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Chevy Tahoe



  • I was intrigued by both your comments on aftermarket sunroofs. Have you had any problems with the aftermarket sunroofs? (leaks, etc) Are they the same size as the factory? If they don't interfere with the overhead consoles, etc - I wonder why GMC can't do that with the factory installed sunroofs?

    Heatwave3 - $1100- does that include installation?

    Kerey - how much was your aftermarket sunroof?

    Thank you both in advance for your responses.
  • lmc1lmc1 Posts: 8
    joerafferty..... thanks for the advice. I agree with you concerning the Durango, I felt as though I was in a shoebox. You spoke of fully loaded Yukons at 35,000, do they have sunroofs and rear air? I have yet to look at the Denali, thinking it would be to much, any thoughts?
  • Before you install an after market sunroof, verify with GMC, not your local dealer, that you will not violate your warranty. The models with factory sunroofs have a galvanized inside surface on the roof and pillars. A model without the sunroof will not have this, and if you have a leak/rust problem, it most likely will not be covered under factory warranty and some sunroof companies/installers will not cover rust, only leaks. Also, on a leased vehicle (for those of you leasing), I believe there is a clause in the lease that states you cannot make any alterations to the body/frame without written consent.... I own my Yukon, but I did lease several vehicles for business a while back, and I do remember something of that clause.
    Auto climate control is a very nice feature, but if you are also concerned about MPG, this should not be something you would want turned on all the time. It balances the heat and air-conditioning systems in order to maintain the proper temp in the cabin. With the compressor going on and off all the time, you can expect a 1-2 MPG drop easily.
  • Sorry for asking, but I can't find information on the best relay and where to buy it for having both the low and high beams on together.

    Is any one better than the other and the easier to install?

  • 1. To the question of whether the 3rd seat is leather, it is not. Most every vehicle out there has a 3rd row vinyl seat. Look in the brochure the dealer gives out and you will find it in small print.
    2. I have a sunroof and although I don't have auto rear controls, you do have overhead controls for the rear that don't have to be turned on at all to save MPG's.
    3. For those of you that do have sunroofs, when you open it, does your wind deflector have holes on it? My sunroof makes the most noise I have ever heard in my life. It whistles when the air runs through the holes and my hair gets blasted.
    I have had sunroofs for years and none of them made any noise. Anyone else?
  • I also had an Expedition for 2 years, I leased it and was sorry I did because I ended up loving it.
    I then went on to the Durango because I thought I would save a little and it had the third row seat.
    After 1 year, I am proud to say I am the new owner of the Yukon. I almost went back to the Expy but figured I had it already and would tire of it soon. (I wish I was someone that kept cars for years, but I can't), The Durango was too small to go to after an Expedition. Think long before you take the plunge. I absolutely love the Yukon so far! It ended up being less than the Expy, loaded, leather and sunroof. Even with Fords rebates. Good luck and take your time, I rush and usually miss something!
  • Tom, go to this site Stylin, I got mine from there for $20 and had it hooked up in a half hour. The low beams do dim alittle when you do all 4, but its sill much more lite over all.

    Click on lighting in the menu. You'll find it from there.

  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    Lots of Yukon owners have after market sunroofs so they can keep the rear seat overhead controls and the auto-climate. The factory installs ASC sunroofs, which are readily available in after market apps. It is the exact same sunroof. Most Dealers will have them installed as a "dealer option." It does not void the factory warranty.

    Why doesn't the factory do this? Good question, and it drives the dealers nuts. All the installer has to do is splice and lengthen the wiring harness going to the rear ac/heater control and move it to the side of the sunroof mechanism.

    The factory was supposed to have this option on this year's model, but for some reason, decided not to. My dealer opines that the factory either could not get, or decided not to get because of cost reasons, a longer wiring harness that would have allowed them to do this whenever the option was called out. It would have been that simple.

    My cost was $1050, installed. Does it make a little more wind noise, sure, but anytime you pop a hole in the roof that is what happens, at least in my experience. Mine does not have holes in the deflector, but it does make a pretty awesome harmonic resonance at about 25mph. The people in the back have told me it's not unlike the opening credits for Apocalypse Now. It's gone by 30.

