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Chevy Tahoe



  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    I have a 2002 Tahoe LT with 40,000 miles, I have owned it since it was new. When The fuel gauge reaches 1/4, the engine will not start. I have driven it until the low fuel light comes on, and it runs fine, but if the engine is shut off, it will not re start until I add a couple gallons of gas. The fuel pump comes on, and I just replaced the fuel filter, but the problem still exists. My warranty has expired, and I would like to repair it myself. Any Ideas?
  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    I recently heard an awful noise coming from the engine compartment when I started my engine. It lasted about 5 seconds, and then stopped. It sounded like something was hitting the fan. After reading an earler entry in this forum, I think it may be a/c related, but everything still works. I have inspected everything pretty well, and have found no damage. Any Ideas?
  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    Can the colored panel on the front of the outside rear view mirrors be removed from the mirror? My mirror glass is broken, and I have found a replacement mirror, but it has the black textured back. I would like to put my colored panel on the replacement mirror. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    My 2002 Tahoe has a knock when it is started. It started doing this in cold weather, but now does it almost all the time. The knock usually lasts about 20 seconds, but sometimes lasts several minutes. My oil pressure is good. I took it to the dealer where it was purchased, and they said it was piston slap, then showed me a service bulletin that addressed the noise. The service bulletin said there was no service needed, and that the noise was not a problem. The vehicle was still under the factory warranty when I took it, but the warranty has since expired. It seems to be getting worse. Now I'm no rocket scientist, but I know that when there is a knock inside an internal combustion engine, there IS a problem. I know some newer pistons don't have much of a skirt, and I am beginning to wonder if the dealership was truthful with me. I wonder what they would tell me now that my warranty has expired? Does anyone know what this is, and what I can do about it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    I had a 2003 LT Tahoe that developed the notorious "Piston Slap" around 18k miles. It was a relatively new complaint at the time, and eventually GM provided me with a letter to extend the engine warranty to 100k miles ( a program I learned about thanks to another poster here). They maintained that it was due to Carbon build up on the pistons and it did not reduce the longevity of the engine. At the time others on this board with higher mileage GM vehicles supported that stance. I ended up trading it in on an 04 Z-71 Tahoe due to some unable to be repaired Tranny problems. Interesting though that the 04 model year and newer apparently have some sort of Teflon type coating on the pistons or cylinders to reduce the chance of the start up knock. We used to call it the "cold start knock" or CSK for short. If you run a search on this thread for it, it should come up.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Yes, the colored panel can be taken off. I just did it in my Tahoe when I tried to find access to inside of the mirror. My mirror bounces around guite a bit when driving highway speeds and wanted to tighten it, but could not since I could not find access to inside.

    Taking panel off does not provide access to inside. I think it only is to change the color of the back for different color vehicles.

    If you turn the mirror all the way up and right you can see between the mirror glass frame and the housing a plastic tab which you can press with a screw driver. The plastic panel has four flat tabs on it that just need to be pushed out or pulled out. I'm not sure if it is strong just to pull from the panel itself. I moved the mirror all the way to all sides to press on the tabs.

    The panel also has two sided tape around the edge of it so have some handy when you replace the panel.

  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    Thanks Arrie. I am glad to know this can be done. Thanks for your help. -Bill
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Check with your local windshield glass company. Many times the mirror glass can be replaced for far less than the cost of another mirror.

  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    Jim I did that first, but I have the heated auto dimming glass. The glass shop can install a regular mirror, but I want to keep the original features if possible. I have found a replacement mirror with all the same features as my original (except for the colored panel) for a very reasonable price. Now that I know the colored panel is removable, I should have no trouble fixing it. Thanks for your input though! -Bill
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240

    One of those FANCY Tahoes!

  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    Yeah, and I realize more every day what a mistake it was to get the fully loaded model (LT). I really like the tahoe, but it has many features that looked good on paper, that I never use. I could have saved a ton of $$$ by getting an LS. I'll know better next time. -Bill
  • mm450excmm450exc Posts: 37
    My mirrors got stolen when I got my tahoe. The mirrors with the self dimming option are super expensive. Maby $300 a piece at the dealer. You can pop the mirror glass out of the housing and pop a new one in. The plain mirrors with just the heating option are about 30 bux a piece I think. Check gmpartsdirect for that.
  • fjd44fjd44 Posts: 11
    It's certainly easier to talk to the zone rep BEFORE paying the $800...

    In my case I made sure the car was clean -- showed no signs of abuse. The Service Manager commented to the General Manager the car was "neat as a pin". I got the impression they may have been looking to claim I ABUSED the car and was somehow responsible, but the neatness took that away from them.

    But the bottom line is I really didn't have to do or say ANYTHING. The whole discussion lasted less than five minutes, and they agreed to cover it even though warranty had long expired. I left the car at the dealer and they had a courtesy shuttle to take me home. When the driver heard what my problem had been he commented that that was a common problem.

