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GMC Yukon Radio, Stereo, iPod, XM Sirius Questions



  • rkg1rkg1 Posts: 13
    2003 Yukon XL w/ XM Radio

    Does anyone know how to get the song information to display when listening to XM Radio? We were told that you can access the Name of the Song or Artist, etc. when listening to XM, but we don't know if this is true or how to do it.

  • Try going to PAC audio , I think it's (Pacific Audio Company) and they would probably have the adapter for you, they have them all.
  • New member here, HI

    I just decided to treat myself to a 2003 Yukon XL SLT, very rare here in the UK
    I am prepared to order from the US for my install, but obviously I want to get it right 1st time

    Mine is a 2003 SLT, I am told it has a BOSE system, the speakers say BOSE on them but the headunit doesn't. The headunit has Delco part No. 15184935 on the side, is that BOSE?

    OK, here is my plan, the way I see it I have 2 options.
    Preferred Option 1:
    Below the regular headunit in the centre console there is a space which has a single DIN opening which tapers off towards the back. I thought I could add a DVD 7 inch flip up screen here and feed the audio to the aux of the headunit.
    Upon looking at the rear of the headunit today I see I will need an adapter like this maybe

    Option 2:
    I replace the headunit for a double DIN in dash screen.
    This brings up a whole load of issues with the BOSE amp and speakers already installed and also the onboard bongs etc.
    Also the wife doesnt like the way the headunit points towards the driver and she cant see the screen properly, to I guess if I did it this way it might need a 2nd screen anyway

    Soooo, can anyone advise the best route here, am I missing something which make this job easier or harder?
    Thanks in advance
  • neicey59neicey59 Posts: 47
    When we purchased our 2007 Yukon SLT it supposidly came with XM, each time we push the button it tells us it's not there. Some say we need to activate XM, some say we need to have XM installed as the vehicle is only XM ready". The Dealership says "XM ready, and wants to sell us $1,000 in components in order for us to have XM.

    Help - which is right?
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    I could be wrong, but I would press that blue OnStar button and ask them to tell you what you have as far as if your SLT is XM ready, or if you need additional equipment... From there, assuming that your SLT is XM Ready, the OnStar Customer Support can even help you to set-up/activate the XM account; yeah, they will likely need your credit card number...
  • You can add a new head unit to a bose system. They make loads of adapters... It should not be a big deal.
  • hey guys im new to the site but i don have a bit of knowledge when it comes to these trucks.... i have a a 03 denali and oddly enough i just did my install this weekend i mean full set up kenwwod double din 2 12's kickers custom box kicker mono block wit bass nob i mean its clean and honestly i wouldnt go thru then hassle of a secondary unit on the bottom console.its a simple headache but a headache non the less... look into the "axxess gmos-04" its the bose interface plug and play unit its super simple to install and its going to save the integrity of the sick bose system the truck comes with stock theyre plastered all over ebay @ a fair price from $50-$100 ... is my email if you need any more info :shades:
  • Truly the Bose system you have is one of the "sickest" factory systems out there ala limited. Your factory head is a Bose BTW.The easy way would be to use GMOS-04 and aftermarket HU to retain warning chimes etc, and/or Onstar(is that available in UK?). If you are a discriminating listener like me you will find some limitations to the speakers and output with any capable aftermarket HU and in time will get tired of it.
    My plan at this point is to do a total install of amps, Speakers and subs with complete rewiring so you have total control over outcome. Many installers have stated some problems tying into factory wiring. If you go with a screen HU the angle is not going to change so put a visor mount for the wife or TOmTOm so she can navigate. Also my wife has an iphone and the nav functions are pretty choose. Good luck
  • i have recently been having problems with the yukon's cd player. The message "err" is displayed when I try to play a cd and i havent been able to find out what causes this problem or how to fix it. Any information on this problem would be great.
  • wileycwileyc Posts: 3
    2004 GMC Yukon Denali.
    No nav screen, just single/multiple cd/tape and radio.
    The manual says that once the DVD is playing there should be a DVD symbol on the radio, then I should select the DVD as audio source by pressing TAPE/DISC until DVD is highlighted, or choose DVD from using the SOURCE button. But the DVD symbol never shows up even while the DVD is playing, and DVD is not an option under SOURCE or TAPE/DISC.
    Either I'm just doing something wrong, or there is a problem.
    Also might be after market DVD, with missing head phones.
    Cannot select DVD audio from rear entertainment center either.
    Did this model come with a DVD player?
    If so, how do we listen to it? It plays the movie, but cannot access sound.
    Please help!
  • I am having the exact same problem with my 03. Headphones work but no sound through rear speakers. Shows the headphone icon on the front head unit (factory) so I'm thinking it's always trying to play through the headphones instead of the speakers? Anyway to turn the headphones off or what? I have only had the Denali a week or so and it would be nice to have some sound coming from the back as well! If you figure out a fix be sure to let me know and I'll do the same!
  • YettiYetti Posts: 1
    What do I need in order to play an iPod in a 2007 Yukon?
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 431

    (Just kidding! :P )

    Things may have changed with the new 2007 head unit, but I looked into this for my 2005, and there is an adapter for sale that will work with the factory system. Apparently you connect this thing to the back of the factory radio, and when you push the CD/AUX button it will switch between those inputs. Total cost, installed, was about $150 at a little cell phone/car audio shop I just happened to visit. They would run the USB cable through the dash somewhere, they said most likely into the glove box, but I suppose they could put in in the center console or anywhere else. Again, it may be different for 2007+ models. If any of the buttons in your radio say Aux or CD/Aux, you'd probably be in luck. Just swing by some stereo shop and ask for their recommendation.
  • i have the nav/radio. Wen I push the little music symbol button I can choose four options....driver, rear, spacious, or normal. When i choose one, after I go to another station it goes back to driver. How do I get it to stay on rear for all stations. I think rear sounds the best.
  • I just purchased a used 2007 yukon with everything stock and my brother gave me an 15" infinity speaker with amp. I set up everything except for plugging in the remote and speaker wires in the back of the radio. Any suggestions on how to get the face plate off so I can get behind it. Also are there any specific tools or equipment I might need?
  • resarf65resarf65 Posts: 2
  • resarf65resarf65 Posts: 2
    I had to answer this myself, since no one on here ever answered. the answer is no I bought a radio from a 2008 yukon off ebay and it does not fit and the connections on the back are completely different.........
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I'm sorry no one was able to help out. Have you tried asking a GMC dealer?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • msbasscatmsbasscat Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Yukon /Denali, I need to know the approx. weight of the vehicle because my parking garage can't put more the 4000 lbs. on the elavator.
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