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Lexus RX 350 Navigation System



  • Hi,

    I'm going to import to Belarus '08 RX350 from U.S (navy equipped). Local dealer told me it is impossible to load Bearus/Europe maps, so Navy become useless Lat/Lon display. Does anyone know any trick where I can buy the maps (any resolution is accepted) and load it into my lexus?

  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    Hey guys, i am currently looking to buy a CPO RX either 330 or 350 with the NAV and i noticed that in some of the pics ive seen with the NAV screen at the part where you hit AGREE to start, some screens have the option for English, French and other have English,French and Spanish which is good because this will be for my parents who want NAVI but would be lost if it was in English.
    So my question is, is the NAV with the Spanish option a new version? And if i was to get a RX that did not offer the Spanish option could i upgrade or update the system to where it will offer that Spanish option?

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Oh and btw, all the second generation RX's with NAVi have the back up camera, correct?
  • hi, planning on buying rx350 2009. can i access the nav buttons while driving or does it have to be voice activated...thnx
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    If you purchase an override from Prestigious society then yes you can use the navi while driving. You have to press a button and boom the nav and other locked out features can be used while driving.
  • 2010 RX350, Premium and Comfort Package. No DVD Entertainment

    I purchased the override from Prestigious Society after several emails to Mike about my concerns. I received the kit about 4 days after payment and installed it yesterday with help of a friend who is pretty good at this kind of stuff in his spare time. I took the family to luch as payment to him.

    The instructions are spot on, everything you need to ask is right there for you. It was a breeeze to do. For a very expensive car, the whole thing is made out of plastic on the inside, but that's another post.

    One note to anyone doing this: When you get to the part of connecting the harness to the back of the Nav unit, there are 2 harnesses on the unit. The top harness won't fit with on the override. You'll have to connect it to the 2nd harness beneath the top harness in the back. Instructions only mention one harness and it appears to be the top harness and that one is the wrong one. You'll have to undo it to get to the second one, but it's easy.

    The total installation time including driving around and testing it before securing all the panels took 3 hours. The next time around, even I would be albe to do it in about an hour. It's the "see one-do one" approach.

    It helps to have small hands and a limber back as you will need to invert to get the screws out of the radio.

    How it works: There are 2 modes:
    1) Auto Mode: It's default state every time you start the vehicle is just as the factory installed it. All grayed options remain gray when in motion. There's a switch that you can place anywhere. I have mine next to the steering wheel. Pressing the Navi button on the switch once while stopped or in motion gives you access to everything immediately. This access lasts for 5 minutes...enough for you to input your information or make a call. At the end of the 5 minutes, the icons will gray out and go back to factory defaults. You can repeat this as many times as you wish. When using the override mode so all icons are available, you will not be able to track your movement on the Nav map screen. Don't get bummed at this. Remember that the reason you're pressing the button in the first place is to do something that isn't on the map in the first place. Pressing the switch before the 5 minutes is up will gray out the buttons and also allow you to resume real time tracking on the map.

    2) Manual Mode: Manual mode allows functionality to all the grayed out features.

    The price was $299. I thought it was a great deal and would reccommend it to anyone even remotely annoyed with the default limitations. I've driven the RX for about 4 hours yesterday and 4 hours today and love it. It's allready made my life much better and I feel like I've just bought another new Lexus.

    Now I have my navigation and phone back...just the way it was in the dealer showroom. This kit works exactly how your car works in PARK mode. Mark at Prestigious Society was very helpful and courteous as I had several pre purchase emails that he answered quickly and informatively. I called Mark 2 times during the install and he was very helpful and answered all my questions. Excellent customer service and friendly too. It's great being able to input information while the vehicle is in motion. Now my wife can use this while I am driving. Stopping is now such "old school". This is by far the best purchase that I've ever made for any car that I've ever owned. I was really hating my Lexus till Prestigious Society came around. Now I am a very happy driver.
  • go99go99 Posts: 5
    How come the nav system on the Lexus does not call out street names? The names are listed on the screen but all you get is turn left or turn right.
    Kind of deminishes the value of the nav system a little.
  • Will the NAV work without subscribing to XM radio after the 90 day free trial?

  • go99go99 Posts: 5
    Yes it will. They are not bundled together.
  • Wow. If that's true that the Nav doesn't call out the names, then that really s_ _ _ ks.
    I'm considering a RX 350, but that could be a deal breaker. My little 300 dollar Nuvi calls the names. All that money for their Nav and it's not as good as a 300 Dollar Nuvi. Are you sure????? Anybody else out there have the same issue or is it just his????
  • go99go99 Posts: 5
    Sorry but that is the way it is. That's why Garmin is going to stay around for a while. It tells you "turn ahead in appox. one half mile" and then chirps once when you are close and twice when you should be turning. The street name is displayed on the unit but not voice recognized. The display screen changes to a close up but again, no names are called out.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 375
    Wow! I did not know this fact when I purchased my 2010 RX350 last month. All I can say is that I am so very glad that I did not get the navigation. I was going to, but then decided against it because the effective cost of the in-dash navigation system is about $5k when you add all the other stuff (comfort pacakge, etc.) Lexus forces you to buy in order to get the navigation. $5k for a navigation system that does not even say street names? :confuse: Give me a break!
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 78
    Buy yourself a portable gps with portable dash mount and put in the cutout on the 2010 rx. I bought a tom tom XL340s for $150 and portable dash mount for $22. Works really good.
  • shukhmanshukhman Posts: 4
    hey, anyone knows how to install the nav. dvd in 2007 rx 350?
  • My dealer tells me they will sell me a new disk for $169 and I can install it myself. Where is the unit and do I simply remove the old disk and put in the new one? I understand it is not in the dash but somewhere in the back of the car. Thanks.
  • For the 2009 RX350, you want to get into were the tools are for roadside. This is in second half compartment in rear cargo area. Once you lift cover, get flash light and on right hand side you will see access door that you can remove. pull panel off and you will see eject buton on face of the drive. eject and install new disc. Do this while car is running or in auxilary position
  • Thanks for the instruction. The instructions say to disengage the two clips and the remove front console box cover? I thought the unit holding the disk was in the rear cargo area. Is the remote operation controller in the rear cargo area? I am confused.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    I am not familiar with the 2nd generation of the RX350.

    Here's the instructions I found on Club Lexus:
    "The nav dvd reader is in the back cargo area under the tool tray. raise the carpet, pull out the plastic pins holding the tray in place, pull the tire tool tray out and the navi is right out in the open underneath. push the eject button to get the old disk out and just feed in the new dvd like you would any other machine. "
  • The drive that holds the DVD is locating in rear. No clips to be removed, no carpet removed. The drive is in the same compartment as the jack and roadside tools. The only thing that needs to be removed is the drive door cover and you pull off with fingers. Once door is removed, there is a slide lever on face of drive (left side on top of drive) that will eject disk. Have a led light handy for this part.
  • jacks2jacks2 Posts: 45
    Traded my 2010 RX350 for a2012 and noticed the Navigation seems to be a lower resolution. Any comments welcomed.
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