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Chevy Tahoe



  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    I would go with the 5.3 as well. I have 5.3 in my Tahoe and 4.8L in my Silverado. The Silverado felt adequate until I recently upgraded tires (265/75's which is the stock size on some silverados) and with the 3.73 gears it feels a bit overwhelmed on the highway. Any decent hill requires a downshift to maintain speed. I'm not seeing a difference in mpg between the two either. The 5.3L will hold its value better also. I would have never bought this truck with the 4.8L new, but I picked it up slightly used and tremendously cheaper than a new one. I can basically drive it two years and likely get all my money back. I'll put up with it's "issues" and less than stellar power for that!
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    If you live in a hilly area I'd go with the 5.3. I also have had both in X-cab pickups and love the additional torque of the 5.3, but the 4.8 is very impressive. You will notice it on hills as well as towing though.
  • The information that you all have given is very helpful. Probably getting the 5.3 with a taller rear end ratio would be the way to get the best combination of power and fuel economy. I wonder if trucks/suvs equipped with the bigger engine get heavier duty cooling and electrical systems. Thanks again for your replies.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I had a 98 EXP.with the bigger engine. Really liked it but hated the gas milage...11-12 around town. I consistently get 15+mpg city driving. I don't know how they do it or maybe why Ford can't. I have a 2wd '04 with the 5.3 and the standard axle. IMHO Ford does better with interiors, but Chevy has more power and much better milage. Hum? Love my Tahoe.
  • I live in the Vancouver BC area, and have always driven in what little ice and snow that we get, with 2WD. I am about to order an "05 Tahoe, and would like some feedback from some 2WD owners.

    Is the traction decent when the going gets slippery? Do you have traction assist, and if so, does it work well.

    I never off-road, and actually plan to lower it, so don't really want to order 4WD, if only for re-sale value.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    I had a 03 LT 2wd (Without the Limited slip) It was atrocious in winter weather! It would not move on flat terrain if ice or snow were present. Make sure you get the limited slip option if you get the 2WD version. I recently upgraded, and eventhough I live in the SE USA, I got the Z-71 package. It was my biggest dissappointment in the 03 LT. Good luck
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I live in Texas and got 4 WD so that I would not have problems on slippery or unpaved boat ramps like I have had in the past. I would absolutely do it again. If I lived in areas with a reasonable amount of snow, I would definitelt get 4 WD. There is no substitute.
  • Does anybody know whether the navigation system used in the Tahoe has 1 or 6 CD capacity?
    From the description I read, it appears to be a single CD unit, which seems to me to be a fairly primitve system compared with comparably priced trucks offering 6 in dash CD with navigation.

    If this is a single CD unit, can the CD be played while the navigation system is in use?
    What other limitations does it have?
  • I have a 2001 Tahoe LT. If I turn the temperature to 82 it's "cool". If I turn it all the way (red indicator) it's way "HOT". What's up with that? Bad design?
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Sounds like a climate control problem. Mine doesn't do that. It varies based on the temperature in the car.
  • lance1lance1 Posts: 3
    Just bought a brand-new 2004 Tahoe this weekend and already its acting bad. When I come to a stop, the back makes a soft raddle/gurgle noise. It sounds like its got air burping out of the gas tank or something. It makes the same noise when I slightly accelerate.
    Is this a new car thing, or a lemon?
  • lance1lance1 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 with 180 miles with the same problem. Has the rumbling come back for you? Any other info. you can share. Do you happen to know the TSB?
  • The NAV system, near as I can tell is a 1 disc system for either 1 CD or the DVD navigation disc.

    You can get the 6 disc CD changer at the same time (mounts lower on the console) so you can have NAV and CD music at the same time.

    The 6 disc CD changer in these trucks as always been a separate unit AFAIK.
  • wdogwdog Posts: 21
    Getting both, at least as a factory order, is news to me. Chevy support wrote that you can't use CD if you put the Nav DVD in. Ordering the Nav gives you either a single CD or DVD navigation system. You lose the 6CD system. No one mentioned that you can have both 6CD and Nav.

    However, you can play a CD via the rear DVD. Don't know if it will play while the Nav is on. I just ordered a Z71 '05 so equipped. Expect delivery end of November.
  • lance1lance1 Posts: 3
    Yes, I'm replying to my own question, but would like to share the diagnosis the dealership came up with. Apparently, the muffler was the issue, for it was defective. It took a couple of hours for them to finally reproduce the noise on the shop floor.

    Like all bad noises a car makes, it never makes them when a mechanic is near by, but on the way out of the dealer parking lot where only you can hear it.
  • I think you can get them both factory.
    If you look on the GMC site at the 360 view of the Denali model it shows the NAV radio and the changer in the console.

    Don't see why GM wouldn't let you outfit a Suburban the same way.
  • I checked on a site that allows you to configure the Denali and receive a price quote, and the info there indicates that this is a single CD unit. I also found it impossible to configure the Tahoe with both the Navigation radio and 6 CD changer. The fact that you can't play a CD when the Navigation DVD is installed is a pretty serious limitation in my view. You would think that at this price level that GM would have more up to date technology. Competitive vehicles like the Durango have 6 CD changers on their Navigation units, and don't have the functional limitations of the unit in the Tahoe or Yukon.

    The only GM vehicle that I saw specifically having a 6CD changer with navigation was the Cadillac SRX.
  • I also have a HUGE pinging problem. The Dealer said that GMC is working on a fix and to do nothing in the mean time( It's been 5 months). This is not acceptable. For a $40K+ SUV, I should not have to be embarrassed when I park or come to a stop at a stoplight. It literally sounds like the muffler is shooting off a gun. Otherwise, the car has been great.
  • Have you been able to fix your pinging problem? My '04 Z71 is so loud when I park or at a stop light it is embarrassing. No help from my dealer in Stockton, CA.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    Try a different dealer. This isn't rocket science, but some dealers are incapable of diagnosing anything. I drive 30 miles to the dealer that services mine because they actually know what they're doing. The local dealer is a joker!
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