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Chevy Tahoe



  • clrttclrtt Posts: 2
    Hey gang, very interesting discussions. Unfortunatly, in reading the forum, I am now concerned about all these "little" problems people are having. I was seriously considering purchasing a Yukon but now I'm not sure. I'd like some input from you current owners.

    I must be honest and tell you that I've owned Toyota 4runners for the last 20 years. My current one has 210K miles on it and I've spent about $1500 in repairs in that time. I'm not trying to convert anyone and I would be buying a Sequoia except that Toyota has decided to prevent people from putting snowplows on their products.

    So, I started looking seriously at the Yukon. I'd really appreciate some honest input from you experienced GM owners to help me decide what to do.

  • danick00danick00 Posts: 1
    On Monday, I was driving back to Virginia from the Maryland Chesapeake Bay towing a new boat that we are breaking in. I noticed that no air was flowing from the front HVAC vents. I had the fan in the Auto mode so I switched it to manual high and still no air. I turned the rear air on and it blew plenty of cold air. When we got home, I checked the fuses and tried every combination of settings on the front HVAC panel and still no fan.
    I guess its time for my first warranty service, but the truck is only 3 weeks old! While I'm there I'll have that black plastic drivers seat track grease protector replaced. It snapped off getting into the truck the first week I had it.

    Overall, I am very happy with the Yukon. It is comfortable, rides great and tows 4500#s with 5 people and gear with ease. I just hope these initial problems are not an indicator of things to come.
  • onalaskaonalaska Posts: 21

    I purchased my 2000 Yukon on 3/15/00 and it now has 25,000 miles on it. For me there have been two problems. The driver's seat back has some play in the reclining mechanism which the dealer says is normal and I didn't like the sound of the factory stereo.

    I just became use to the small amount of play in the driver's seatback although it could be fixed by removing a spring in the mechanism. The stereo just did not have the full range of sound I wanted so I added an aftermarket amplifier to the factory radio and wow what an improvement.

    These are the only two complaints / problems we have had. It runs and drives great, it's my wife's vehicle and I actually look forward to driving it on trips. Averages about 17.5 MPG overall, best was 22 MPG when we were visiting Yellowstone park.

    I drive a '91 S-10 Blazer with 206,000 miles on it. I have probably spent about $1,500 on in in repairs over that length of time. Nothing major, just what I would consider normal wear and tear.

    So are these vehicles as good as Toyota's? Who knows, because I have never owned one. I do have reliable transportation and invested over $50,000 in the U.S. economy which trickles down to U.S. jobs for U.S. college graduates, craftsmen, and suppliers.

  • For the Yukon, I cannot seem to find a Lund Trident to look at around here -- every dealer seems to have Bugflectors. What is the difference between the Interceptor and Trident?? Is it material thickness? Shape?? Height off the hood? And is there any difference in impact resistance, or flexibility, between the clear version and the smoke material? My wife really likes the Interceptor, but I'd like her to consider them all before I paint one and then maybe have to do it all over again. Thanks.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    fclspat: either choice is a good one. I happen to much prefer the aesthetics of the Denali vs the Escalade, but both have the same underpinnings. You'll pay about $3,000 more for the Cadillac with stabilitrak, 20 more hp, a wood steering wheel and a backup alarm system (you can add a backup system to the Denali for about $150. Also the Denali includes On-Star)

    The one thing you can't get from Cadillac is the full-size XL or second row Captain Chairs which are available in the GMC Denali XL. If you want "everything", including space, you have no choice but a Denali XL. You'll spend less $ on a Denali XL than an Escalade and get everything but Stabilitrak and a backup system plus a lot more space and a better looking vehicle for my taste.
  • mnbuckymnbucky Posts: 16
    How did you remedy the play in the seat back? You're right, it is annoying. What do you mean by "remove a spring in the mechanism"? Do you have the 6-way power seats?
  • dhill3dhill3 Posts: 11
    heatwave3: As usual, you are right on the money with your comments. I agree. No choice if you want the luxury AND the extra space offered by the DXL.
  • fclspatfclspat Posts: 61
    Can someone tell me the gas mileage they are getting on either of these vehicles? I am
    considering the GMC Yukon XL or the Yukon or the Expedition XL. I want a comfortable ride......... liked the Expedition except for the back. I will be carrying my dog in a large crate and the Yukon seems to have more room and the third seat slides up and out of the way........... The only thing holding me back right now is the gas mileage and dependability.
    I have an 86 GMC full size pickup truck that has been great and people still ask me if I will sell it. I have always owned the Cherokee Laredo before but I was quite taken by the looks and feel of the seats in a Yukon. Am I right to be smitten by this SUV?

  • onalaskaonalaska Posts: 21

    There is a spring located in the seatback recliner mechanism on the six way power seat. Accroding to GM it is there to absorb road vibrations. The spring preloads the recliner and some of the recliners have excessive play in the mechanism. If the spring is removed the play will still be there, but your body will not be pushing against it and you will no longer notice any movement. I read where one reader's dealer removed the spring by cutting it off the recliner shaft. The seat has to be removed from the vehicle to get to it so it's not an easy job, but if it's irritating to you it's worth having it done.

    My dealer just replaced the recliner with another one which still has some movement, but less than the original. He said that most of the vehicles on his lot had play in the seatback, so it's just luck if you get one that doesn't. My passenger seat has no play in it at all so it's a tolerance variation in the manufacturing of the recliner mechanism. If enough people complain perhaps they will change the specs and make one that doesn't rock back and forth or maybe they already have on the later models, mine is an early 2000 model!

  • kodyohookodyohoo Posts: 1
  • I guess everyone with a few miles on their truck is away for the Easter weekend, so I'll post.

