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Suzuki XL-7



  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I saw a silver XL-7 the other day as I was going to work. Nice looking with the tinted windows and the contemporary styling. It peaked my interest and will probably test drive very soon. I too am concerned with Suzuki quality, parts availability and service (if needed). I am looking for input from any past Suzuki owners as to their experience with Suzuki products.
  • hotrodchotrodc Posts: 3

    I recently purchased a Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 and I would like to add a CD changer but not through the dealer. The head unit is Clarion and the model numbers on the front of the brochure are PS-2363, PS-2373 and PS-2374. I purchased a Clarion changer from Crutchfield (Model CDC-635) which uses a Cbus connection but that doesn't work. Can anyone tell me which changer will work with this head unit. Crutchfield is $199 for the changer and the dealer is $439
  • hotrodchotrodc Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me the best online source for ordering discount Suzuki parts?
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Have you talked to Crutchfield? Their tech support is pretty good, and if the unit you picked is one they say is compatible, it shouldn't be an issue. Maybe you are just short an adapter? I've never had a unit they specify as being compatible wind up not being compatible. I had to use adapters, but in the end, they always supply everything you need.
  • imadad1stimadad1st Posts: 18
    I've owned a 1995 Sidekick JX 4-dr (1.6L/5-speed) since new, and have had what I consider to be a pretty good experience with it. It now has 106K on it, and I can count the trouble I've had with it on one hand.

    The most annoying thing has been the A/C. I just had the 3rd condensor (sp?) repaired in 3 years. For some reason, it keeps rotting out every winter. Since I'm getting rid of it in the fall/winter for a new vehicle, I'll live with it.

    I consistently get 28+ mpg in this truck (sometimes over 30). Granted, this is mostly highway/back-country-road driving, but I'm still quite pleased. Haven't yet found a suitable replacement (ASFA mileage).

    For what it's worth, I'm still working on the original brakes (yes, I've check them), clutch, etc. I even got 96K out of the original Bridgestones, and could have gotten more if I weren't so anal about tires. As I said, this is mostly highway type driving, but still pretty good if you ask me.

    Part/service availability can be a concern. There just doesn't seem to be a big aftermarket on these yet (probably due to volume). For the few parts I have had to replace, most have been "dealer only" parts, and relatively expensive. For example, the rear seatbelt lock (child) went out on one side, and I had to replace it (myself). Suzuki charged me over $300 for the cartridge. I tried a Tracker module, but there was no cross reference to the Suzuki. Had it been a GM, it would have been about half the price. I've got two dealers I can go to for service, but this is still not as "convenient" as an american car (GM, Ford, etc.)

    I'd certainly seriously consider another Suzuki. As a matter of fact, I'm going tonight to test drive the XL-7. I won't be buying one now though, I still have the Saturn Vue on the top of my list (until I get a chance to drive one). The mileage is "reported" to be around the 30 mark, and they offer side impact airbags. Safety and mileage are real high on my list.

    Just my $0.02 worth.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Be-ware, it's another FWD based SUWannabe. Personally I'd go for the Suzuki, cause it's got a real frame and a longitudially mounted engine.

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The Suzuki Grand Vitara received an "Acceptable" (the highest is a "Good") in the IIHS's 40mph crash test. The results can be seen here:

    Since you won't off-road, having a body-on-frame design and part-time 4WD probably won't be beneficial to you. Unfortunately, that "real frame" didn't help much as far as safety goes either.

    I think you'll be hard pressed to find an SUV that will get 30mpg. The Saturn VUE most likely won't. However, Subaru Forester owners appear to be able to get 25mpg or better. Perhaps you may want to consider that too? The Forester received a "Good" in the IIHS 40mph crash test, and is available with side impact airbags, as well as permanent or full-time AWD.

    The Subaru Forester discussion topic is located here:

    Good luck!

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  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,999
    Morning Call review.

