes,

    If we can look to see if there are any recalls associated to your vehicle, or if you were to decide to work with a dealership to diagnose your vehicle and would like assistance, please send us an email with the last 8 digits of your VIN.

    GM Customer Service
  • den052den052 Posts: 27
    wes0110, the blower issue is the plug connectors that contact the blower resistor, located above the passenger's feet area under the dash next to the motor. You can do the factory repair or if you are into soldering, I cut the plug off the harness and cleaned the connector terminals by removing plastic around the connectors with a hot knife. I cleaned and soldered new wires to the terminals and connected the wires to the existing harness with butt connectors commonly found at a parts store. This was a permanent repair at this point for the blower speeds. There is a factory bulletin about this issue, but it cost me less than $5.00 to fix my way.
    The other electrical issues you have are not common with this thread other than the issue of stalling when turning corners which may have been mentioned here.
    If you have a window/door lock issue (this thread), the problem is either the door/window module connections, module itself, or electrical supply issues to the module. This module is the actual drivers door switch and is easy to remove and replace. Disconnecting the battery and messing with the body computer is not a fix and sometimes causes things to work again just because the time was right for it to start working again, not because you really did anything to the body computer.
    The body computer WILL NOT cause stalling issues with the engine, so you can eliminate that.
    Certified Master Light/Heavy vehicle Technician
  • Hi Dennis, to your post... There were earlier posts about the weird electrical problems with the dash lights and instrument cluster. There is also an issue with the CD player not playing CDs.

    It's interesting what you say about the door module and power to it etc... I found cleaning and replacing the door module would reset the window/fob thing for a couple of days, but then it would return, dead battery window/fob problem. My DEALER absolutely assured me that the problem had "nothing to do with the door module", (that was when they were replacing the BCM etc). They also told me not to "believe anything on internet" because they were "the experts".

    The next time I had the door/fob thing (dead of winter, window down 4 inches when it was 20 below), I passed on the "knowlegable dealer" option and had a competent mechanic work on the truck. Know what they found? Like you said, no power coming out of the window module. Imagine that? Huh. The window module was replaced, which was like $350 more dollars to Chevy. Perhaps they can be found cheaper or used at a junk yard, but once again... replacing parts randomly may work, disconnecting the battery may work, sacraficing a virgin over the engine compartment may work... hit or miss, intermittent (but expensive fixes that may or may not work long term.

    Anyway, I've followed your posts with interest and what you have said makes a lot of sense. It is certainly a lot more helpful that those that care enough trying to get people without your expertise into a GM dealer to spend more money. It really kills me... for FIVE YEARS, 500+ posts, and Many, MANY people that have had this whole fob/window/battery deal and all GM can do is say they never heard of the problem before, or get the truck to a dealer for "specific diagnosis". What BS. There is obiously a reoccuring problem and their has to be a common solution... but it isn't important enough for GM to address.

    I know the Colorado and Canyon were not big sellers for GM so it probably goes that supporting the owners is "small potatoes", not enough to worry about.

    To say that the truck was misdesigned is an understatement given the recall on the head, the tail lights, the fuse block and whatever else. When was the last time you bought a new vehicle and had to have the head replaced? I love the recalls, "Your head may be bad but don't bring it in to a dealer unless you have problems" (or the warranty expires). Same BS with the tail lights that may or may not fail, but "don't bring it in unless you have a problem".

    I have to say, I had a lot of good memories where the Colorado was involved, trips out west, hunting trips, camping trips, snowy trips in blizzards. I really liked the truck. I have to say though, it was the first vehicle I ever traded where I didn't look back one last time, it was more "good riddens".

    Really sad.

    Anyway, Dennis, thanks for your posts, I think they are the most helpful.
  • Call me stupid, but i just cant figure out for the life of me, what the hell "FOB" stands for. LOL. Can someone please endulge
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    key fob (remote).


  • Figured it was the keyless entry but why the hell do you call it fob? Is that something only in the U.S.? Never heard of that expression up here in Canada. Thx. Its just called "remote"
  • Was wondering myself...turns out it's a noun meaning an object attached to a chain, like a pocket watch...nothing to do with what it is...weird I know,
  • Fob stands for... ummm, ahhh, Fob.

    I've asked this of serveral people, nobody knew a good answer. "Freight On Board" is what is typical but that makes no sense. The dictionary definition is "A chain attached to a watch for carrying in a waistcoat or waistband pocket".

    I can tell you what GM stands for though...

  • This is my first GM must admit that I do like the truck, so far...2008 Canyon Crew,, have had it almost 2 years...90,000 kms on it, only cost so far is a purge canister...not bad from what I've seen here. Recently put a remote starter on it and have had some strange things light coming on as I drive well as dome light coming on when I displays that a door is open when not true...maybe took my luck too far with the remote..going back to installer Monday to inquire..
  • I know...I should unload the truck and move on. But I have grown up with General Motors vehicles and I really was hoping that it would work out. I am so sad that there are so many issues with such a new truck. You would think that the corporation would take the extra step to resolve and satisfy their customers. I can remember riding around in an old GMC pickup and being proud of the quality and craftsmanship. Times sure have changed!
  • My Canyon is having a major meltdown. the windows dont work... locks wont work, with the switch or clicker... radio clock and presets reset 100% of the time when truck is turned off... takes a second or two to turn over to start... environment blower works off and on... battery died, checked it with a meter (dead cells), changed it and everything seems worse now!! WTF!! HELP PLEASE
  • Christina? Sarah? Do you have an answer for bmmethheny about his electrical meltdown? Windows, locks, and more.Sound familiar? Another new person every few days on here. If there are over 500 complaints only on this forum,I can only imagine all the people who have taken their trucks in to get serviced who havent complained on here. Say only 10% have complained in this forum. Thats probably way high for an estimate. More like 1 %. Lets say there has to be at least 5000 trucks out there that have had this problem. Most people in here love or loved their truck.Alot of us will probably sell their truck now and go buy someone elses other than GM's. Are you going to let that happen ladies of general motors? A little ford ranger is looking pretty good right now. Couldnt find hardly any complaints online about ford. I do love my 2007 colorado, for now. Purge cannister is stuck closed right now and makes it hard to pump gas. Supposedly a $400 fix. Im going to hold onto the truck for now, and hopefully.... thats a BIG hopefully......nothing major goes wrong with it. Because if it does. Bye bye Gm forever. Was even thinking of getting my wife an Equinox. Might have to start looking at something else.
  • Canyon08,
    How did your trip to the installer go? Hope that things were resolved. If not, please let us know.

    I can see why you are frustrated. Where was your battery changed? Are you interested in working with a dealership?

    GM Customer Service
  • "Bmmetheny,
    I can see why you are frustrated. Where was your battery changed? Are you interested in working with a dealership?"

    I thought you guys were here to take feedback back to GM, not reaallllly to try and drum up dealership business. Seems to me that's kinda the only interest you guys seem to have with this thread. Am I wrong?

    How about posting something useful for the poor folks that still own their Colorado's and Canyons, something like... "We apologize to all of you that have been frustrated with your GM dealership lack of service and knowledge with these reoccuring problems. We are issuing a recall..."

    Now that would be something useful.

    GM= :lemon:
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