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Suzuki XL-7



  • Hello

    I was just surfing around and found this forum
    and was wondering if any other owners are having trouble with the xl7.

    I have had mine (2001 4x4 plus automatic)for 2 months with 2730kms so far I have had a Blown Engine, rattle in front windows and a squeaky exhaust, I have done no off-roading and very little highway driving. I have also noticed another xl7 with the engine being removed at the dealer while I checked on mine. a couple of lemons or what?? I am NOT impressed with this rig.

    Rumors are that they have a new body style and seating for 6 in 2002 any truth to this? Why change in such a short time? Are sales that bad?

    I'm glad I didn't buy, resale will suck if the rumors are true. Thank god I leased, one more problem and I'm tossing the keys on the salesman desk. Its my first Suzuki and my last Suzuki.
    mike m
  • My XL-7 has 5,500 miles and is just fine. Runs like a top and quiet as can be. I do not go off road on a routine basis and except for some events that I go to that are in open fields I do not expect to.
    As to seating for 6 that is an interesting comment. It is supposed to seat 7 now (6 is much closer to reality). As far as I know there are no problems with the engine. I go out of my way to talk with other XL-7 owners when I see one and no one I have talked to has said anything about engine problems. Sorry you are having such trouble.
  • I have seen one 2001 XL-7 with a bad rear end. Have not seen one with a blown engine. The Standard trim level XL-7 will have 5 passenger seating the others will have the 7 passenger. Heated mirrors will be available. Heated seat will be an option on the limited.
  • Hi Anne,I recently purchased the XL-7 Touring at the end of July.I've been very happy with my purchase. I researched many Suv's,I found Consumer Report magazine helpful as well as Edmund's. I went to a couple of Suzuki dealerships and received quotes for my trade in first then I negotiated the price of the XL-7.While you are negotiating it is important not to discuss monthly payments this is one way they play with the numbers and make it seem like your getting a good deal.I paid 17'700 for a 2001 Touring 4x4 5-speed. You should be able to purchase a 2001 for a good price. Don't let the dealer tell you there won't be any 2001's left it's only a way to pressure you. The longer the dealer has the vehicle on the lot the more money they lose. Best of luck, Linda
  • I just wanted to thank scully62 and 5greyhounds for offering assistance. Please keep it coming. I am wavering big time due to the fact that my car probably isn't worth what I owe. My main concern is safety as I have a 2 year old and the winters get pretty bad in Nebraska (at least it was awful last year). Anyway, thanks again and if anyone else has any helpful suggestions, please feel free to chime in!
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    We've now had our XL-7 for almost two weeks. One theme that keeps coming up is that it is a big small suv. It drives, handles and parks like a small suv (although turning radius is a bit larger). But, it has a lot of bigger suv features. The third row seats, rear A/C, truck frame, V6. We came out from a store the other day and an Exploder was parked next to us. The Suzuki was only about an inch or two shorter and almost as long. It really looks big next to a RAv4 or CRV.
    It weighs 3700 lbs which is quite a bit more than most of the mini-utes. The doors have a nice thunk to them when closed, especially those big rear doors.
    Put the hood protector on last night, what a pain. They use a combination of clips and plastic brackets and protective tape where they might touch the paint. Quite a bit more to it than the one on my Tacoma. But it does fit tight and proper once I finally got it all on and after one trip to the auto store to replace a small plastic grommet that I dropped and lost. Looks nice and has a low profile.
    So far we love our Suzuki, it does all that we need it to do very well and comfortably. Saw another one on the road today, that makes two since we bought last week.
    My only concern is how well the mechanical components hold up after a couple of years, we'll see!
  • I have 2 Suzuki's on the lot right now and neither are Xl-7. We are out of product right now and don't know when I will see 2002's. I am in New York so I don't know what the deal is where you are. I can buy them from other dealerships but it is a PITA. Please include all information when you are sharing with us how much you paid for your vehicle. Your "17,700" is way off base if someone reads that and expects to walk in to any showroom anywhere and pay $17,700 for a touring 5 speed. I understand that it was $17,700 plus your trade and if it was not like that you bought a used xl-7. I deal with people all the time who will claim that someone on the net paid $17,700 for this exact car and the experience is horrible for them. Just some friendly advice:)
  • Heading to the NASCAR race in Richmond on Saturday. It is about 110 miles from my house and will be the first extended trip in the XL-7. One other person is going with me so it will be interesting to see how it drives. Drives to work are about 28 miles and I have averaged about 21+ MPG. It will be interesting to see how this trip does. I will report back on Monday, if I am awake. It will be a long day: leaving at 5am and will get back about 2am.
  • Well everyone, I am taking out a XL-7 for the weekend. I'm sure I will love it. Now lets just pray that they give me what I need out of my old car if I decide to buy! Have a nice weekend everyone.
  • I want to be more specific about what I paid for my XL-7.The sticker price was around 24'000, I went to two suzuki dealerships and negotiated with both. The dealer I made my purchase from went down to 19,900 plus trade and money down I was able to get it for 17'700. Of course people should not expect to get the same deal it's different from state to state. I live in Massachusettes, prices are higher in NewYork so I wouldn't expect you to sell an XL-7 for what I paid.
  • Since we are talking prices I live in Sterling, VA, just 5 miles from Dulles Airport. Prior to any down payment I paid $22,800 for a limited. Sticker was $26,000. They took a few hundred extra off of the $500 transportation charge so I ended up at $23k even including transportation.
  • Went to Richmond for the NASCAR race last night. At 75 MPH I did just a little over 21. I drove slower on the way home since it was dark and did around 65. I did just over 23. That was my best yet but both are all highway.
  • Bought a 2WD XL-7 5-spd with the Plus package for 18.6K. Is it a good price ?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Anyone in the NY/NJ/PA area interested in some very light off-roading check out we are running a trail ride in the pine barrens next weekend.


