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Dodge Sprinter Maintenance



  • I had a problem with a misaligned sliding door on my 06.
    The dealership was unable to align the door. Their solution was to slam the door harder. If you carefully look at the mechanism and with the help of an assistant adjust the sliding door and the strikers, then at least the slider will work fine. Then you can make your diagnosis of the electrical problem knowing that it is not a door
    alignment problem causing the door switch to think the door is open.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Clean and lube all of the contacts for all of the doors that have them, especially the sliding and rear doors as they rely on the contacts for the elcetronics that "see" whether or not they door latches are actually set for lock mode.

    The central locking module (aka the central locking timer) is also a common point of failure.

  • ososlickososlick Posts: 12
    I have a Winnebago View Motorhome on a 2007 sprinter 2500 with the mercedes v-6 turbo diesel chassis. Can someone tell me where the locations of the engine oil filter and oil drain plug are on this unit.
  • yeayeayeayea Posts: 4
    ">I would like to know the reason why you are not allowed to change the direction of the tire rotation. The owner manual on page 196 say the rotation should not be reversed. Why? ">
  • windoverwindover Posts: 1
    I have a problem with my glow plug light staying on in the dash. Is there a way to check my glow plugs with an ohms meter at the plug of the contoller? If so what type of reading should I expect?

  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    I have the I-5, but would guess that the drain plug is low on the pan on the driver's side. Many would say that the more efficient way to change oil is to suck it out of the dipstick tube and leave the drain plug alone. Easy if you have a vacuum source, a simple tool and a proper container.

    Mercedes uses a cartridge filter mounted high on the engine, usually on the driver side as well. Look for a black cap, point straight up that looks a bit like the bottom of a canister-type oil filter... use a matching filter wrench "cup"... all seals on this unit are "o"-rings and must be replaced every time you change oil (they come in the filter box). lube the o-rings and install by hand only, then gently tighten (the o-rings seal, the torque-down does not enhance the seal... so don't over-tighten).

  • jdetwilerjdetwiler Posts: 1
    Where would I find a maintinance manual for 2005 mercedes sprinter van. Please send your answer to Thank you.
  • Hi,

    I purchased a service manual for my 2006 sprinter directly from Chrysler publications.

    The only drawback I saw is that it was only available on CD, not book form.

    Maybe even check ebay

    good luck
  • I am finally going to put new brakes on my 04 Sprinter cargo van. I have the 140" wheel base with 16" tires 2500SCH. It is the first set of brakes and I have 60,000 mi. on them. Needless to say they are metal to metal. The problem I have is finding pads and rotors for this van. NAPA wants to know if I have the Bosch calipers. It turns out I do have Bosch calipers, took the front tire off to find out,hope the rear is the same. Now they want to know what size rotor I have. Apparently there are three different sizes listed in millimeters. How can I tell what size the rotor is? Are there any special concerns I should watch for when I finally get all my brake parts together? By the way I love this vehicle. Only two minor recalls that I am aware of and no major problems. They do need to learn how to paint this vehicle properly. And why after 4 yrs. can't I find a repair manual for this vehicle? By the way, I purchased my van from Fyda Freightliner in Columbus, Ohio and they have been very courteous and fair and timely with the recalls and scheduled maintenance I had them do while the vehicle was under warranty. After warranty I started doing my own scheduled maintenance. You do not have to go to Dodge or Chrysler dealer if there is a Freightliner dealer selling Sprinters near where you live.
  • Hi,

    Usually I get my parts from They now carry some maintenance parts like filters. I just checked for your brake parts to no avail.

    Some other sites to check are and the links from that website.

    Does the Freightliner dealer sell these parts? These sprinters have been around forever in other countries; maybe there is a parts source in Canada.

    Regarding the shop manual, I found a CDRom factory manual from chrysler publications, but it is not as straightforward as having a paper manual.

    Good luck

  • Does anyone know where to find the axle codes on a
    2005 Sprinter?
  • Had similar problem on 04 bought used. Dealership wanted outrageous price to replace glow plugs, module, and injectors. Did not allow work as van drove very well untill cutting out suddenly. Usually running fine after restart, other times having to wait 15 minutes to an hour to run. Don't see how glow plug problems could ever cause a stopping problem once the engine is running. Finally took to second dealership as loosing power too. They quickly found a short in the wiring harness which was probably causing the error messages. After picking up and driving home, the engine light came back on. Found out the egr valve was bad I would guess as a result of my continuing to run with the wiring problem. After replacing it myself, the van has run very well, am extremely pleased. Only other problem since has been the negative battery cable. Connections very clean, cable looked new but high resistance and warm after trying to start so you may check that as well.
  • Hi, Tim here.

