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'94-'96 Impala SS



  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Some guy put SS badges on an Impala LS and installed dual exhaust. What a desecration.

  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250

    Here's the site with the SS badged Impala LS:

  • Just came across this site and start to wonder. There seem to be people out there that consider the early 90's re-badged Caprice a sports car/ performance car. Just makes me wonder. I just sold my 94 LT1 powered Caprice/Impalla and would not dare to ever have called it sporty. Yes, it was powerful, yeas it was great for long distance travelling (I took it several times from Northern Wisconsin to California, but boy was it a dog as soon as the roads started to get curvy or the surface was a little bumpy (jumping and wallowing all over the place, even my after market air shocks did not help much). The car was meant to be a police cruiser and it never lost that feeling (color, badges, a powerful,great engine, and fat tires do not make a sport car ). If I want to drive sporty, I take my 1972 Triumph TR6, and if I want performance, I take my 1985 Porsche 911. And don't come me with modifications arguments (I think that I was modifying cars before many of you left their diapers behind), you can do only so much to a given concept and that's it! It is a Caprice and will always be one, not better or worth than the present Impalla, just different. and for those who think that you need rear wheel drive for performance, sit still, listen and learn! Just look at the rally results of the different Audis, yes there are some with AWD, but others have only FWD.

    That's it for today, and I recommend that you appreciate the great cars that you have and not try to talk down to the owners of other cars. They might have a very good reason that they like their cars!
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    I agree with you 100%. The '92 Caprice Classic wagon I test-drove recently was indeed a dog as soon as I put a long, winding road in front of it. My '93 Volvo 850 sedan could easily outhandle and out-brake any Caprice, no questions asked.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,849
    ...there's going to be a big difference between a '92 Caprice wagon and an Impala SS. For one thing, about 75 less hp, and 300-400 lb more weight! Then theres the tires, suspension tuning, and all that other fun stuff. I mean, I could tell a big difference in handling just between a base '94 Caprice with a 4.3 V-8 and a '96 Caprice with the LT-1 350! Not only did it accelerate better, but it handled a lot better, too. I can't remember what mechanical differences there are between the Caprice LT-1 and the Impala SS though. Maybe wider rims, lower-profile tires, thicker sway bars, etc?

    I had a friend whose dad had (maybe still has? This was years ago) a TR-6 from the early '70's. That thing was a dog. Now maybe his was ragged out or something, but the few times I rode in it, if felt like it was going to tip because it was so narrow, lost traction too easily, and just didn't feel all that fast.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,405
    Well all you had for the US was a smog-strangled 104 HP 6-cylinder engine. In Britain, they had over 150HP and were a lot faster. The chassis was also typical primitive British sportscar of the period. You have to remember that the British auto industry was dying a slow death at this time.


  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    Basically the 1991-96 B-bodies were glorified versions of the original '77 version, right?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    jrosasmc... The '94-'96 Impala SS really is a different beast. More than just the sum of the parts differences or styling differences. Just drive an SS and a non-SS from the same year back-to-back and you'll see what I mean.
  • dbuckdbuck Posts: 2
    I recently bought a '96 Impala SS with 36K miles. I am very pleased with the car and DO consider it sporty. It accelerates, brakes and corners very well for a car weighing just over 4K pounds. I am amazed at how quickly low mileage '96 Impalas are being snatched up. I had two appointments to look at privately owned '96 models and both cars were sold before I could travel to view them.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,849
    ...I drove two Caprices: a '94 with the 4.3 V-8, and a '96 with the LT-1 350. The '94 was nothing to brag about, but I was really impressed with the '96. One thing that I've heard (but don't know if it's true or not), was that GM actually designed the Roadmaster and Fleetwood to handle better than the Caprices. The SS was still above any of them, but I just think it's interesting that GM would put more effort into the Roadmaster/Fleetwood, considering the average type of buyer that would go for those cars!
  • dhyde1dhyde1 Posts: 2
    I bought this car new and I really like it. I was wondering if anybody has had problems with the driver's seat? I had to replace my seat twice because of a spring on the left side of the seat that polks though.
    I had to change the water pump too at 63,800 miles. and the brakes twice. other than that it's a good car.

    Gold Wheels Tampa FL.
  • KThomp100KThomp100 Posts: 62
    Just bought a 96 Impala SS with only 14K on it. I flew down from Seattle to Bay area to look at it and it looks like it came off the showroom floor. I'll be picking it up in two weeks and driving it back to Seattle. Black with every option and only 1 owner. Paid $22,000 for it and can't wait to drive it. I am acutally selling my 99 Lexus GS 300 as my daily driver for this car! Just wanted to share in the excitement! Been reading the posts on here so I might know what to expect but this owner has already done the rear diff gasket change and been a perfectionist about the maintenance including flushing the radiator. Hopefully I will have many happy miles of driving in this classic. I was not really thrilled with the stock CD sound system and will probably try adding just an "amp" as I want to keep the stock head unit and I understand the speakers are actually pretty good but need more power behind them. ANy and all comments on the car or what I should keep an eye on would be appreciated.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    Just for the heck of it, I once went head-to-head with a '96 Impala SS while I was driving my '93 Mercury Villager on the freeway. Of course, it was a foolish thing to do, trying to put a minivan against a powerful full-size car.
  • davied99davied99 Posts: 16
    What was the original base price of the '94-'96 Impala SS? There's a dealer here in the DC area that (2-3 weeks ago) had 2 1996 editions, and listed them for $23,000. I was shocked that a 6 year old car could command that much without having a "BMW" on the front. Did they start at $40k or thereabouts? What did the Caprise start at?
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,849
    ...but I think most Impala SS models ran around $25,000 or so. I'd guess the Caprice started at around $19K for the base model, and maybe $21-22K for the LS? Just wild guesses here.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    According to the Standard Catalog of Chevrolet: 1912-1998, here are the prices for '96:

    Caprice Classic sedan: $19,905
    Caprice Classic wagon: $22,405
    Impala SS sedan: $24,505
    No LS trim was offered starting in '95

    Here's something weird that I discovered during my research: The catalog states that only 485 Caprice wagons were built in calendar-year 1996. If that's true, then that's one rare puppy right there.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    davied99... My dark cherry metallic '96 SS, which I bought May '96, had an MSRP of $25,600. It had all three available options (there were only 3). Think those were in-dash single CD, reflective windshield, and a Preferred Option Package. Total of the options was around $600. Believe the '94s started out around $23,000. Prices rose each year. There was at least one price increase in MY '96 after I bought mine. Believe base price rose about $600.

    When I sold mine, 11/30/01, she had 26,000 original miles. Traded her in for a '98 BMW 540i6. I got $18,000 for her. This was the first Impala SS for the dealership. They were shocked at how high the NADA pricing info was. But there is high demand. They had no trouble selling it. Sold it to a Chevy dealer, probably for a customer.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,405
    Supply and demand, that's what drives the price. Which is why the Caprice wagon, though rare, isn't worth much, because nobody cares that it's rare.


  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    Have you ever driven a '91-'96 Caprice wagon?
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