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Chevy Tahoe



  • I have read a lot of different things about the Yukon's seats.
    Maybe one of you can clear this up for me, but...
    I want to know the full details on the "Full Feature Bucket Seats".
    To MY knowledge, they have heat, driver memory, a 6 way (forward/back/front and
    back tilt up and down) cushion adjuster, a 2 way recliner (forwards and backwards)
    for the seatback, and a 2-way power lumbar that inflates/deflates the internal lumbar

    Some places online mention a number of odd things, everything from:
    4-way power lumbar? The lumbar moves up and down??? On a YUKON??
    Power Seatback Bolster??? What does that mean?
    Power Lateral/Side Bolster adjuster??? On a YUKON????? You'd be lucky to find
    that on a 750iL!
    Thigh supports/Lateral supports???? How?

    You get the idea.
    And on the *Yukon DENALI*, there is "10 way power adjuster with 2 way power
    lumbar", plus the GMC site itself says it has *power side bolsters*. How???? This
    is a 45,000 dollar sport utility, not a $100,000+ european luxury sedan??? The
    closest I can identify with this description is the "dynamic multicontour seats"
    featured on the Mercedes S600.

    One of you all has to own these vehicles.
    Please give me a detailed description of how the seats adjust, and clear up all this
    loony business about power side supports and so on.
    I'm very interested in this vehicle line's seat comfort, since I may buy one someday.
    One last thing:
    Wood trim. You gotta love it. There's none to my knowledge on the Yukon,
    but...there is "dark cherry wood trim" on the Denali, and "Zebrano" wood on the
    Escalade. it wood, or is it....plastic wood (ugh)?? Or a combination of the
    two ( says real on the doors and wheel, fake on the console). Does
    anyone know about these vehicle's wood trim???
  • wa01wa01 Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2001 Yukon in Dec for $5K off sticker and no advertising costs. It is an ST with sunroof, etc. It has every option but auto ride & auto climate control including the third seat which I didn't really want. I found it difficult to find one with the options I wanted with a factory sunroof. MSRP was $39,240. I purchased for $34,240 at Bud Post in Arlington, TX.

    My Yukon came with no wood trim. I added plastic wood trim. The seats do have power bolsters that function in the same manner as vehicles mentioned in post 442. BY my 95' explorer had the same type power bolsters.
  • I am looking for 1 maybe 2 LS Machined Cast-Aluminum wheels.Have looked everywhere (E-bay,ect.),everyone only will set of 4-wheels. Thanks. My e-mail is
  • describe the Yukon SLT's seats? Btw, I'd be highly doubtful that an Explorer would have power bolsters (by saying that, you do mean pneumatically inflating pockets on the sides of the seats that can be size/firmness adjusted, right??) since FoMoCo is very stingy with the power seats (there's not even a power passenger seat on the Eddie Bauer Expedition!). But anyway, just go through and describe in detail how the seats work. Thanks!
  • escaladepimp: Yes, the seats are exactly as described. Not sure why you have never encountered a power lumbar or bolster in anything with less than a $100K price tag. My Yukon has them ($39,000), my wife's VW Jetta VR6 has them ($23,000), heck, even my old 1990 Taurus SHO had them ($18,000).

    The side bolsters are power as well as the lumbar. Bolsters inflate to hold you tighter and deflate for an almost flat seatback. The lumber inflates for more back support than any human without scoliosis would ever want, and likewise deflates to a point of inverted support. The bottom cushion moves up & down as a unit or, up and down in either the butt or under the legs - independently of one another. The seatback moves conventionally (to and fro). Go sit in one and play - you will see.Hope this helps.
  • joosejoose Posts: 3
    Great post paulolexa. I agree 100% with you. Don't know affect on resale value but then again I always keep my vehicles for 10+ years. As for driving in snow - you bring up a good point - I always see 4WD and AWD vehicles in ditches in winter. And it's simply because people perceive that they can drive 'normally' in wintery conditions. 4WD does not make it possible to drive 50mph on a circular freeway on-ramp in two inches of snow. It might help you get out of the ditch once you're in it though. 4WD doesn't make you immune from idiot-driver-syndrome! I've been driving RWD cars in snow all my life and I haven't gotten stuck since high school - 15 years ago (I was driving like an idiot when I got stuck). I wish more people would realize that 4WD is no substitute for good driving.