    I own a 2007 cargo van extended model 3.0 diesel with 53k miles on it. I change my own oil. Oil change is every 10,000 miles with special synthetic mobil 1 esp formula for diesels usually only available at dealer.
    12 quarts.
    Oil filters can be found at Napa auto parts or dealer. Napa is $10 bucks cheaper than dealer.
    It is a canister style with an filter element. Loosen the 84mm 14 flat canister cap nut and drop in the filter element. Canister cap nut needs to be properly torqued at 25ft lbs.

    The problem with changing the oil on the 3.0 diesel is the 84mm 14 flat canister filter cap nut. You need the correct size cap nut tool that a torque wrench will fit to torque the cap nut properly.

    I custom machine a one piece 84mm oil filter wrench cap nut tool out of 100% billet aluminum just for the 3.0 mercedes diesel and sell it on ebay for $79.00 (free shipping in USA). If your interested just type in sprinter oil filter wrench under (all categories). My ebay member name is ibidfortwo. Transmission is also kind of funny. Mercedes does not have an dip stick for the automatic transmission. Yes there is a place to insert a dip stick. I think the dip stick can be bought at the dealer for about $150.00 (special order). I know. It is crazy having to buy a dip stick for $150.00 to check your own tranny fluid.

    In my opinion the Dodge Sprinter diesel is a great vehicle and I would not hesitate to buy another one.
    Hope this helps you.
  • Just bought a 2008 Gulf Stream motor home on a Sprinter chassis. It has a 3.0 Mercedes Diesel (lovely unit :blush: ). I see that it has a cartridge canister type oil filter. I would like to get a couple oil filters in preparation for upcoming 10,000 mile scheduled maintenance. Does anyone know what filter this calls for?
  • Please advise where is the tension adjustment for the fan belt so I can change
    my worn belt. Thanks
  • I own a 2007 3500 and found to be a good source for oil, filters, brakes etc. Just changed the oil and filter in the trans. Not a big deal. Used 6.5 liters of fluid. Dipstick purchased from web site. Dealer said the transmission would have to be jacked up to access. I found it was very tight but managed without moving the trans. I think next time I will move it about a 1/2" to make the job easier. I had to place the filter and gasket inside the pan get it in place and then reach inside and insert filter and position the gasket. The Fusch fluid sold in addition to the MB fluid works well. The shifting is even better than when it was new. Note- the trans filler tube is under the atifreeze overflow. You will be sent a new red lock for the top when you order a trans kit from the site above. Hopefully this will help a few people.
  • jftfijftfi Posts: 10
    Have a 2004 High top loaded and purchased new. I have always had the maintance work done at the dealer to insure warranty. I now have 78,000 miles on my truck and in the process of repairing another trans leak myself (3rd one). Power train warranty is 7 years or 70,000 miles. Engine is 7 years 100,000 miles. The full trans service had to be done at 45,000 (60,000 in manual) due to slipping in 5th. Complete fluid and filter changed made it work like new. I am changing fluid and filter while repairing leak and will change every 30,000 miles from now on. This will include replacing the o-rings on the guide bushing for the electrical plug to trans. These o-rings ( .50 ea.) have failed twice before.
  • Trying to learn the ins & outs for doing a proper job at on the fuel filter replacement.
    Suggestions about a good after market fuel filter for the V6 CAD ?
    Bloody dealer chaps are demanding $200 for parts w/ labor.
    I know I must have a bit of "highlander" in me. But really now isn't this a bit over board for a fuel filter W/ labor?
    I really have to do this myself.
    Thanks for any do it yourself direction.
  • jftfijftfi Posts: 10
    Go to and purchase the filter for $36.00 ($98.00 list). This site is great for OEM parts and ships ASAP. I purchased the Ultimate Service CD on e-bay and it has everything you need to know. This CD is all factory manuals and includes a complete parts section like the dealers use.
  • Major thanks,
    I'm on it now.
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