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Toyota Sequoia



  • Hi there,
    I have a 2002 Sequoia and at 37,000 miles the drivers side door handle cracked and then broke off. Now at 40,000 miles the passenger side door handle is cracked and will break off the next time some tries to use the door. This is frustrating for me as a Real Estate Agent. I have people in and out of the car often. I hate to have to tell them wait a second don't open that door! They then ask about the problem and I explain I have not had the time to go in and pay $110.00 for the repair. My first vehicle was a Toyota and have owned them ever since. This one issue has troubled me for many reasons including safety.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
  • My rear window does not roll down either with the key, remote or drivers switch. I can't find which circuit or relay controls this function. Anyone know?
  • I don't know but I had same problem wiht my rear window. Turned out it was the rear window regulator gone bad. Toyota dealer replaced it under warranty. Check the regulator first - located inside rear hatch. GOOD LUCK!
  • we have an 02 Sequoia. two of our inside handles have broken. both were replaced under warranty but I learned how to do it on my own and could do it if it happened again.
  • Mine did not work for a while much like yours, no matter what I did it would not move. I ended up giving the control button on the dash a few short rapps and it began working. Go figure!!
  • Hey sequoiasoon! Love your flag symbol! I'm new to this group but your post about getting the Sequoia Service Manual on CD on eBay really caught my eye. I have a 2000 Camry and got a Service Manual for it on eBay. It's great!

    I have an 02 Sequoia SR5 and want a Service Manual for it on CD too. Please get in touch with me. Thank you.
  • As I type, my 2002 Sequoia, 45K miles, is having the driver's side interior door handle replaced. I asked the service advisor if he's seen many, ha said a few, and added, "it's just plastic, you know." I've been told it's about a $30 part and and hour (aka $80) to replace, we'll see. If anyone hear's of a warranty or good will adjustment, pass it along. Thanks.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    I have been on this board since Dec 2000, and own an '01 SR5 2WD Sequoia I purchased Dec 12, 2000. This truck now has 62K miles. In its 4+ years of ownership, I have had to replace 2 things - the front brakes at 25K miles (TSB recall), and the radio head unit within 100 miles of ownership (warranty replacement). Other than basic wear and tear - tires (2X already), brakes (2X already), alignment and balancing (2X already), that has been it.... And this is the first year of production truck. We may have been lucky, seeing and reading that some of you seem to be having some recurring problems with yours. That is disturbing, and I hope that your dealership(s) helps sort all these issues out. My post is simply to show that there are other owners with much less worry or issues than others, even some of us owning the first year of production truck.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I agree with oac I have been around since 2001 when I bought me 2001 limited 2wd. This has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Other than my rear window not working for a while I have had no repairs other that regular maintaince (97,000 miles). Second set of tires, still have 15-20K left on them, three sets of brakes plus the TSB recall. Some problems were my own fault (leaving parking brake on whilw driving).
  • I've had my '01 4WD Seq since Feb 01. Only 40K miles, but 10% of that pulling a trailered drift boat, much of that off highway. My Seq has carried >10 tons of sand, gravel, and red landscaping rocks (~1,000 lbs at a time), several cu yds of manure (bagged!), and has been slept in on more than one occasion.

    The only brake work was new front calipers, etc as per the TSB @ 17K (never changed a pad, other than the TSB). I'm on my third front windshield (from rock chips off highway), I have rattled off the skid plate covering the front transfer case (warranty repair), rattled the front driverside window out of its carriage (warranty repair), and my kids pulled all the little plastic covers from the seat/seatbelt attachment points (there in a drawer somewhere).

    It been a great car... only wish it didn't eat so much gas... only 11-12mpg in town during the winter, but18-21(!)mpg when out on the road.
  • Can anyone please tell me if an all new Seq is going to be coming out for the 2007 model year? It seems about time for Toyota to replace the existing one, plus I know an all-new Tundra is going to be coming out pretty soon, so I figure since the Seq is based on the Tundra, it would be getting redesigned at the same time or shortly after?

    My father in law wants to get a large loaded 4x4 Toyota SUV to replace the his 03 Expedition that he has been extremely unhappy with (always in the shop) and was interested in the Seq. The invoice price with all the options and stuff he was looking at was around 44k, so I told him he might as well look at the Toyota Land Cruiser too since it comes almost completely loaded for 48k (again, invoice).

    Problem is that I've heard the LC is going to be replaced next year with that hideous "FJ Cruiser" thing which he (nor, IMO, anyone else who would have considered buying an LC in the past) would never consider that FJ Cruiser. And I'm thinking the Seq is only a year or two away from being redesigned from the ground up, so I'm trying to figure out if I should advise him to lay low and wait for the redesign?
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    Hi Threxx:

    The LC is smaller than the Seq, but more refined. It is also only a permanent 4x4, but the Seq 4x4 can be driven in RWD mode as well. Of course, the Seq has slightly more power than the LC, seats more people comfortably, and cheaper than the LC.

    If your father-in-law can indeed hold on for another couple of years, then he can wait for the MY2008 redo for the Seq. But methinks, its best to just go ahead and buy whatever he wants now, unless the pain of constant repairs on the Expy is manageable.