    PS I do realize the benefit of 4WD for those that live in the mountains, do lots or offroading, etc - nothing against 4WD.

  • kreykrey Posts: 41

    Forget the online sites, unless the convenience is worth an extra thou or so...that's what you'll pay for the referral and handling fee. For some people, it's well worth it.

    As I said, you can buy these all day long at $500 over, or less. If the invoice on the truck you want is exactly $31K, add $730 for destination and $500 for the "above-invoice" profit for a grand total of $32,230.00. That should be your ball-park FINAL price.

    There are dealers out there, such as Southern, that are doing deals at $100 over, no advertising fee. Send out your faxes to the high volume dealers and you'll get the results you want.

    Remember, they want your money more than you want their truck. If they don't do the deal with you, it's a potential lost sale. OTOH, if they do the deal with you, they make a little money, stop the flooring bleed, plus they will hopefully win your service business which is where they REALLY make their profit.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Try here as a starting point:

  • I have a 2000 Suburban LT 2-WD with approx 13,000 miles on it. A rattle or knocking has developed in the left front wheel area. There is no vibration in the steering wheel and no vibration when braking. Cooler temps and certain roads seem to aggrivate the problem.....

    Before I go to the dealer I would like some ideas..... shock? torsion bar? Other ideas?

    Other than this, I love this vehicle. Have had six or seven Suburbans and this is far the best yet!

    Jeff Schmatz
    McAllen, Texas
  • 3lakeswi: thanks so much for all the helpful info.
    Okay; the Yukon does have fancier seats than I thought. And power lumbar, I was expecting that as GM is quite generous with the doling out of power seats on its vehicles.
    Butt....Jetta VR6? and the Taurus SHO, which knowing ford (power seats-stingy) only has a 6 way adjuster??? Very interesting.
    Really though, I can't say that any vehicle short of the fanciest Audi, Benz, Bimmer, or anything like that has the power bolsters specifically (along with the rest of the multicontour package with power thigh supports and 4-way lumbar); the normal Yukon, having this feature, came as a shock to me! The power lumbar isn't that big of a deal, many cars have them, as our '00 Grand Marquis has it. The Yukon is very fancy, having 12-way power seats. That would rank it as one of the most luxurious SUV's I've ever seen. In fact, a fancy BMW's sheet might read 14-way seats, but that's just 8-way with 4-way lumbar and power headrests. Of course, the MB S600 has 16-way seats, and the 540i used to offer 18!-way sport seats. If anyone could shed light on these fancy German vehicles, it would be great.
    Here's a question: on the Edmunds spec sheet for the Jetta:
    It says " driver's and front passenger's seats include 8-way power adjustment, lumbar
    Now I would read that as meaning 8 way seats with manual lumbar, since the word power isn't there. So I guess in this case, unless it says "manual lumbar" it's automatically power adjusting. Interesting.
    Also, the Yukon, from the pix that i've seen, has a 6 way oblong switch, a 2 way seatback-shaped switch, and then a little 4-way game-boy looking control for the various inflating adjustments; tell me, how does that switch work?
    Question: what is your opinion on heated seats?
    Are they: worthless since your body heat heats up that leather faster than the seat heaters can heat it up, and that they don't protect you from the initial cold shock...
    Are they: invaluable since eventually they warm up and keep you warm, and are comforting...
    Are they: overpriced, unneeded, and obnoxious...

