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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Electrical Problems



  • Good luck, keep your fingers crossed!
  • I was just curious,when you followed bstrouds instructions,when you disconnected the battery, how long did you wait before you hooked the battery back up?I tried disconnecting it,following his instructions and then hooked it back up right away and it didnt work.So the next time i followed his instructions i waited 3 hours b4 hooking it back up and then my window and locks worked.But my remote didnt, untili I drove around the block a couple times and then it worked. Also did your battery happen to die just b4 it happpened like mine did?
  • fmagellanfmagellan Posts: 10
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    Well wouldn't ya know it, more electrical issues. For years my radio display would not dim when I dimmed the instrument cluster. Now the radio dims, but the instrument cluster stays illuminated at the same brightness!!! Also found out one of my fog lamps was burnt out (following a friend returning from hunting trip and he told me one of my lamps was not working). Went outside the next day and lo-and-behold, the other one was burnt out. Two days later my left turn signal bulb was out, along with one of the lights that illuminates the license plate. Oh, I forgot to mention that blower speed "3" doesn't work anymore.

    Coincidence? Seems a little fishy for 4 bulbs to burn out all at within a 4-5 day span.

    And lemme guess, another referral to the dealer? Don't want to go to a dealer for someone to tell me I need to spend X amount of dollars to "try to fix it".

    I wonder if there are any grounds for a class action lawsuit??? The runaround for what IS a major problem/flaw for countless people that ARE having the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS and NOTHING is being done about it.
  • al6pndral6pndr Posts: 45
    WELCOME to the wonderful world of Colorado/Canyon ownership! Not that it's any great comfort but you are NOT alone I'm sorry to say! Just remember G.M. says NO need for a RECALL!!!

    Randy Wise Chevrolet Milan MI. the worst dealer on the planet!!
  • "Coincidence? Seems a little fishy for 4 bulbs to burn out all at within a 4-5 day span."

    I forgot about all the lightbulbs before you mentioned it. My truck seemed to eat them at times. In some cases it was the socket itself. The prongs would take a "set", lose contact and have to be rebent.

    Another weird issue was the length of some of the socket wires. One of them, I think it was one of the fog lights or headlights were virtually impossible to get back into the housing because those cheap %$&#@ at Chevy skimped on the wiring length. The socket rotated into the housing but the wiring was so short that I really had to practically "stretch" it.

    The wiring was so tight and the sockets so poor, in cold weather one fo the fog lights would go out. I would have to get out of the truck (in the dead of winter) and bang the lens with the palm of my hand, the light would come on, and stay on for the rest of the trip, but be out on the next trip.

    As far as the dash/radio lights, there were some early posts (somewhere around the 100-200 post range) with folks complaining of really weird electrical problems with the instrument cluster. As I remember it was lighting issues, the lights staying on or not coming on at all. In most cases the dealers replaced the instrument clusters but it seemed the weird problems continued, (radios or CD players not working etc). Other problems were really weird stuff, like having the windshield wipers go on when the radio was turned on, really whacky stuff.

    Anyway, good luck with it. I certainly hope you get it solved or it clears up on its own. Oh, the blower motor is a continual source of problems, the motor and the resistor. I had to replace mine a couple of times. Again, I sure wish you luck, you must be about the last person driving a Colorado or Canyon.
  • I bought this truck about a year and a half ago. It's a 04 Chevy Colorado 2wd z71 5 cylinder. Since I've owned the truck I've come the the conclusion that it may have been through hurricane Katrina because my bright lights don't work, water was all inside the truck when I got it (4 inches of water while turning, then it went back under the floor board........) there are two wires with harness on them under the steering colum. The original owner had a stero system in it so I'm sure he messed with a lot of the electrical wires. I'm outside now and all I want is for my bright lights to work..... I'm about to drive it offa cliff because of these electrician issues. I've checked fuses,bulbs wires. Nothing I do seems to make a difference . Can someone please give me an idea on what I can do to make my bright lights work! Please I'm about to end my life.......(just kidding lol)
  • Yes I kno what you mean when I first bought the truck I herd a horn honking outside and sure enough it was mine!! The wipers were on full blast with the radio on full blast.......strange........all of that stuff has for some reason gone away but my brights still don't work. I've never even seen them work from day one. We've got to figure this out because these are our every day vehicles and it's bull s$&t
  • al6pndral6pndr Posts: 45
    edited January 2012
    GREMLINS,GREMLINS,GREMLINS!!!!! Do yourself a favor get rid of it ASAP!!!!! As a FORMER colorado owner trust me the electronics issues are too many to count w/this P.O.S. and if you make enough noise one of the G.M. cust. serv. folks will come slithering out to try to stear you to a "dealer/service dept. in your area that can help."

