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Chevy Tahoe



  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I live in TX and definitely wanted 4 WD on my SUV. The primary reason is for boat launching. Boat ramps tend to be slick and in some cases dirt. 4 WD eliminates any concern or worry pulling the boat out. Definitely worth it for me.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    Launching a boat, lots of snow, operating off road or otherwise rough terrain are all perfectly good reasons for 4wd, however, most of the people I know spend more time at red lights than in 4wd. It snowed almost every weeks here last winter, but as a teacher, they called school off when it got real nasty, so I would have had fun in the snow either way. It seems most people use them as modern day status symbols... a little there guilty myself.
  • Agreed, we all spend more time at red lights than in four wheel drive. But if you live north of the George Washington Bridge or anywhere near I90 and want to go to work early, stay late, and go away on any given weekend in the winter four wheel/AWD sure helps.

    Of course, realistically, a set of fresh Blizzaks on a FWD car with traction control probably would do the same job!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
  • fkozilfkozil Posts: 65
    Has anyone tried the Sylvania Silverstar headlights? I'm curious to know if they are worth the extra money or are they just another gimick. If anyone has them or knows someone that does, please post!
  • I've got em in both high and low beams. Driving across Kansas at night, I like the high beams best. I'd buy them again if one burns out. Cost was I believe, $45/pair, plus a 10 dollar rebate per pair. I'm curious if anybody has upgraded the fog lamps as they're pretty lame.
  • gaf3gaf3 Posts: 4
    I installed them (low beams only) on my 2-month old Yukon. Definitely worth the investment. I really notice the increased brightness (however does not affect coverage, range, etc). Did not install highbeams though, as I hardly use them.

    Futher to richphillips above, I would be interested if they can be installed at all for the foglights (I believe they have a different bracket than the low and high beams).

    There is a discussion board on Edmunds (read only) under Lighting called Aftermarket headlights/bulbs (halogen, xenon, etc.) that includes many discussions about SilverStars, among others.
  • fkozilfkozil Posts: 65
    I appreciate your input about the headlamps. I just ordered a set for my Tahoe and my other car as well. Hope they are worth the investment.
    Thanks again.
  • andy1961andy1961 Posts: 32
    Any comments on owners with experience running E85 fuel, performance, mileage, etc.

  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
    overhead console housing for the rear AC controls, Homelink, map lights, etc. Anyone had this? My wife's brand-new '03 Tahoe LT was parked outside in a steady rain for about an hour. Must be a leak somewhere, or a plugged moonroof drain, or ______? Anyone know of a TSB for this, or had this fixed, so we can tell the service advisor where to check first?
  • Our 2000 Tahoe(no longer) had a small leak in the sunroof, however I've heard many complaints (1995-1999 body style) having leaking problems with rear air controls. Maybe the same problem. Sounds to me like it will not be an easy fix, the dealer may even know what the problem is and how to fix it.
  • famepotfamepot Posts: 2
    My 2003 Tahoo has about 9000 miles on it. At about 500 miles, I started to experience vibration in the accelerator pedal (very high pitch, causing a tingling in my foot). Dealer and GM said it was the new frame design. Then it was the exhaust system, and suggested adding weights to stabilize it. Then it was something called "pulse fire modulation" (whatever that is). Bottom line, is that they said it was normal and wouldn't fix it. So after a little investigation and about 7500 miles of driving, I discovered that the spring clip that clamps onto the arm at the pedal moves back and forth. I used the rule "If it doesn't move and its suppose to - WD40, if it moves and its not suppose to - duct tape." Since my problem was the latter, I used the duct tape. Guess what. Vibration is gone.

    Its kind of sad that the interface between the driver and the assembly that makes the vehicle move, is tensioned by a piece of wire with a hook on it. For 40k, you would think they could come up with a better solution.
  • yes famepot i would agree and sometimes i think the same about our Tahoe.
  • ianshawianshaw Posts: 119
    I took my 02 LT Tahoe in to see if my alignment was out. I have noticed that it seems to pull to the left (or more accurately, the steering wheel doesn't seem to be aligned perfectly - if it is straight, the truck wants to go left).

    Dealership said alignment was within specs. At my request, they re-checked and still found it within specs. However, service manager admitted that both front tires are becoming "scalloped" on the outside of both tires. This problem has surfaced within the last 5k-6k miles. In fact, it seems to have started at the point when I had new 03 Silverado wheels put on my Tahoe. They rotated the tires at the time they swapped out the rims. Ever since that time, I have noticed the problem.

    The tires are the standard 265/70 R16s. I do run the tires at the top tire pressure. However, I would think that would cause the middle of the tire to get wear (not the edges).

    Any suggestions? I think I remember people having tire wear problems with the older-model Tahoes - but is this a common problem with the new models? The dealership also mentioned that I could be getting a "radial pull." What does that mean? Will penicillin clear it up?
  • My 2000 Tahoe came with the same tires stock, not exactly the bet tires (putting it nicely) as far as im concerned, at 12,000 miles i had to replace the tires. Also Yes we had a 1996 Tahoe and that body style 1995-1999 had terrible steering, very lose and you were always moving the wheel, however i think Chevy REALLY improved in the new body style.
  • 03tahoe03tahoe Posts: 83
    On another site saw that the 2002 Service Manual tells service personnel to use this VDH to locate those nasty INTERMITTENT troubles. He said the GSA price is only $418.86. Any dealer worth spit should own at least a couple of these.
    One wonders why this item isn`t used more, in place of telling the customer "We can`t do anything since no trouble codes are set."
    Have read that several owners that had their engine shut down, while doing 75 mph on major highways, were simply advised that "We can do nothing since no trouble codes are set and the truck is working as designed right now."
  • duckobxduckobx Posts: 2
    I also have a new 2003 Tahoe, with only 1800 miles on it, that leaks water around the driver side sunvisor during a heavy rain. The vehicle is going into the Chevy dealership this Friday, for an appointment with a leak specialist. Not a small drip, but a steady stream of water that will last for a minute or so.
  • Wow a steady stream, mine is just a few drops in a very heavy rain or when i occasionally use the car wash. I expect a few drops, it's not going to be completely water tight but sounds like you have a real problem.
  • fkozilfkozil Posts: 65
    Radial pull is when the steel or radial belts inside the tire move or re-adjust causing a pulling condition. If the alignment specs are set properly and the new wheels from the silverado meet the specs for the truck, you may have a radial pull condition. The best way to tell is rotate the front tires to the rear. If the condition clears up, you probably have uneven radial belts causing the problem.
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