    Hmm. Another interesting thing. The Denali's sheet says "10 way power seats with 2 way lumbar" and the normal Yukon's sheet says "6 way power seats with..." but from your description, they're identical! Weird!
    Anyway, all who can help me out, or put in their .02, please do.
  • By the way, my somewhat apparent resentment of heated seats is likely because of the fact that our spanking new Grand Marquis LS (wonderful car) does not offer them (perhaps since they're popular in florida and in police forces :-P). Argh! I don't want to have to shell out 45 grand for a stupid Town Car Cartier just for the heated seats!!!
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    Ummm, I don't mean to ask an obvious question, but why don't you just trot on down to a dealership and LOOK at the seats? Heck, ask for a key and turn on the bun warmer too while you're there. And yes, they really work.
  • Are you sure it isn't the intermediate steering shaft problem? There is a service TSB on it.
  • My wife has a 2001 Tahoe LT 4x4. There is also a rattle on the driver's side and the sound seems to originate from somewhere in front of the driver's seat. I have checked all visible bolts and the heat shields under the hood and on the undercarriage. I can't find anything that's loose and the rattle is very annoying. Can anyone help? Was the intermediate steering shaft problem purportedly fixed before the 2001's came out?
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    You can get a fully loaded 2001 GMC Yukon SLT at Ken Grodys GMC in Riverside, CA for $29,997. They are deducting $7K off. 2 at this price.

    Majority of Chevy Tahoes LS in Orange County, CA dealerships are advertising for $28K. The best deal I've seen was 2001 Tahoes LT with running board, moonroof, and leather for $29,200 ($8K off). They had 2 in the lot.

    I was in the market for a Tahoe, but living in CA with high fuel cost scared me away. I heard gasoline will be as high as $2 a gallon in the summer. No thanks!
  • cody17cody17 Posts: 11
    Does anyone know of a direct link multi-disc CD player that can be installed on a 2001 Yukon without disabling the ONSTAR? The dealer doesn't know how to do it. Customer service has been no help either.
  • I have a 2001 LT Suburban with leather buckets, 12 (or 14 or whatever)way power seats, memory seats, and seat heaters. Let me put it this way: these are the best vehicle seats I have ever sat in. Big, comfortable, infinitely adjustable--sort of like a big lounge chair/recliner in your home. As for the seat heaters, I didn't think I would like them. Wrong. Even in Texas where the days are mild, we use them regularly. They not only heat up quickly and provide a sort of warm all over feeling, they seem to help my occasionally aching back. I will never own another new car without seat heaters. I encourage you to try them at your local Chevy/GMC dealer.
  • A while back I remember people describing cold air coming from under the dash on the passenger side. My 2001 Yukon has this problem. Did anyone come up with a solution to this problem?
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    As is always the case, when you see something too good to be true, it pays to check.

    I called the Ken Grody dealership and spoke with Jim. The trucks you mentioned were NOT "fully loaded SLT's", NOT 4WD, NOT $7-8K back of MSRP. All are "now sold"; funny how it always seems to work out that way. These trucks were actually sold for a few hundred back of invoice...sounds good, except I checked and confirmed that there was a $1000 rebate (regional, national, I'm not sure) on the Yukon for the month of January, so these guys actually made a GREAT profit!

    Oh, they have 2 others left that they'll now sell at $400 over. Back to reality.
  • EsacaladePimp - The seat shaped button moves the seat back and forth on the track, the seatback back and forth, the bottom "cushion" up and down, and the bottom cushion front and back up and down. The "Joystick" round button inflates and deflates the lumbar and bolsters. I don't know what the other button is you are talking about. These seats are like a La-Z-Boy behind the wheel. The lumbar is not 4-way, I guess I would call it 2-way. It is either inflated or deflated or somewhere inbetween. I believe the Denali has power headrests which might be the different numbers you are seeing.

    As far as seat heaters go, I live in Northern Wisconsin. The average morning winter temperature I would guess to be about 5-10 degrees. If I turn my seat heater on it is warm before I go 1/4 mile. Much faster than my body would warm it up. Incredibly, the seat heaters in my Yukon do not work as fast or as well as the seat heaters in our Jetta. The Jetta heaters are hot almost instantly and have 5 settings. The Yukon only has High and Low. Leave it to the Germans. If you are in a cold climate get the heaters.

    Additionally, I will agree, Fords generally have crappy seats. Expedition seats are like sitting on a high-back park bench. However, the seats in the first generation Yamaha-powered SHO were some of, if not the best, seats I ever had. Leather on the sides with "grippy" cloth down the center. Infinite adjustments for bolsters and lumbar. I don't remeber them having a cushion up/down adjustment though. I got rid of the car about 7 years ago so it is difficult to recall.
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