    Look at the posts on this site 100's, and years of all makes and models of colorado/canyons! Recall??!! Recall??!! NOoooo not w/$ to be made by "dealer/service dept. in your area that can help." trust me best thing you can do is "drive it offa cliff."

    Randy Wise Chevrolet Milan Mi. THE WORST DEALER ON THE PLANET!!!
  • The previous post is right on target. It is really unfortunate, especially if the truck has been flooded. I had an old Bronco that had been in a flood. One way you can tell (especially if the water was muddy), look for silt in weird places like inside the tail light lenses, anyplace where water could get in and be trapped for a while. Also inspect closely if the interior has been pulled out of the vehicle. It's rare that anyone pulling it to dry it would take time and care to do it right.

    I can't imagine a Colordo in a flood. The problems with these things are endless and would only be compounded. Sell the POS as soon as you can and count yourself lucky for cutting your losses before you spend a lot of time and money chasing endless problems that should never have been there in the first place.

    GM= :lemon:
  • den052den052 Posts: 27
    jonathon5, give me an email and I can PDF you a diagram of the headlight circuit. Without wiring diagrams, you are just shooting in the dark. It is not a difficult problem to fix as the circuit is fairly simple. I see your email is private.
    Just email me at so I can reply with a PDF.
  • Just wanted to thank you for the info, I was about wits end with this truck especially going through the trouble with the Passlock......Thanks
  • Regretfully an owner of a 2004 Colorado Z71 4x4 w/ 130K. Been a Chevy fan most of my life, but more based on the days before computers got involved. I'm currently dealing with the ABS and the power window control system problems. Unbelivable how many posts on both these issues and the countless numbers that aren't even aware of this web site. Christina, Sarah, "Peggy": with the large number of folks you have sent to the dealers and still no feedback on what these problems .....please ??? Evidently the problem is too big and too expensive for GM to recall. Too bad they won't admit that they have these problems because GM is losing more customers every day despite their great advertisements on that hypnotizing tube (I MUST HAVE A NEW CAMARO).

    I have worked on my cars all my life because I won't trust my vehicle repairs to anyone else. I know it's done right and I avoid new unrelated unexpected problems. I was fortunate to learn from my Dad who was once a GM mechanic. I have also worked many years on the electronic systems on military aircraft, so my insight on the electro-mechanical aspect has served me well. I think I can speak with some knowledge, so I would like to add my 2 cents on these issues.

    This vehicle is plagued with electrical problems. I have taken my door panel off three times to check the connections between the relays and the motor. Power (+12Vdc) is intermittent to the control unit. The switches that drive the relays have clean contacts and test good each time. If anyone has an electical diagram that shows power distribution to the door, it would be much appreciated. Currently, when I start the vehicle, the windows will go down once, up once, down again and then freeze, consistantly. If I didn't know better, I would try to tie this to a computer problem, but it makes no sense to tie them together. So, when I get a diagram, I'll isolate the bad wire/connector and post the location. (Peggy....don't hate me for this!) It worked on my wifes' 2004 Jeep. Someone posted the broken ground wire in the drivers door boot. As for the ABS, what a pain.

    The ABS intermittently lights, the brake pedal pulses, till I get over the 26 mph threshold, then annoying lights up the dash for the remainder of the drive into work. Checked the wire coming off the hubs and getting pulses from both front wheels. So I know that the mag sensors are working, which saves me $260 in replacement (Sorry Peggy.....don't curse me!). So my conclusion, based on some of the other posts, is that I have an intermittent electrical connection somewhere in the engine compartment. I'm thinkin the issues with the electrical block ( that won't be recalled) will be my starting point. When I get the electrical diagram, I'll find that sucker, and I'll post my findings and hopefully bring relief to all the people that can't / won't give their money to the GM Service Department.

