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Dodge Sprinter Maintenance



  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Fuel Filter Replacement at Bob Howard Dodge in OKC, OK is now $170 (U.S.D.) about $50 for the filter and $120 for the labor... My guess is that the 2 hour minimum has to be met?

    KenB :confuse:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Generally will have to find the CD online, maybe on EBAY.

    The online version of the parts/diagrams at athe Berry Dodge website have been most helpful to me and many others.

    KenB :shades:
  • Good call KenB, very informative website.
    Is there a way to post pics in this forum?
    I'm looking for other Sprinter factory colors besides white.

    MINI :D
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Photos can be included in posts. Click on "Img", paste the photo URL in, and then click on "Img" again.

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • 2000_valk2000_valk Posts: 68
    Good idea, anyone want to send a picture of their rigs?? :shades:
  • skiyupskiyup Posts: 1
    I love my big ugly sprinter van. I have a few ideas to "pimp it out" ie. custom touches. Anyone out there jumped on their's yet? piks available? It handles great, runs well, but the connect with the dealer really bites. Also that turbo hose clamp has let me down several times and it goes into cripple mode when too big a bug hits the grill or Io eclipses Saturn. Thanks for the engine light fix.
  • I would like to change my own fuel filter in my 2004 Sprinter cargo van. I've heard that on a diesel engine if this is not done correctly it could cost you alot. Is there a step by step manual out that would explain the process? Or is there someone out there who can walk me thru it?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Have correct fuel filter and o-rings (2004 USA model Sprinter should use top-sensor type filter).

    Have extra (band-type or else OEM) hose clamps on hand. If you are careful, the old clamps may be re-used, otherwise you want more on-hand.

    Turn off engine of course, and remove the key.

    Clamp off the hoses (if you have non-damaging hose clamp pliers or clamps) This step is not supposed to be needed.

    Remove the hoses and catch drips.

    Loosen clamp(s) on canister and remove.

    Twist sensor in direction to prepare to remove.

    Remove sensor pulling straight out gently.

    Replace O-rings on sensor. Remove/move over any other pieces and move them to the new canister along with the sensor.

    Reinstall NEW cansiter filter.

    Put hoses on, install clamps, check fit, tighten canister in place.

    Open drain, add a length of hose and run it to a catch container safe for diesel fuel. It helps much to have someone to to hold hose, container, and to signal when to shut off the key.

    Turn key to run position, but DO NOT start engine. Allow the tranfer pump to push fuel into the canister filter and then to flow out of the drain tube (about a pint or two max). This goes fast. Shut off key.

    CLOSE the drain carefully and snug, but do not over tighten.

    Again, turn the key to on, but wait and do not start immediately, let the system pump up pressure, then shut off.

    Now, turn to run, wait for the pump to run, the glow plugs light to go out, then start the engine and let it run for a while to ensure that you get all of the bubbles out of the system before you decide you're are ready to say your job is completed and your'e ready to put all of the tools away.

    The keys to this job going well are primarily to get fuel back into the system/filter and primed back to inlet of the high pressure pump with minimal chance for air in the system.

    My first fuel filter change is soon and I have planned carefully just in case.

