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Chevy Tahoe



  • After GM Customer Service verifies with the dealer that I documented a rusty bumper on my 2003 Z71 suburban well within the corosion warranty period, and that it was clearly a manufacturing defect (rusted from the inside out), they claim that it is not going to pay a cent because the corosion is not all the way through the bumper (at this point it almost is). Beyond the dealer and GM Customer Serivice has anyone found a path forward for this. To be treated like this makes it very difficult to see why "Buying American" benefits anyone.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Might give the BBB a call.
  • I accidentally opened my automatic garage door while my liftgate was up. 2005 Tahoe, Silver Birch Metallic. Left a long scatch. Google pointed me to a product called Dr Colorchip.
    Has anyone had any experience with this product? Thanks.
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    I purchased my 07 tahoe with 42,500 miles at $26,000 two months ago, found it listed on, although I live in NM and had to travel to Texas... It was well worth it!!!!! DON'T EVER BUY A GMC ACADIA!!!
  • Not sure if this will be any use to anyone but I just wanted to mention that I too experienced the special GMC touch when my guages acted up. My vehicle was out of the covered repair limitations so I started to repair them myself.

    I now repair these guages for $150.00 and that includes all of the backlighting and re calibration of the gauges.

    It is frustrating to own a $40 - 50 k vehicle and have it fall apart around you!

    Feel free to respond to this posting as I am monitoring all follow ups.

    Take care and if it makes anyone feel any better it wasn't just the Yukon but it was spread full gammut across all GM/ GMC vehicles... amazing don't cha think?

  • James,

    I’m sorry to hear that you (and many other posters) have not experienced satisfactory customer service.

    In the future, if you would like Customer Assistance in any way (help working with a dealership towards a repair, recall/warranty information specific to your vehicle), please email us with your information (name/user name, VIN, dealership) and we’d be happy to assist!

    GM Customer Service
  • rwilcox4rwilcox4 Posts: 1
    Angry Disappointed With GM

    My husband and I have been GM consumers for the past decade, wanting to support our American based companies...BIG MISTAKE!! Four years ago my husband was in a devastating car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury, and various broken bones. It has been a long and painful recovery for my husband and our family; attempting to adjust our lives to the challenges of living with a traumatic brain injury and 8 surgeries to repair the damage that a head on collision left my husband with. Now disabled, my husband and I live, literally, paycheck to paycheck, trying to support ourselves and our two young children. As you can imagine it was a big decision as to what vehicle we would purchase to ensure our families safety. We chose a used 2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ, with 80,000 miles on it. We chose this car because of its size and the reassuring measures of safety that it came with; ie. Onstar, the reverse alert system, and as I stated before its immense size. Although the vehicle was costly, we felt we were making the right decision. This is our ONLY vehicle, we didn't see the need to have two vehicles, since my husband is now disabled and unable to work, and the payment of the Tahoe was the MOST we could afford. At the time of purchase we were not offered an extended warranty, I was not even aware of the option to purchase one. Well, its been less than 15 months since we purchased our vehicle, and it now sits in Kentucky, at a dealership, While my family is home in Michigan.
    This past week we were able to go on our very first family vacation, by way of my Father-in-law's new home in Florida. While traveling back to Michigan, after a much needed fabulous family vacation, our Tahoe shut down while traveling at 75mph down I-75. There we were stuck on the side of I-75, in Kentucky (6hrs from home) with our two young children. Onstar Quickly got a tow truck out to us and we thought we were on our way to solve the issue. Because it was a Sunday all the local dealerships in the area were closed. We had the driver drop us and our car off at an Auto parts store, they hooked up a tool to "read" the issue with our vehicle and it read it out to be the Cam shaft position sensor. We changed the part and thought we would be on our way, wrong! For NINE HOURS my husband and some local good Samaritans worked on our car in 90 degree heat. It could not be fixed. After purchasing two new sensors we had only a hundred dollars to our name. We were forced to stay overnight in one of the most disgusting hotels I have ever seen, with my Children! The next day we had the car towed to the dealership. First they told us it was the fuel pump...Nope. Second, they said it was the computer Module...Nope. Finally, they said our engine would have to be taken apart, because these "Certified Technicians" now believed that the Time chain was broken...Yup. The Technician even told us the time chain was faulty, said it never should have been put in our vehicle in the first place! He even went so far as to show my husband the "weak link" in the chain!!!!
    So here were the options we were presented with, pay $6,200 for a new engine, or $3,000 to rebuild ours!!!!!!! Its a 2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ, and too bad for us 10,000 miles over the warranty. I was/am beside myself!!! WE HAVE NO MONEY!!!! I called GM Head Quarters begging for some kind of assistance. I was assured that we would be aided in the repair and costs of such, by a costumer rep. She took all my information, the fact that my husband and I had owned 9 previous vehicles, between us, which were always certified GM products, and said we would be helped. I was told I would be contacted by the District rep for my area. The next day I was in-fact contacted from the District Rep, who was located in ARGENTINA!!!!!!! All she said was there was nothing GM could do for us! I asked how could she be the district Rep for GM, for my area (MICHIGAN), when she was located in ARGENTINA?!!!?? She had no real answer. This company whom wants to be recognized as an American Company, that American consumers should buy American, has the nerve to have their LOYAL consumers swept under the carpet by a Rep from ARGENTINA!!?? The Head Quarters are based in MY home State, not even an hour away from my doorstep, but yet they have someone whom can not even speak fluent, proper English, dealing with their LOYAL consumers???? And meanwhile my families ONLY vehicle sits in Kentucky.
    I will never in my life buy another GM product from this AMERICAN based company! What a joke!! I can not even express the disappointment and regret I feel about giving this company my families money. Money which is so difficult for us to come by. We trusted this Company, put our families safety in their hands, only to be pushed aside when their "Faulty" part finally, inevitably, broke.
    By the way, we personally Know 4 other people whom own a GM vehicle with a 5.3 Liter, Flex- Fuel engine, whose engines have also needed to be replaced or re-built, between 92,000 and 98,000 miles!!!! Beware Consumers!!!!!
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    You have my sincere apologies - I am very sorry about this situation! Could we please get your case number (71-**********)? We would like to look further into this.
    GM Customer Service
  • Bought our 2008 LTZ new and other than a few little issues have loved it as a family vehicle.
    It has been garage kept and other than a few long highway trips a year my wife drives it a few miles a day to get groceries and take kids to school, 61,000 miles so far.

    A while back I noticed the black coating peeling off the covers on the steering wheel. I replaced them with matching burl covers (look beautiful) as dealer said replacing with OEM would just peel again.

    After reading posts here I inspected the dash...and sure enough there is a crack at the left top corner of the airbag going back to the vent. What is going on here? A $50k+ vehicle?

    After all the posts here and elsewhere about these dash problems, does anyone have info regarding an official recall or service bulletin where GM is taking responsibility for this design flaw?
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