    If anyone has a pdf of the electical system, I could certainly use it.

    A Note to Peggy: It amazes me that with all these posts that GM has not dedicated an engineer / tech to troubleshoot these problems and broadcasted the word out. My analysis: either 1) they don't care cuz they're makin big bucks off of many; 2) they're incompetent and can't figure out what the problem is; or 3) they have determined what the problem is and the cost to admit they need to recall exceeds what they're willing to spend. Either way're looking really bad here ! My Love for GM is gone (not that they care)!
  • "'re looking really bad here ! My Love for GM is gone (not that they care)! "

    Of course they don't care. The only person they need to impress now is Obama since he's the one keeping them in business, satisfied custoners are no longer important.

    I've followed this thread since 2007. The story is always the same, somebody finds this thread because of some weird electrical problem, (usually the door lock/fob/battery thing). If they go to the dealer, they replace X, Y or Z at random (BCM etc) with a variety of explanations, (can't run two windows at the same time, can't leave the keys in the ignition etc). And usually the thread poster returns with some other weird electrical problem sooner or later, (unless they sold their truck).

    I know the Colorado/Canyon were never really big sellers so you are probably right, it just isn't cost effective to GM to have a recall. Just piss off a "small number" of unsatisfied customers while making good profit off of their misfortune for buying your defective product in the first place.

    As far as "Peggy" goes, they claim to not be on commision. They claim to only moitor threads like this to "help customers and take back information to GM" or something, yet they can't get any kind of real GM tech to address this thread. All they do is "appologize for your frustration, give me your info so I can send you to a GM dealer!" If you want to take them up on the offer, good luck. If you aren't happy with all the money you spend, perhaps they will offer you a "jelly of the month club" prize like four oil changes and a tire rotation, "worth $450 dollars!". My suggestion, find a competent mechanic, work on it yourself, or cut your losses and sell the truck and buy something from a company where they work for the customer and not a presidential benefactor.
  • al6pndral6pndr Posts: 45
    I love this site! Snaproll1 if you ever come to michigan I wanna shake your hand! It's GRREAT to wake up on a snowy sat. morn. and open up this site w/such positive praise for" Peggy, NObama, and Govt.Motors! No truer words have been said!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    Randy Wise Chevrolet Milan Mi. THE WORST DEALER ON THE PLANET!!!
  • we have a 2005 canyon that has had numerous electrical problems. in reading the hundreds of other posts i now realize that we are not alone in these issues. we've had problems with the power door loks, the power windows, the dome light, the console lights and multiple trips to the dealership for recall repairs on the brake lights. now, our trun signals are clicking twice as fast as normal and the turn indicator lights on the front of the truck have stopped working. we dont want to get rid of the truck since it only has 70k miles and its in great shape mechanically, but these ongoing electrial problems have gotten ridiculous. any advice or help in these matters?
  • If you decide to work with a dealership, which I completely understand isn't an option or consideration, please let us know as we would like to be available to assist as best we can. Have you already had some of these concerns addressed by your dealership or independent shop before?

    GM Customer Service
  • colo04canyoncolo04canyon Posts: 8
    edited January 2012
    In reply to: "our turn signals are clicking twice as fast as normal and the turn indicator lights on the front of the truck have stopped working."

    Very simple, easy fix! :) ... You have burned out bulbs on the front turn signals ... just buy new ones at you local auto parts store and you should be GTG. I believe you need a 3157 bulb, but check that application chart/book at your parts store.

    You should check all your bulbs at least every few months. If you haven't replaced any other bulbs since 2005, you should check them all (brakes, headlights hi/lo, corner marker, reverse, license plate).
  • thanks for the help, but we've taken to the dealership repeatedly. as i said in the opriginal post, we've had the brake lights fizxed 3 times, as recently as a month ago, and the newly repaired brake lights just went out again. this truck has had electrical issues since we've owned, which is a real shame, because we love the truck in spite of all the trouble.
  • thanks for the advice, we'll try that
  • I understand. We're here if you should ever need anything!
    GM Customer Service
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