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Chevy Tahoe



  • For the third time in 9 mos my 00Yukons radio has had to be reset due to SEC message. Any body deal with service dept on this issue? Intermittents can be a bear to deal with. Just a nuisance.
  • I had my 3/4 in for cluncking while towing after it got hot. 200 degrees. They reprogramed and recalibrated. Now shifts hard between 3rd and 4th but seems to be getting better. I think it is re-learing itself. Been 4 days. I havnt towed again yet. Dont have the ice breaker on my boat.
  • selmanselman Posts: 17
    I was told by the service department that some oil consumption problems in the 5.3L motors were due to bad PCV valves. Seemed that the problem was pretty pronounced, over a quart per thousand miles without towing a load. Don't know if this will help but thought I'd pass it on.
  • Had both of mine done about 2 months ago, still ok. Mine were also replaced with the same part #'s so I won't hold my breath.

    Cliff, the rear AC drain is next to the AC lines going into the rear evap, Its a short black hose.
  • Has anyone had experience with the MPC hood protector? After getting my first dime size ding and paint chip on the very front of my hood, I realize I do need one of these things. I really don't care for the way they look, but this MPC protector that I found at is one of the better looking ones. I know I have read many posts about some vibration, wiper issues after installing a hood protector . . . Thanks.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    had my silverados tranny updated and it shifts much nicer now.

    Also how much are dealerships charging you guys to do an update on tire size. They want to charge me $72 to go from a 265 to a 285. Kinda pricey u think?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    not too many options on the reprogramming unless you buy a tech2 unit for $3000.
  • ledled Posts: 4
    My Suburban has 20K and the rear windows failed some time ago. I had them replaced. About a month later they failed again. They were replaced about three months ago and have been perfect ever since. I believe the part (Window motor) was redesigned and now the problem has been solved.
  • 1) SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT went on. I heard some ticking sound under the hood on the left side looking at the engine. It also vibrates unevenly. I can only get in to the dealer on Friday.

    2) TRANSMISSION SHIFTING is getting worse again, mainly between 1st & 2nd gear, downshifting and upshifting. I'm NOT impressed with GM's trannies at all. It catches and "double-bumps" if that makes sense.

    3) FRONT END STEERING/SUSPENSION still pops when turning, although not as bad as before and not as frequent when they tightened all the cross members.

    4) FOG LIGHT/REAR WIPERS conflict like CW pointed out. If they can fix this, I'll get it done.

    5) SAFETY RECALL arrived the other day for missing rear wheelhouse plugs. I guess some people have been getting gassed from the exhaust somehow.

    6) INTERIOR DRIVER'S SEAT has been crunching/popping when I lean back in it or accelerate. They were going to check this from last time, but they wanted to wait until I came back the next time to get the water leak problem solved. This started ever since the other dealer "fixed" the driver's side side-impact airbag sensor.

    7) LIFTGATE WATER LEAK is still pending. I'm waiting for them to get the back-ordered weather-stripping in.

    8) COMPUTER UPDATES...have them check once again.

    So...this should be fun! ;) We'll see what happens. Let's visit number 4! Yippie!

  • Well, I made the plunge. I just got my Hypertech Power Programmer III and PowerStat160 via UPS. I got both for $331 with shipping and no tax on E-BAY! Not bad since they both usually cost anywhere from $350-$400 together new. Some guy close to me here in CA was selling his 2000 GMC Sierra for something with better fuel economy since he got a new job. The PowerStat was never installed, and the Hypertech was used only once. The only downside is that the darn thing wont install because I got computer updates already...I think. I have to call Hypertech up and arrange a free reprogramming of the unit to take into consideration GM's alterations.

    Anybody get a Hypertech and install it yet? You like it? Notice any improvement? If you have, could you confirm that the part #'s are 30003 for the 5.3L unit and 1014 for the PowerStat?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    for the particular HP units. Another reason that the programmer won't work is if the previous user did not return the programming back to stock on his truck as the unit can be used on only one vehicle at a time.

    Be sure to get a Return Authorization Number from HP before shippin it back. The turn around time is usually about 5 days from the time you send it and the time you get it back.
  • Over the last week (since the temp has dropped), whenever we start our Tahoe the outside temp display in the rear view mirror alternates between "ICE" and the outside temp for about 5 minutes.

    It has displayed this when the temp is as high as 35F - as expected there is NOTHING in the owner's manual about this feature.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
  • jdh8jdh8 Posts: 9
    yes... i've noticed this... it comes on when the outside temp is cold enough that there might be ice on the road.

    apparently gm thought we were too stupid to tell when it is cold enough that the roads could be icy.
  • The display will show ICE when the sensor detects a possible condition for ice to form. It should flash between the temperature and ICE for a short time then return to a steady temperature reading. It's perfectly normal, just a warning to the driver that it's cold enough for ice to form.

    FIGOMAN: I can turn the wheels lock to lock and the steering wheel won't lock into any position...weird.

    ROCKO7: thanks for the info on the CD changer.

  • The Hypertech website says that the Power Programmer III can only be used with the first vehicle it is connected to. It cannot be subsequently used with another vehicle, if I understand what they are saying. If you had three Suburbans I guess you'd need three Hypertech programmers. This might explain the trouble you are having with the unit originally used with the Silverado.
  • Is that with the key removed? If so something is wrong. Mike
  • Peter, you should have kept the wood shipping crate so you could ship it back :c( Mike
  • Yeah....with the key out...can turn the steering wheel and it doesn't lock at any position at all. Not a very secure thing (not that it stops anyone from stealing a car anyway).

  • selmanselman Posts: 17
    You can use the programmer on multiple vehicles, but you can only have one vehicle at a time reprogrammed. You MUST use the Hypertech unit to return the original vechicle back to it's original programming before you can use the unit on another vehicle. No matter what your current programming is, the programmer will save off the current settings prior to reprogramming. I would contact the guy you bought it from. The T-stat is cheap, he may have just made most of his money back and thrown in the T-stat to make it look more legit.
    Hope this isn't the case.
    Good Luck,
  • Mine locks with the key out withing a short distance, just like every other car. Sounds like the lock pin isnt extracting or is broken.
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