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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Electrical Problems



  • tommctommc Posts: 68
    Usually the blower resistor located in the hvac air box. Check in at AutoZone for the part and location. About $20 if I remember correctly.
  • Hi:
    Yes, after all attempts by the dealer, and GMC, failed to reproduce the problem after
    about a month in the shop, GMC has agreed to buy the truck back and give me a
    full refund. It took a LOT of threats of a lemon lawyer to convince them this was
    the best option for them.
  • moe25moe25 Posts: 3
    I bought my 06 Colorado truck in Sept. 06. I am now on my third set of lights, a year and a half later! It sounds like a ground problem to me. Anybody have the same problems. My only other beef with the truck is paint chips. I have found chips out of the paint on the front bumper, hood, the front of the rear fenders, and on the rear bumper.
  • moe25moe25 Posts: 3
    I bought my 06 Colorado truck in Sept. 06. I am now on my third set of lights, a year and a half later! It sounds like a ground problem to me. Anybody have the same problems. My only other beef with the truck is paint chips. I have found chips out of the paint on the front bumper, hood, the front of the rear fenders, and on the rear bumper.
  • On December 28 GMC agreed to give me a refund for the vehicle. I mailed in all paper
    work requested on January 2, 2008. On January 7, vehicle returned to me. On January
    10th the battery went dead for the fifth time. I called GMC support on January 11, and they now refuse to give me a refund or replace the vehicle. They offer to pay me for the 30 days the vehicle was in the shop. I will have to hire a Lemon Lawyer.
  • velcroidvelcroid Posts: 1
    There is a GM service bullitan out on this. They have to replace Both the blower motor resistor And the Blower Motor. Per PI# T3407. I know cause it happened to me.
  • puregreenpuregreen Posts: 24
    Whenever i shut the truck off the horn makes alittle chirp not a full honk, anybody know anything.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sounds like something related to your security system? Some people's cars security are automatically set once they remove the key and a few seconds after that.
  • puregreenpuregreen Posts: 24
    The key is still in the ignition but in the off position, it just started doing it any other ideas. Thanks
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    So it sounds like you have a security system, right? If you do and this is the same chirp you had been getting when the alarm is set then I would say this is an ignition switch problem. Have you consulted your dealer?
  • puregreenpuregreen Posts: 24
    Just whatever the factory has in it. Im checking with them they said never heard of it, plus frt axle seals are leaking hoping its covered under warranty.
  • I have a 2004 Colorado with 60K on it. Luckly I have not had any of the major problems I have heard discussed here. I do have a problem with the rear half door wiring harnesses. The wire used in them was to stiff and both have broken wires in them at the flex point. Has anyone else had this happen?
  • canman1canman1 Posts: 1
    this morning I purchased some window tint for my 05 canyon. I continued to pull off my driver side door panel. I then cleaned the window. I plugged the switch back up to lower the window a couple of inches and the driver side window would not move. I tried all the other windows from the driver door and they all worked. I tried the mirrors they worked. I tried the door locks, they did not work. I went to the passenger side, the door locks did not work there either. I tried the keyless entry button. The horn dtill chirped like it should but the doors didn't lock or unlock. I contacted the local dealer and they said they have never heard of the problem. Which from the postings I have just read through that is not unusual. I have read quite a few postings on a few different sites and there are a lot of canyons and colorados that are haveing the same problems. Most people are saying it is the BCM. Has anyone figured out the exact problem? Oh and by the way when I contacted the dealer my warranty expired 8 days ago. Some luck huh???
  • On April 21, GMC bought my Canyon back, 3 months after I filed thru BBB and having a dead battery 12 times in less than 1500 miles. Of course I lost about $1200.00 because they disallowed the cost of the spray in bedliner and side moldings I added, the $560.00 sales tax on the trade in, and $500.00 incentive. But I DID get a check from GMC, but it took 3 months of them fighting and delaying at every opportunity they could come up with.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I don't think most companies would honor warranty repair on that issue being that you created yourself, unfortunately. I read here on the forum of someone who figured out the window switch thing and how it is related to its connection. Look back over the posts.
  • kleinboneskleinbones Posts: 1
    Intermittant Multiple Cylinder Mis-fire:
    I experienced an Intermittant Multiple Cylinder Mis-fire that occured abruptly and continued until I replaced the exhaust valve cam position sensor. I performed this repair based on a OBDll code and chose to replace it since the other referenced sensors were not available at the local parts store. I immediately started the truck after replacement and had no further issues. The next morning I drove the truck about 5 miles and the same exact syptoms occured again. I parked the vehicle for about 20 minutes while I went into the store, came out and it ran perfectly fine since. I have noticed though that the power doors locks do not function and the drivers window is inop. Any ideas? I have reviewed the blogs posted and have noticed a number of discussion on the GM Cylinder Head issue , though have a hard time believing it could be the same. I also believe there is a GM issue for the door locks and window though have not seen anything.

    :cry: :D :mad: :confuse: :lemon:
  • pete03usmcpete03usmc Posts: 1
    Hi I have a 2004 Chevy Colorado Crew cab with 45k miles. It has always been well taken care of but lately, I have been having small electrical issues. The inside dome light and rearview mirror courtesy lights work when they want to. When I engage the hazard lights, the rear blinkers flash, but not the front, they just stay solid. With regular blinker use the rear units flash, but the front units don't blink or come on at all.
    The radio stays on even after I remove my key and shut the door, but it will turn off sometimes when the passenger door is opened and closed.
    I was thinking maybe a ground issue? All of the fuses check out good. Any Ideas??


  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sorry, I don't have the truck but have driven them. The answers to your window question are are somewhere. I have read about the issues and some ways for the do it yourselfer to fix.
  • gthfishgthfish Posts: 8
    Hello, I have a 2005 colorado and I am having problems with the vent and a/c fan. It does not work in 1,2,3 positions, but it runs good in position 4.
    Anyone had this problem and got it fixed?
    Thanks Gary
  • brokenallbrokenall Posts: 9
    i got the same problem
    First the air bag light came on
    after i scan the problem the scan said :open circuit on belt tensionnner (code 0446)
    i remove the rear door panel and i check the circuit on the tensionner and at the same time i didn't, hear any sound on my rear door speaker,i check every thing and no sound ok , i check the light switch on bottom the rear door (switch for the dome light) nothing work . there 6 wires on this harness ,5 of them were broke on the at the flex point.
    I m a automotive tech for one of the biggest industries in Canada
    around 10000 car truck and machineries,
    i work with Ford, Gm Chrysler, Kenworth peterbilt International truck John deere Cat etc etc and when i call the enginering at GM
    he told me Gm know about this problem, and you have to write to GM complaint departement, in other word do the repair and wait
    hope these information help you
    sorry about my written i`m a french speaking Canadian
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