    The paperwork showed the charge was about $650 but was written off to warranty...

    Even though I had not bought the vehicle there, I certainly would -- and do -- recommend that particular dealer to anyone who asks.
  • I just purchased a low milage '03 Z71 that does not cool when idling. I found the service bulletin concerning the external fan installation thanks to this site.

    My dealer is telling me that installing the fan will make NO DIFFERENCE. Now they have decided to raise my idle from 550 to 650 and supposedly this is going to fix the a/c not cooling when idling problem.

    Does ANYONE have any insight on this. I am suppose to pick it up in Houston tomorrow evening (2 hr.'s away) and I am dreading it.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I agree with you. . . "if you don't need 4x4 or towing you might as well spring for the better economy vehicle" although I would add "if you don't need a flat-folding second row seat." I like minivans and have had 3 since 1988. They work pretty darn well except for one thing. A minivan's architecture eliminates a flat-fold 2nd row. My 01 Sienna's cargo bay was huge if I had the energy to remove the two rear bucket seats (third row seats were in the store room like the useless ones in my Tahoe). When Honda or any other minivan maker figures out how to flat-fold both the 3rd and 2nd row seats, I'll give it serious consideration. I wouldn't mind saving 10% a month on gas with the plus of a more car-like driving experience. I qualify that by saying all the minivans are getting too big. I think the old Sienna and Ody looked kinda trim and nimble. Both are starting to look like 3 ton armored cars, lol. Thanks for the reply. I still think a 2wd Tahoe costs little more to drive than one of these hefty new minvans.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Your dealer may not be pulling your chain on this one. It varies from compressor design to design, but I do seem to remember that if a compressor is running too slow it can lose some efficiency and not cool very well. And if that is the case, adding an external fan would not help.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    The '05 and up Dodge vans will fold flat both 2nd and 3rd rows. The newer Odys will fold-flat the 3rd row, but you still have to take-out the 2nd row. The 3rd row is actually comfortable in the Ody. I really don't do much with cargo so flat-folding 2nd row wasn't a very big priority for me. I'm more interested in cargo-space with six passengers on-board.

    With the Ody, I have found if you fold the 3rd row flat and slide the 2nd row seats forward, there's about an equal amount of cargo space as a Tahoe with the 2nd row folded "flat". The interior of the Ody is substantially longer than a Tahoe. A couple inches less on the width.

    3-ton armored cars seem to sell quite well these days ;)
  • Thank You for the reply.

    I was told today that it did not help and now they are going to do MORE troubleshooting. I was told last week that it would take 8 hr's of labor to install the fan. I do not know why they keep avoiding installing the fan. If anyone knows of another fix I would appreciate the heads up.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Hum. . .didn't know that about Chrysler minivans. Had a couple of Caravans in the 80's. I enjoyed driving them and both were trouble-free vehicles (I'm no authority on longevity as I rarely keep a car more than 2 years or 24k miles). That said, it's gonna be hard to unscrew me from a Tahoe. I'm convinced you can drive these big GM trucks conservatively and get darn close to minivan gas milage (seat-of-the-pants experience). At the same time, I can occasionally release the beast and drive it like I was 18, again. My Tahoe can be a sensible wife or a lascivious mistress depending on my mood. The truck is a throw-back to my muscle-car youth and provides it's satisfaction on a straight and flat American highway. Any ODY is always gonna be a sensible wife. I admit a sensible wife can be plenty of fun. . . lol. I've owned a few Hondas and their guts often contradict the conservative countenance. I read an ODY is surprisingly fun-to-drive . . . not a muscle-car but a quick, agile, and sure-footed sport car disguised as a minivan. I may have to try one. My 24 months will be up in December. Both vehicles are very good at what they do. love my Tahoe
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    I don't usually keep vehicles long either. We had the Tahoe for about 30 months/40k miles. I really liked it, but we used it almost entirely for transporting kids/relatives to the airports or for long family trips. The Tahoe was a compromise in interior space/comfort so I tried the Ody and was quite impressed. I wouldn't say it's a sports car in disguise....but it does have a solid feel to the handling/braking/steering which I've never seen in a minivan. Or an SUV for that matter. I gave up towing/winter performance for the better space, and did get better mpg as a bonus. I'm basically averaging what the Tahoe could hit on long highway only trips, so there's some benefit in the mpg.

    My only real compaint with the Ody is the Michelin tires are noisey on certain road surfaces. It's funny because it's as quiet as a mouse on some, and then extremely annoying on others. I wasn't happy at all with the factory Firestones that came on the Tahoe, but easily found far better replacements. Nothing else is available for the Ody, some weird size with no decent choices. This is my first Honda. I've always bought German cars for fun and Toyotas for workhorses. The newer Hondas have a little more soul to them that's for sure. I've got a couple fun cars and a couple trucks, so I don't mind compromising a bit and getting the minivan.
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