    FWIW, every new car I've been in has this happen at some speed. I think it's because all cars are so airtight nowadays. If you just crack a window, it doesn't happen at all.
  • Imc1 ... I take it you want a fully loaded Yukon (i.e. leather, sunroof, etc.) I'm guessing 36,000+ for that model. You can probably get a fully loaded model without a sunroof for $35,000.
    If you don't want leather but want a sunroof, you can get a Yukon for $34,000+.
    A Denali is going to run you, at the least, $42,000. That's a whopping difference.
    Unless you need 320 HP and the extra towing, I say stick with the Yukon.
    At least that's what I have found through my research.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the information. Seems aftermarket is the way to go. Cost is almost the same as dealer and you get the overhead controls and auto-climate. Also, you can add it later after saving a little to pay cash and not have to finance that extra grand! I own a Trooper with sunroof and I am used to the extra noise both open and closed - Trooper's sunroof is HUGE and I think I would miss seeing the moon and sun (live in SoCal). Thanks again.
  • nighter50: I had the dealer install the ASC sunroof (the same one used by GM) for $1100 which included the installation and a lifetime warranty. My dealer informed me that there is no impact on the original or extended warrantees from GM. The installation was completed before I took delivery on the vehicle. You would not be able to tell that it was aftermarket, however the one post is accurate that the roof of the Yukons and Denalis are galvanized when the unit is factory installed and the roof is not galvanized when it is dealer installed.

    The aftermarket sunroof uses a different controller switch from the factory unit which has a one-touch open/close feature which is (I believe) not available on the factory unit ( I suspect due to the lawyers). Also the aftermarket controller has a nice feature which automatically closes the sunroof from the open or vent position ten seconds after the ignition is turned off. I don't believe this feature is available from the factory. Can any Yukon factory installed sunroof owners comment on the features?
  • The factory sunroof has a one touch open feature, but not a one touch close. This is probably due to lawyers and safety (the same reason you can't get one touch close on power windows). There will be one moron out there who decides to stick his head through the sunroof and hit the close button just to see it it will work. Also, the sunroof will not automatically close (safety reason again) after the ignition is turned off, not even from vent position.

    The sunroof noise is not a problem with mine. At all speeds, there is no appreciable amount of noise from opening the sunroof. I did however adjust the wind deflector on the front of the sunroof to slant back a little more allowing for less disruption of the airflow. The holes in the deflector are a big benefit. If I block these off, I get a lot of noise because of the negative air pressure that builds behind the deflector. With these holes, there is no negative air pressure build up, and thus no noise.

    The only reason I bring up the warranty is that I do know of at least one person who purchased a ford explorer without the sunroof and had it installed after market. Within 5 years, some rust started to develop around the seal, but it was still under warranty for rust/corrosion. When he took it back to the dealer and the dealer tried to get $$$ for warranty work (it costs the manufacturer, not the dealer), Ford would not pay for it citing that the warranty was broken when the sunroof was installed by the dealer. He did finally sue the dealer, but it was a lot of work and he got to drive around in a rusty car with a leaky sunroof for a while. Has anybody who has an after market sunroof installed seen them doing the actual work? Do they seal off the bare edges of metal after cutting through the roof with an electostatic primer and paint?

    Auto-climate and rear climate controls are different (POST #498). Auto climate has a setting stating "auto" on the climate controls on the front (I'm not sure about the auto on the rear - never seen one at a dealer with auto in the rear). Auto climate control on the front controls moderates air-conditioning and heat to maintain the temp set by the driver which is checked by a sensor in the front of the cabin. This has been shown by previous drivers that it can lessen your fuel economy by 1-2 MPG because of the compressor starting and stopping all of the time.

    The concern about having a sunroof with auto-climate controls. The sunroof can artificially create a different temp near the roof line (headliner) where the temp sensor is which could trigger the auto climate controls to react (this was one GM engineer's take on the problem). Funny that almost all of the foreign manufacturers have auto climate and a sunroof available. Has anybody seen this or is this just another short sight of the GM design team?
  • On my last 2 vehicles I had the sunroof installed aftermarket. The dealer did it before I took delivery. I leased them both and they are residualized (if that's a word!) $750. The wind defector was a solid piece and I didn't hear any sound from it, other than normal for having a whole in the roof. With the Yukon, it has the holes that I believe makes it whistle. If I hold the defector down, the wind stops blowing in and the sound goes away but not as good as my old roofs. I was thinking of taping off the holes, but you all think it helps the roof, so maybe there is something wrong with mine.
    I prefer the after market roof, for the benefits listed above. I can't stand that the roof doesn't close by itself when you turn the engine off. I have forgotten about it many times, I guess because I'm used to my old roof, but it was a wonderful feature. Someday my Yukon may fill up with rain water and I'll never forget to close it then!!
  • sf0383sf0383 Posts: 204
    I have a 97 Tahoe LT. Does anyone know of an aftermarket third seat or if Chevy has a retrofit for that model?
  • purpur Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response to my message. I think I found the comparison that you had mentioned(Expedition, Tahoe etc.) It is helpful. When I bought by Expedition (Aug. 2000), I really liked the Tahoe's but the availability and price did not work for me. I had absoultly no problems with the Expedition, but I only had 13,000 miles on it. I do think I would miss the leg room in the expedition, but I am considering giving it up. If you or anyone else has any comments, let me know. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the info on aftermarket sunroofs. Looks like the way to go.