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  • hotrodchotrodc Posts: 3
    Hello Grand Vitara XL-7 owners. Hope you are enjoying the car as much as I. Here is some helpful info for you. The DC changer to match the Clarion unit in you car utilizes a DE net connection and not a DC Bus connection as indicated my the dealership and Crutch field. The best place to buy the direct plug up changer is Crutch field. The have the correct unit for your car for approximately $169 (Item #020RDC655Z) where as the dealer or should I say sealer wants about $400 for that same unit. The install only took me about one hour. Just trying to get everyone to save a little cash.
  • driver36driver36 Posts: 57
    hotrodc, thx for your CD changer info, currently I am owning a Grand Vitara w/o a CD player and
    looking for a CD changer for this car. And I'll be shopping for a Grand Vitara XL-7 in two months, with one question need to ask is the gas mileage on the Grand Vitara XL-7 in real driving numbers. Can anyone fill me in on this? Coz I am getting 20 mpg (70%hwy/30%cty) on my 5sp Grand Vitara, and wonder how much/little worse the XL-7 can do.
    Thx in advance!!

    driver 36
  • patman22patman22 Posts: 1
    We just bought a new XL-7 and are very happy with our decision. We looked at all the mini vans and subs out for a family of six. Once we drove the Suzuki, driving the mini vans made us feel like we were driving in our own suburban prison.... All of the other suvs with 3 rows of seats were just too big for convenience around town and our conscience.

    The only negative is the small amount of luggage space behind the third seat, but we are going to purchase hitch mounted trunk carrier for when we take trips.
  • imadad1stimadad1st Posts: 18
    I've been on CarPoint recently, looking over some of the owner reviews. A few (three to be exact) stuck out, and although I believe they are the work of the same individual, I figured I'd ask here. These reviews suggested that there is some problem with the sunroofs in the Touring models. Has anyone experienced problems with theirs? Since I'd be looking into a Touring myself, I'd hate to have it raining (or snowing) on my head.

    Also, I'd like to echo a previous request for "real-world" mileage. CarPoint had a few comments regarding "excellent" mileage, but didn't elaborate as to what exactly it was (if they are comparing it to a 1980 Surburban, I'm not suprised). Anyone got a bead on the highway mileage for a 5-speed? For me, 20 mpg will be quite a step backwards (see my previous posting about my Sidekick).

    Thanks to anyone willing to reply.
  • clay11clay11 Posts: 17
    Have had Touring XL-7 since mid-February. No problems, although a few little quirks, so far. No sign of sunroof leakage whatsoever - an Vancouver's climate certainly puts it to the test!

    Mileage is around 21-23MPG city. Ride is comfortable. Quirks are the swinging tailgate makes oversize loads a problem (while not used as a truck, I kind of like loading interior doors when doing renovations at home... no chance now); no door ajar warning light on the dash (have to use the interior light as a sign a door is not properly closed); the rear a/I vent only works with cold air (at least as far as I can tell so far); and the rear 12V socket only works when the ignition is on. Not major, but things I hope Suzuki consider for future models.

    Overall, am very happy. Compared several different Subs prior to this and found it had the best overall ride and comfort for the price.
  • driver36driver36 Posts: 57

    Thanks for your info!
    I'm totally agree with you that Suzuki can last a long time without any big
    repairs however, you might run into some minor thing such as like the 12V cap get pops out or
    switch get loose; other than that you should be fine :)

  • I have had my XL7 for 4 months now and still enjoy it very much. Have not had any problems. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get foglamps for the vehicle other than my dealer. They want 270.00 for them! Thanks.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    They have great prices and excellent customer service. You can find a link to their pages under the vendor section of


  • roseb1roseb1 Posts: 2
    ive written before about my suzuki. I cont understand why anyone would want this thing....i cant even sell it for a decent price. its decreased in value so much. I paid 19,500 and cant even get 17,000 for it. its worth only 12,900. its a 2000 with 8,900 miles AHHHH!! if i knew what i do now i would never had purchesed a suzuki
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    What Suzuki did you purchase? An XL-7?

    Check out the depreciation of most vehicles. Nothing strange about losing a third of itself value in first year, maybe 40 percent by second, and upwards of 50-60 percent after 4 years. Heck, you lose about 20-25 percent just driving it off the dealer's lot when it is brand, brand new.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yep, the resale probably is comparable to that of Isuzu. Basically my take is that they are excellent vehicles that will last for 200K+ miles but have poor re-sale becayse they aren't one of the big-3 and don't have special do-dads, etc. They are basic trucks, but basic means they will last!

  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    you'll likely pay $5-10K more to begin with.
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