  • I should also mention that the truck rode very nicely. I have a Windstar that rides nicely and while the truck was just a little more harsh it was for all intents a good overall ride. Also no rattles. What I found interesting was with the sunroof open all the way there was not much noise and we were able to hold a conversation without raising our voices.
    I was also finally able to get the bra put on. It seems the company is having some trouble with the supplier. I found one at another dealer and had it sent to mine. It is a very nice fit. I have the full bra. I made the mistake with the
    Windstar and only went with the hood cover. The front bumper is messed up and if I had the full cover it would not be as it is. It also looks good. I had it on for the trip and with driving at night I collected lots of bugs on the front end. It did good!!!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Be careful when using bra's in general. If you don't keep your car clean, or don't remove the bra and clean under it on a weekly basis, dirt/sand will build up under it, and act like sand paper against your paint job.

  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    I agree with Paisan, be careful. I had a bra on my Samurai for about two years. It stayed fairly clean underneath, but the paint faded less under the bra and when I removed it, there was a noticeable paint color difference across the hood.
    After having one, I swore I would never put another one on a vehicle, I just use a hood protector.
  • I understand. I have had bras since I have had cars and take the precautions mentioned. Also, this is a toy, more than a daily car. It stays in the garage on weekdays and if it sees the rain it will only be by accident. I also have some mail into the "clearmask" people about their product. I may put it on under the bra as a second layer of protection. With the clearmask I should not have a problem with water or dirt since neither will be able to get under it. Why two items: I just like the look of this bra on the truck. Some look bad but this is a nice fit and actually looks good. I do thank both of you for your notes of concern.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just hate to see people who think they can put it on and forget it, be dissappointed. On a side note, I have just become the US distributer of ECB bullbar/nudge bar products and figured you guys might be interested in their products. You can check out their products at e-mail me directly for more info.


  • The National Institute for Highway Safety (the testing arm for insurance companies) tested 8 midsize SUVs and found 4 of them to be good (highest rating) in the 40MPH offset crash test. There was the MDX, Highlander, Motero Sport and (drum roll please) our baby the XL-7. This beat the likes of the new trailblazer and Bravada among others. Makes me feel good to know that you can purchase a reasonably priced SUV and still get one that is well made. Good work Suzuki.
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