    KenB ;)
  • sppspp Posts: 13
    The dealerships are independently owned and operated!!##XX ???? The mantra of the impotent Chrysler group. I'm curious if anyone has had similar problems both with their Sprinter, their dealerships service dept. arrogance, incompetance and Chrysler customer service ( or lack of it) uselessness. To list some of my problems:
    Replace: cargo area dome light(s), horn, radio, door latch (door would bounce open when trying to close, rear door dome light switch. These alone have been far more than any problems I've had with the aprox. 15 vehicles I've owned over the last 30yrs.
    There's more. After having my Sprinter serviced at 20k, by my selling dealership, Lee Dodge of Commack, New York, at 21k my transmission broke down and I needed to be towed. They would only tow me to the nearest dealership, Westbury Jeep. Three days later Thursday I got the truck back. Friday I brought it back to Westbury Jeep And said I felt the truck was hesitating and had a power issue. They test drove it and said "they could not duplicate the problem" On Monday, there is an explosion, not exagerating, from the engine compartment. I have to get towed back to Westbury Jeep for the second time in a week. This time it is a problem with the turbo booster. I am beyond frustration at this point, especially after the dealership not properly diagnosing the problem correctly the previous Friday. In fact they were rude and acted as if they were doing me a favor repairing a vehicle still under warranty. 3 weeks later I'm 150 miles from home starting a camping weekend with my fishing club. I pull into a supermarket to get some snacks and go back to the truck and start it up and it does not move!!! I have to be towed for the third time in a month. I call roadside assistance and they tell me they can not find a participating tow company in my area, Winstead Ct., at 9:30pm on a Friday night. At this point I lost it and demanded they get me towed to the nearest Dodge dealership and get me running. 2 1/2hrs later they get me towed to Crowley Dodge in Bristol CT. 36 miles to the southeast of my location. I slept in the truck in the dealership lot. The next morning a service rep. wakes me and gets my truck looked at asap. My complements to Crowley Dodge's pleasentness and politeness, for the first time from a Dodge affiliate. They diagnosed the problem as my linkage coming apart as it was not properly reassembled by the Westbury jeep tech. when they repaired my transmission. At this point I just drove home and gave up on my weekend from frustration and exhaustion. Just this past week, Nov 07, I needed to bring my truck back to Lee Dodge to have my door latch repaired, my linkage replaced, as Crowley Dodge just did a temporary fix on it to get me back on the road. Also to diagnose a problem with my Dashboard outside temperature digital thermometer. They fixed my door and linkage, but did not fix my thermometer and while taking apart my dash they broke the central locking system of my truck and left my instrument panel molding misaligned and protruding from the rest of the dash. When I called the service manager the next morning and demanded an immediate appointment for them to fix my locking system, that they had just broken and to fix my dash the service manager was rude and told me not to bring my truck back to his shop. I asked to speak with the general mgr. He had the same attitude. I currently have an appointment with another dealership to have the remaining problems repaired 3 weeks from now! I also have an additional problem. It seems that at low speed and when slowing down the truck it has developed a rumbling noise like I'm running on a shoulder. During all of this The Chrysler Group has been a non-entity, invisable and not worthy of the concept of customer service. This post is not only to get other owners feedback but also to put together my thoughts as I'm considering court action against my dealership and Chrysler.

    Thanks for reading,
  • sppspp Posts: 13
    Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 18:03:06 -0500
    > From:
    > To:
    > Subject: Re: Chrysler LLC Customer Assistance (KMM52756xxxx25261xxxxx}
    > Dear
    > Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center
    > regarding Lee Dodge.
    > Your email has been received and the concerns you have raised are
    > appreciated.
    > After thoroughly reviewing your request and the files on this matter, we
    > respectfully concur with the information provided by our Customer
    > Service Representative.
    > Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us. It is regrettable
    > that a more favorable reply can not be provided.
    > Thanks again for your email.
    > Sincerely,
    > Leslie
    > Senior Staff Representative
    > Chrysler Customer Assistance Center
    > For any future communications related to this email, please refer to the
    > following information:
    > REFERENCE NUMBER: 16xxxxx
    > EMAIL CASE NUMBER: 1xxxx
    > Original Message Follows:
    > ----------
    > US Customer Service - Dodge Brand Site
    > Brief Description:
    > Comments:
    > CHRYSLER has no corporate culture.

    Chrysler customer service continues to be a joke! How do you agree with bringing a vehicle in for one thing and the service dept. brakes something else and refuses to repair damage they just did. You thoroughly reviewed? Be serious, not foolish!

    completely dissatisfied customer

    Chrysler are you even capable of listening?