    Good luck

    ps: nice to read from other old timers here as well on their '01 history ....
  • Now that the end of the year is hear I am hoping to buy one of these 2 vehicles. I have a GMC right now and have had so many problems and it is less than 2 years old, I know it is going to hurt getting rid of it financially but.....Anyway just wondering what people think between these two SUV's. I have been hearing about people complaining on these forums about the Sequoias and it makes me think a little more, I know that Ford does not have the best reputation (I had a 96 windstar with MANY MANY problems though most of them did not show up for the 1st 3 years). I really like both vehicles, the expedition is definalty going to be better price especially with the discount program that is still going on. HOwever I hate to get a car that I am always going to wonder if it's going to have this or that wrong-especially after this GMC. Please advice on what you think? Are their any differences on gas mileage between the two? THx
  • I can't talk to you about the Sequoia, but I can tell you about the Expedition. First - if you go Expedition then expect to spend time in the shop. I ordered a brand new 04 loaded and had a few problems with it. The biggest (IMO) was the gas mileage. I bought it to use as a commuter around town. I didn't have high hopes for good gas mileage, but I expected better than single digit, which is where it was most of the time around town. Running mobil 1 super syn 0-W20 it would get ~18 on the highway under ideal conditions, but around town it was miserable - pathetic. 6-9 mpg is probably the range. You can expect the Sequoia to be better than this, but don't look for miracles (11-16 mpg). These are big, thirsty vehicles.

    Of the two, the Toyota will be the more reliable. Here is my list of problems with the Ford - Abysmal gas mileage (even for a vehicle this size), chattering plastic parts in the lift gate (fixed this myself), rear axle seals went out at 7000, tires (probably because they were so cheap) made the steering wheel shudder at highway speeds for the first several hundred miles.
  • The list of reasons my father in law wants to get rid of his 03 Expedition EB 4x4 is long. In the 2.5 years and 45k miles they've had it the A/C quit working in the middle of a summer road trip to a wedding in Alabama, the brake pads have been replaced twice and the rotors resurfaced each time as well (he's not easy on brakes but certainly not THAT hard), the driver's side window fell down inside the door and refused to come back up, the alternator has died once, the battery died twice, two power door locks have failed completely and one for some reason refuses to unlock with the keyless entry system but still works with the button inside the car, the radio quit working, and they've had issues with the rear DVD entertainment system. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten a couple of things, too. And then there's the constant absolute symphony of rattling plastic, but he doesn't really seem to notice or care about that for some reason.

    This guy has been loyal all his life to domestic trucks. Heck, he owns one of the largest residential contracting/construction in the areas - an industry that you see almost nothing but domestic trucks and SUVs, but he's ready to jump ship.

    His 04 Tahoe 4x4 LT has been much better - only a couple things have gone wrong with it, but one of those things was a sudden and complete failure of the brake booster on the highway going 70mph. Thank god it happened when he just wanted to slow down a bit and not when there was a traffic jam ahead or something or he very well might not be alive today! The brake pedal just went straight down to the floor where he still got a tiny bit of stopping power, but he was on the brake pedal all the way and from what he told me it barely stopped any faster than if he'd just let off the gas and coasted.

    My wife's 2005 4Runner Limited 4x2 V6 and her identical twin sister's identical (except for the paint color) 4Runner have been completely problem free. We've been averaging an impressive 22.5 mpg with about 60% city, 40% highway, too. Granted the two 4Runners are only a year old each and only have around 12k miles each right now, but I guess that's enough to get her dad to give them a shot.

    So I guess we'll see how his experience goes with a Seq or LC.
  • about these 2 vehicles. Thanks for the help with the other questions, after talking to some other people who have had Expeditions I truly don't think I am going to buy that car. So now my other question is curious on what other people would do between Sequoia and Honda Pilot in my situation. I have 3 kids 11 and under with 1 still in a booster seat, we also have a 90 lb labrador that goes with us on some vacations to the lake, snow etc. After hearing about gas mileage and we pay over 3.00 a gallon here in Calif I am just a tad bit nervous about getting another gas guzzler but with 3 kids I do not know about Pilot. Does anyone know gas mielage differences between these two? Now it is narrowed down to these two unless I completly go with a minivan-however I pretty much decided that I do not want to go down that route again unless I have to (had an Odyessy for 4 years). Thanks
  • The gas mileage between the Pilot and the Sequoia will be quite comparable around town. Some people on this board have reported 16 mpg around town with the Sequoia, but that is probably better than most will get. You are likely to see 12-14 with either vehicle around town. Highway mileage probably tilts to the Pilot simply because it is a little smaller and the aerodynamic profile favors it.

    The question you need to ask yourself is - how much is it worth in the long run for comfort? Your family will likely fit in either vehcile, but if you can afford either - then the choice is yours.
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    The Pilot is a completely different class of vehicle with a different purpose than the two full-sized SUV's.
    The gas mileage will be significantly better in a Pilot as it is lighter and has a V6, especially around town.
    I have had 2 Sequoias and they are gas guzzlers. But it sounds like in your case you need some serious space and the Pilot is small and the 3rd row seat is a bit of a joke. It is all about trade-offs and what works best for you.
    I just purchased a 2005 Limited expedition. The Sequoia was much more money for all of the features I wanted, the Expedition has a new and very powerful new engine and is a newer design but the killer feature for me were the power folding 3rd row seats after wrestling with pulling out my Sequoia seats on a regular basis.
    Even the second row seats fold truly flat.
    They have different personalities. The expedition is probably not quite as plush and solid feeling but handles better and is better on the highway. The turning radius is much better in the expedition- something I found frustrating in the Sequoia. It also seems a bit more high-tech with more features than the Sequoia.
    At the end of the day though I guess it came down to the fact that there was a huge difference between the expy limited and seq limited.
    A lot of the issues with the expy have been solved through tsb's as its now in its 3rd model year and the tsb list is just as long for the seq as it is for the expy.
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  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,021
    The product is guaranty to give you between 8-12% mpg, at the same time keep your engine inside very clean.

    It doesn't say that at all.

    Their web site says Up to 8-12% increase in fuel economy.

    That can mean zero, or even negative benefit.

    There's a slew of this stuff in Gas Saving Gizmos & Gadgets.

    Steve, Host

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