    2001 Yukon/5.3/3.73 locker. We only have 400 miles on it. Yesterday I filled up and drove 154 miles. about 45 miles 2 lane and the rest at interstate speeds. 68F temp. When we returned, I filled at the same station, same pump. 8.02 gal. I know this is a short trip, and not really accurate, but for a "guestimate", 19+ mpg ain't bad for a 5300 pound truck with a 3.73 axle that spins the motor way more than need be. Personally, I wish this truck was available with a 3.08 axle. My son has a 1999 Silverado long cab/short box pickup with 5.3/3.73 locker, and he typically gets 20+ on a trip. I think the Ford will get a couple mpg less than this new generation GM engine. Hope this helps you decide. Good luck.
  • katmaikatmai Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Tahoe LT that had a loose driver's seat back. The dealer replaced the recliner mechanism and it is perfect. The dealer said there is a TSB on it. I have a question: what can I do to improve the sound quality of the radio?
  • onalaskaonalaska Posts: 21

    I upgraded the factory amplifier in my 2000 Yukon and replaced the sub woofer speaker using the same box. The improvement was fantastic. I outlined the whole process along with some pictures of the new amplifier at: then go to Audio, Video and OnStar and then audio system upgrades.

    Yukon fuel economy. I have a 2000 Yukon 5.3, 3.42 gear with 25,000 miles. Averages about 17 MPG combined city and highway driving.

  • mnbuckymnbucky Posts: 16
    Katmai & Onalaska: Thank you for the input on the seat back. I'll call the dealer and inquire about the TSB.
  • lambdaprolambdapro Posts: 51
    We are ordering a base Tahoe 2WD with A/C, towing, traction, 3.73 gears from Reliable Chevrolet in Richardson, TX today. It has been funny dealing with the salespeople on this. Bronda Davis from Frank Parra Chevrolet was trying to figure out what we wanted. "Do you mean a Base LS?" No. "Oh, you want the work truck." Since my four cars are 9 years old or older, this new Tahoe looks pretty nice.
    It will be able to carry 6 with equipment, 3 with a harp, and tow 6900 pounds. We have a canoe/kayak trailer that we put the team boats on, so this should be great. The truth is that what I really wanted was another station wagon, but there are no more "real" station wagons. The '95 Taurus and '96 Caprice were the last wagons that met our requirements - three with a harp.
    Looking forward to this tall "wagon" in about 8 weeks.
    The dealer said that they will start ordering the 2002s pretty soon here.
  • dfwk2500dfwk2500 Posts: 68
    I guess the dealers here are becoming more reasonable on their pricing. When it came time to order an 01, we could not find any DFW dealers that were willing to give us a fair price, including Reliable. They were also pushing too hard to take one from dealer stock or do a dealer trade. However, they admitted they could probably not find one exactly as we wanted it. Either we would end up with unwanted options or not get what my wife wanted (2500, 4x4, 6.0, 4.11, sunroof, middle row captains, etc.). The last few years our 94 Suburban was serviced at Reliable. They did good work and we never had a problem with them. Sorry we can't say the same about some other local chevy shops. Through a post on this site we were able to locate and eventually place an order from an Austin dealership, just the way we wanted it. It saved us close to $2K. We took delivery in December. You should enjoy your Tahoe.
  • lambdaprolambdapro Posts: 51
    Clarence Lewis at Reliable said that their Base Tahoes were moving pretty well. They may be the only folks in town with Base Tahoes. Troy Crawford's (Huffines Chevrolet in Plano) first comment was, "No one orders the Base Tahoe." He wanted $800 over invoice plus $2500 to place the order for us. Reliable is only about two miles further from us than Huffines.
  • mitch43mitch43 Posts: 10
    I just picked up my 01 Yukon SLT w/ Autoride (based on the advice from this discussion) and 1sd. I haven't even driven it, but the wife has and loves it so far. I have two question, however, that I hope somebody can help with. First, there is an antenna (I assume for the Onstar/cellular phone) mounted on the drivers side rear window (by third row of seats) that extends about 6-8 inches above the roof when up. It is rigid (not flexible)and flips down only by coming towards you (i.e., away from the vehicle, not towards the front or back). With my 7 foot garage, it will surely be clipped off before too long. Any suggestions about either replacing or relocating it? Second, to access the third row seats, it is very easy to pull the second row seat bottom up and forward and swing down the second row seat back, which allows you step on the carpeted flipped down second row seat back to reach the third row. With three kids ages 7 and under, it will not take long for the second row seat back back to get VERY dirty. Any suggestions on how to prevent it from getting dirty? Maybe velcro another carpet mat onto to it?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • The antenna should be fine in a 7 foot garage space. I have been in many parking garages with heights of 6'9" and never made contact (I have a 00 Yukon 4x4 with Autoride). It's probably not a good idea to swap out the tires for larger diameter/profile. The only problem I have had is opening the rear hatch in the garage - if the garage door is up, it will almost always touch the handle on the lift gate.

    The second row seating/traffic area is another problem. As far as I know, there isn't much out there for this problem, however, some double-sided tape and a moderate amount of the hook side from the velcro will hold carpet samples (those 18" I 24" pieces from the carpet stores), but the velcro will eventually make the factory carpet (nylon) look really bushy and not very nice. My suggestion would be to get a mat for the back and have the kids go in the rear door. You can get covers for these seats so that the backs don't get worn down, or fold down one and let the kids crawl in.
  • bushes1bushes1 Posts: 1
    anyone out there have any problems with the
    wipers stopping? I heard it might be a bad
    circuit board. If i tap on the motor or wiggle
    the wire harness they start up again and stop
    then eventualy work for a short time.
    Looking for answer?
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