    Dear MR., We here at Dodge are continuously looking for ways we can serve you better.Your assistance would be a significant help in our efforts if you could take a couple of minutes to give us your feedback. Recently you sent an email to Dodge, the subject of which you titled: "CHRYSLER GROUP..... LIKE TEETS ON A BULL!!!!!!!!!!" Please click on the link below to open our web page questionnaire and answer the questions based on this most recent email interaction. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help us improve. The answers you provide will assist us to gauge your satisfaction with our handling of your questi
  • I truly sympathise with your situation - the problem really is that these car companies are only interested in getting vehciles off their lots and into the hands of the banks and finance companies who will ensure you pay for the vehcile regardless of how badly it performs.
    Its sad to say that this is historical and will continue until WalMart starts to sell cars and trucks when you can simply take the vehcile back and get a refund.
    I have a 2007 Sprinter and have had my oil changes done every 10,000km at the Valvoline Centers. They are efficient and courteous costing about $70 when I provide the filter.
    In error I took my Sprinter to the dealership for the 32,000km service/oil change.
    They overfilled the engine which caused my oil light to flash and a warning to show that I needed to bring the vehcile back to a dealer immediately for fear of damaging the engine.
    Rather than risk taking it back, I stopped on the highway and got under the van and drained about a pint out of the sump. This solved the problem.
    The next day I received an email from the dealership advising that Chrysler would be sending me a form to complete regarding my satisfaction with the service and that IF I WAS NOT SATISFIED, I should call the dealership rather than mention the fact on the form.
    Hmm, I wonder why?
    Anway I did reply to the dealership and am currently awaiting their response.
    Bye the way, the dealership charge for that oil change was $235 - almost 3 times the changes of Valvoline !!!
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239

    Now these guys are telling people that they need a fuel filter, and sometimes an Air Filter every time you get oil changed... b... s... some are trying to demand oil changes on a short schedule (they don't know the product, but they know how to charge extra).

    My stealership didn't even use the right oil, didn't fill it up, or both. Wonder how much your dealership put in yours? Wonder how much it sucked on through the breather system before you drained the pint out?

    They tell me they want $160 for a fuel filter change!!!

    KenB :confuse:
  • I have a 2006 2500 used for commercial purposes with 23k miles. Hve been noticing a fuel smell in the drivers compartment. Anyone else had this problem or know the cause. I am tired of taking to the dealer, even though it is still in warranty. It takes them three days to determine what the problem is. So far, they have wanted to replace the main wiring harness, said the gromet came loose at the firewall. I would not let them. I was also charged $235.00 +- or oil change & fuel filter. They put too much oil in & the light came on. They drained a quart (according to the service writer) but would not give me a refund. When I talked to the svc mgr I learned that they have not been using Mobil 1, even though they had led me to believe this. I called the Fleet Sales Manager & asked what the problems are & why should I buy another truck from him. He passed me to the svc mgr.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    You don't even need a fuel filter until 30K...

    But that has not kept the dealerships from coming up with a schedule that includes a fuel filter at every 10K oild change... and charging WAY too much for one.

    This time of year the diesel tends to have more kerosene, and more smell... however, you should have very little of this anyway. You could have a small fuel leak, and should check all hoses, connections, filter, etc. for oily/dirty stains and especially for fresh fuel leaking (double check around the top of the fuel filter that they changed. Other possibilities would be certainly supect as warranty work: (injector, glow plug, or fuel rail leak).

    Also, if you use the Aux. Heater this time of year (when it tends to be cold), then you need to remember that it does have bit of smell especially until it gets up to speed... In extreme cases you will see some white smoke from the drivers side wheel well. The smell from the Aux. Heater is much less if you use it every month for 10 minutes as mentioned in the owner's manual.

    A few bugs in the batter (dealers/reps) and this is one bad streak for Dodge with a vehicle that is known worldwide for quality and longevity.

    Please fill out the dealership review on this website for your location. We need the input.

  • sppspp Posts: 13
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    Post #1
    I have the original front brake pads and rotors on my 06 sprinter. I have 28k on them. I had a dealer check my brakes and he told me I have about 2k left on the front pads and about 5k left on the rears. The front rotors have never been cut and the pads still have life and have not gone metal to metal, however, the dealer tells me I need new front rotors! I have never heard of this before. Is it possible to need new front rotors even if they have never been cut or the pads have never worn down to metal to metal? The dealer further states that if I choose not to replace the rotors but only the pads, that he can't guarantee that the brakes would not pulse and that they probably would not have the expected life. Am I being scammed. I hear the dealers get more training on scams then they do on vehicle maintenance!
  • hello, spp:

    my experiences with my 2005 sprinter van 2500 have been decidedly different from yours, and i imagine my experiences more closely duplicate the thousands of other satisfited sprinter owners who have kept this van in high demand around the world. it seems to me you got one of the 'lemons' in the group, as well as having to deal with support staff at your dealership who probably took on the sprinter franchise as a lark.

    my sprinter has 30000 miles; i haven't had any serious problems. the only problem i can think of right now was a dash warning light that woudln't go out and the dealer (sam lehman's in peoria il) took care of it right away. this dealership has treated me very well and i can truly sing their praises. i'm going back thu for the 30000 mile service. soon after that, it will be off warranty but i may still take it there for service. i'd also like to add that i get around 26-30 mpg on all-day interstate travel (admitedly, at 55 mph) and around 23-26 mpg on town stop-n-go travel.

    i'm sorry you've had such bad luck. and i'm hoping i won't have any bad luck in the future with this vehicle, but right now, i'm pretty happy with it.