    My lease is up in a few months and I really like the Yukon/Tahoe. I am really down to the Yukon/Tahoe and the Sequoia. I think both are great trucks. Does anybody know what the Yukon's weak points are? That is, are there generally problems with master brake cyclinder(had a friend w/Tahoe that had this), leaky seals, tranny, etc. Unlike many new SUV owners I am not concerned so much with comfort (although I do like the sunroof;) as reliablity of the basic mechanics of the truck.

    With the deals happening on the Yukon and NOT happening on the Sequoia (and the fact it is the first year) - I am leaning toward the Yukon. Any responses are greatly appreciated.
  • Not sure, but I think I saw a retrofit third row seat for late model Yukon and Escalades (w/o third row seat)under "new items" in the most recent 2001 edition of the JC Whitney catalogue. I think it may face rearward but I am not sure. Check out their web site or give them a call for their catalogue.
  • lmc1lmc1 Posts: 8
    I've looked extensively at both of these vehicles and many others. I eliminated the Sequoia from the list simply because of price. Like you said, there are no rebates, maybe a grand. It's a nice vehicle but, it's not 44k nice. I'm at the same crossroads as you concerning the Expedition and Yukon. Never had a problem with my 99 Expy but I'm thinking I will get tired of it if I get another one. I also hear there are some changes for 2002 (which I have yet to see) and wouldn't want to buy one just before the new style comes out. On the other hand I hear GM/Chevy might be updating the interior of the Yukon/Tahoe so keep that in mind. I'm lucky to have some time before I buy to wait for some possible changes. Maybe do the same if you can
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    Like all the rest of you, I spent a lot of time looking at my options (Expy, Seq, and Tahoe/Yukon), and I agonized over it. I know, there are other vehicles out there that are arguably comparable, but it came down to these 3, based on the criteria I had to cover. To be brutally frank, I would RATHER have a Porsche!

    I deleted the Expy after riding in several...frankly, Ford just is not in the same ballpark when it comes to suspension and handling. Great coach work, but the ride and corner-lean are not acceptable for me.

    The Yukon I got cost $36.3K, out the door, after-market sunroof installed; it had everything but the autoride and third seat. Didn't need the third seat, and the cost of replacing the autoride shocks at almost $300 each scared the bejesus out of me.

    A similarly equiped Seqouia retailed at $43.6K, and the best my local dealer (a friend, no less) would do was $41.5K. He sells 'em as fast as he gets 'em, at full retail. At least, that's how it was a month ago.

    It came down to a simple business decision for me: the bottom line is it was a $5200 difference, in addition to the first year model risk. If they had otherwise been equal, I would have gone with the Toyota. I think it is *likely* that the Toyota will have a higher resale percentage value, but after you take into account the NPV of the extra money up-front vs the money you get back at the time of resale, that becomes more problematic. As to which one will see less time in the shop and cost less to maintain, that likewise is problematic: Toyotas are among the *most* expensive vehicles when it comes to replacement parts and GM are among the *least* expensive. IOW, they'd BETTER be in the shop less, otherwise you're SOL. As an example, I just replaced an alternator on my 1990 K2500, to the tune of ten minutes of my time, and $78 after core exchange; last year, a friend had to replace an alternator on his Avalon, to the tune of $345. Pretty proud of those alternators, aren't they!

    So, am I happy so far, absolutely. Do I have buyer's remorse, none whatsoever. Will I feel this way in 5 years, I dunno. Stay tuned!
  • cody17cody17 Posts: 11
    Has anyone added a multidisc CD changer to their 2001 Yukon? If so, what kind? How much trouble?
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