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Ford Mustang Cooling System Problems

My Mustang's thermostat needs to be changed. What are the steps in changing and is it a fairly easy task?


  • Hi folks

    Iam a new owner of used mustangGT(2002 ).
    I feel that the area near the accelerator is hot after using the car for a while

    any suggestions as to why its happening

    thanks in advance

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Probably the exhaust.
  • tba6tba6 Posts: 1
    I have a 04 V6 Mustang. A while back it started overheating. It is still under warranty. The dealership replaced the thermostat, tested it said it was fixed. I didn't even get 10 miles and it started to overheat. Took it back they said it was the sensor so that was replaced. I didn't really have a problem with it as I live very close to work (about 5 miles) until a few months later when I took it on the freeway to go about 35 miles. After about 20 - 25 miles I could smell coolant and sure enough it was overheating. I took it back to the dealership they kept it for 3 days and said it just never overheated on them. That if they could not recreate the problem they could not diagnose or fix. This occured again a month or two later. I even started taking pictures on my cell to show them the temp gage all the way over to the right. So I put up with this and then in the summer with the air on I only went 2 -3 miles and it again over heated. I took it back to have it looked at. They ended up replacing the sensor that tells the fan when to turn on which was not a warranty covered item. Now I can go a little further before it overheats but still think it should not have this issue at all. I am probably going to take the car elsewhere. Anyone else have similar issue? Suggestions?
  • czifropaczifropa Posts: 1
    cooling fan not working , it's about 7 months old , any suggestions on things to check for. checked fuse boxs and all looks well
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