  • Greetings all,
    158 HiTop,dual sliders 1set of passenger seats added. I recently had a problem losing power and engine would shut-off with an engine light. It would fire right back up but shut off again soon after. Went to dealer I bought from, repaired a trans leak (they say, I never saw fluid on pavement), and replaced fuel filter.When they drove it ,another engine light. Now it's a glow plug and a glow plug module. Truck has 73k, 2005 model. It's under warranty until July 2008. Is this covered? Are injectors covered? I read in another post not to use biodiesel because factory fuel filters are cellulose and will melt and clog. Anyone experience this? Is there a different brand filter (i.e. NAPA, Fram) that will not do this? Anyone remove the oil filter cover? In an odd place and difficult to remove/replace. Any ideas greatly appreciated. I try to bypass the Stealership as much as possible... Joe
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Transleak, probably an "O" ring on a sensor, not a major leak, more driving under pressure, doesn't continue to leak much.

    Glow plugs/control probably on emmissions/engine warranty, but must ask dealer.
    Injectors are as far as I know...

    Fuel Filter (price to replace?) how many times have you done it?

    Biodiesel approved up to about 5 or even 10-15 percent bio source, but only if approved/tested quality, like ASTM. Cellulose not likely to melt, clog yes, but only if the previous petroleum diesel was very dirty (biodiesel cleans remarkably well, and lubricates very well too). Clogging of fuel filters in diesel operation (clean fuels assumed) is from very COLD fuel with adequate amounts of parafins (summer fuel used at winter temps) and/or emulsions (hot/cold/hot/cold condenses moisture which mixes with the oils and emulsifies (hard to filter/pump) and easy to freeze).

    Some filters for the Sprinter are available that are known as "fleece", but you will have to go searching, I don't have a source at this time.

    There are people running Sprinters on B85 and even B100 (B = bio, number =percentage of). A few are also reporting running as converted to use SVO (straight Vegetable Oil, most reclaimed, VERY HIGHLY filtered).

    Oil filter cap/holder very easy to remove on US Sprinters up to 2006 (5 cyl. Diesels), actually very unlikely to spill/drip on engine. The housing drains into the block. I use the nesting set of filter wrenches (7-in-one) and a regular 3/8" extension/ratchet... Remove after draining most of the oil, or the flow out the bottom is a torrent... wow, can shoot out over the side of the catch pan.

    In putting the cap/filter back in, be patient, use the new o-rings, only tighten to touch down... plus very little torque... this seals by o-rings in a sleeve, not by pressure on a gasket/flat surface.

    Easiest oil changes I have ever had (except for using 9.5 quarts of oil...)

    KenB :shades:
  • I have an 02 dodge sprinter. The alarm doesnt work. The light on the central locking system blinks that the passenger side doors are not closed properly. They are closed, however the sliding door is tricky to close it needs some persuasion. Any suggestions on how I can trouble shoot this my self.
  • I had the same problem on my 2006 Sprinter, the second day I owned it. There was a fuel leak at the front of the engine where the 8mm fuel supply/return hoses are clamped to the injection pump. The dealer was unable to find the leak, so I made the repair myself with the proper clamp. That was at San Jose Capital Expressway Dodge. They are really useless, and even the management doesn't want to take responsibility or keep the customer happy. They neglected to respond to my letter of complaint. The unfortunate thing about the US is that auto mechanics don't have the training or understanding of how to properly fix a car. They are trained on Detroit farm equipment, and when they come across a foreign car, they are unable to apply what they learned in training.
    This is why such wonderful vehicles such as the Sprinter and the VW vanagon have such a bad reputation. I am a former auto mechanic, and after my training I worked with a German master technician. There was so much that I didn't know, even things that now seem so basic. I had to make a paradigm shift in order to
    understand these vehicles. I had to unlearn much of my school training.

    Good luck with your repair
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