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Lexus RX 350 Navigation System

honmds1honmds1 Posts: 1
We just leased an RX350 with navigation. The navigation system doesn't seem to operate the same way all the time. Furthermore, it actually seems to malfunction much of the time. Destinations do not always delete. Other functions also do not operate as per the book. Does anyone have any experience with this? The dealer is of no help. They don't understand the system.


  • s550iwishs550iwish Posts: 28
    i have the rx 350 w/ nav. and everything works fine except the bluetooth thing doesnt always pick up my phone signal.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    I have had my RX350 for over 10,000 miles and it took a month or two to comfortably learn all of the Nav system's functions. The main complaint I have is that once the vehicle is moving, about 95% of the touch screen inputs are disabled - they only work when you come to a stop. The alternative is to use voice commands, but these are misunderstood nearly half the time. The Destination delete function requires at least three separate screen touches: Press Route button, then select Delete, then confirm with a Yes. So make sure you are following the correct procedure. I have seen one rare problem that occurs about once every two or three months - the GPS satellite loses track of the vehicle! I'll look down at the screen and it will show me driving through the middle of a forrest or in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay (I live in Maryland, USA). This problem has always self-corrected in about 30 minutes, and I haven't addressed the issue with a dealer yet. My advice is to read the Navigation Guide (the complete manual, not just the quick start guide) while sitting in the vehicle in your driveway to become very familiar with all features. If something does not work properly, write down the steps you followed and how the system responded and give this detail to the dealer. If they don't help - contact a new Lexus dealer. Good luck!
  • kutrakutra Posts: 8
    I have been driving my RX350 for over a year now (7500 miles) and have started noticing GPS problems recently. The GPS just loses track of the vehicle...this happened for 2-3 days and then it self-corrected for 1 day. It's lost track again for the last 3 days.

    Do I need to take it to a dealer?

  • I have a 400h with the 4th gen nav system. Is their anyway to upgrade it to the new version?
  • khal80khal80 Posts: 9
    anyone recommend a good screen protector for the navigation screen?

    This is for a '08 rx350
  • rich18944rich18944 Posts: 14
    There is an override that allows you to use the navigation system while moving. It works on my 05 RX330. Not sure about the RX350. Go to the RX330 forum and search for post #3734.

  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Please take your vehicle to your Lexus dealer and inquire about TSIB EL013-06. Their is a fix to resolve the issue you are experiencing.
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 36
    I tried this override on my 07 RX350, and it didn't work. If anyone has the override instructions on how to do this on an RX350, it would be appreciated.

  • 831cruzer831cruzer Posts: 7
    I have the 2007 RX350. My car was sitting outside for an afternoon. I got in and tried to use the navigation system. It 'froze' on the initial disclaimer screen where you must touch the 'I agree'. The 'I agree' was blacked out and the screen would not move. After going down the road about 5 minutes the navigation came to life on it's own. Anyone have similiar experiences?
  • I was pissed about the lack of an override (Lexus has had it since 2000) so I started . Our efforts are to get the Override restored, or get a mass trade-in to another manufacturer. You can register and get updates on the Override situation for 2007 owners there.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    You better go to your Lexus dealership and have them check the touch-screen diagnostics for the navigation system to verify what component is malfunctioning. What you are experiencing is abnormal.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    The DVD map disc updates will only improve the mapping and businesses information. No improvements to the operation system will be realized.
  • env_engrenv_engr Posts: 12
    Hi :

    I just purchased 2008 RX 350 and wondering if the owners get to receive a navigation DVD disc with maps, just in case if the system fails and a re-load is necessary? or the dealer holds the DVD and we will have to take the car to him in such case?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • mlrussomlrusso Posts: 4
    I had the same question at the time of my SUV purchase (I also own 2008 RX350). I was told that you should go to a Lexus dealer every 2-3 years for the Navigation System software updates/upgrades. They said it doesn't make sense to do it more often. In the navigation system menu look for the software version - and call the dealer to see if they have a newer version.
    Any navigation system malfunctions will be taken care of by a Lexus dealer as well.
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    MLRusso - I noticed on another posting you were looking for good prices in the Atlanta/Georgia area. Did you purchase your RX in the Atlanta market? If so, would you mind sharing the details of your deal and which dealership you used? I'm in the process of getting initial quotes on a special order AWD - (we want the factory dvd, but not the ML stereo system so it has to be special ordered.) I'd appreciate any feedback on dealerships you may have.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,955
    I see you've found the Prices Paid discussions. Also check out Dealer Ratings and Reviews - it's only been around a short while but maybe there's some Atlanta reviews up by now. And please make mental notes and review your dealer experience when you buy.

    Thanks and have fun shopping!
  • You can buy the unlock code to unlock the navigation while the car is moving. check out ebay! :) There is a brief series of steps to go through and unlock it and it is no longer disabled and u can use anytime!!!
  • Is there a list of numbers from the maker, etc. that tell me what navigation generation my unit is. I am buying one off ebay to put into my vehicle and need to be sure it is a generation 4 to match the computer brain and vehicle? the seller cannot confirm and offered the part numbers, etc. to check. Does anyone know a site or do I have to ask a dealer?
  • First timer to a forum page, IM a delivery specialist at a Lexus dealer in Chicago, I give the orientation on all Navi and Non navi vehicles. I however have never used or explained how to used Speed Tone feature in the bluetooth system. I have customer who would like to set his voice mail number plus the passcode all in one sequence, but do not no how to assist. Thanks
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