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Chevy Tahoe



  • campo57campo57 Posts: 94
    what you might also do is have them keep the truck and use it while hooked up to a real time monitor (forgot the correct name of this tool). What it does it catch problems that don't register a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) in the computer memory. I had a problem with my '92 Bonneville (turned out to be the crankshaft position sensor) where the car would start running rough and stall on me, then it would either start right up or I'd have to wait a while and then it would start. This problem didn't leave a code set in the computer memory but once they hooked up the real time diagnostic system to it and ran the car, when it started to act up, they found out what component wasn't within specs and changed out that part.

  • stump21stump21 Posts: 41
    Can anyone tell me how the Z71 suspension feels on the road? I love the look of the option but I don't want the ride of a lumberwagon. Any comments would be appreciated.
  • araftcoaraftco Posts: 23
    I have been so agitated since I bought my DXL about the on-star crap. It's a great idea but just needs to be integrated with a portable cell phone. I had my local cellular provider install a hands free kit for my regular cell phone and every thing is separated. They said no way can be integrated with the on-star. Apparently they were wrong.

    Take a look at this company I found this morning. This supposedly works with any on-star equipped car with Nokia 5100/6100 phones and works with the radio just like on-star does.

  • 3lakeswi3lakeswi Posts: 77
    I know this has been asked over and over again, but does anyone know of any "NEW" for 2002s - colors, options, changes, etc.?

    Also, has anyone heard or do you know if eventually the same Z71 package that is now offered on the Tahoe/Sub will be fitted to the Yukon/YXL.

    Yes, to answer stump21's question I think the Z71 package is significantly stiffer than the ride in my 2001 Yukon with Autoride. I test drove a Z71 Tahoe and love the styling, true "AT" tires on 17" wheels and things but the ride is more "trucky" - which it should be. What's up with no heated seats in the Z71? In Northern Wisconsin I would not even consider leather without heat.
  • jeff331jeff331 Posts: 21
    We just took our '01 Z71 on a 1600 mile round trip (interstate) and thought the ride was almost
    as good as our Honda Accord. I haven't spent any extended time in a Tahoe with Autoride, so
    I can't compare. Make sure the tire pressure is at the recommended 30 lbs. Ours came from
    the dealer with 43 pounds.
  • stump21stump21 Posts: 41
    Thanks for the Z71 info, 3lakeswi and jeff331. I have found some conflicting info about the Z71 package. Does the option include leather seats or cloth? I know it is an LS with some off road enhancements so I was under the impression it was cloth. Edmunds says cloth but GM buy power says leather. Thanks!
  • btenbten Posts: 28
    The Z71 comes only with leather seats. They are the version that is optional in the LS configuration. 6 way power, no memory, no heat.
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 79
    Overall I have been pleased with my 2001 yukon 5.3 2wd. I now have 4500 mi
    I live in Florida and go to North Carolina for the summer. Gas mileage from 12,5
    to 20.5 . The ride is smooth, has plenty of power, low wind noise.
    The air conditioning went out last week along with the right rear window motor..
    dealer replaced some type of switch on air and motor on window.
    I was not pleased when my new yukon came with Fireestone tires, but they ride
    smooth with low tire noise
  • subliminalsubliminal Posts: 29
    I just received a referral incentive from my Chevy salesman. The first 10 or 20 (I forget) referrals will get GM Employee pricing (significantly below invoice). I get $100 gift certificate (just to be up front about this). But I know the GM Employee pricing is pretty good. So I wanted to pass it along.

    I don't know about any other restrictions, I assume it is delivery from dealer stock. But last time I was there they had alot of burbs and hoes.

    Email me if interested. The dealer is in Framingham MA.

  • jgilchjgilch Posts: 2
    It seems there is some major issue with the rear drivers side window, motor or switch not sure which. GM isn't saying anything. I had it replaced on my 2000.5 Tahoe after 2,500 miles and it went out again two months later. I haven't bothered to replace again. I am waiting for them to figure it out so I don't do this every couple of months.

  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 255
    This sounds too good. Is it only for the dealer in Framingham or any Chevy dealer (I live in NY)? Why would they in essence "give away" vehicles to non-GM employees? If this is legit, please supply your e-mail address so I can contact you directly.
  • glinda49glinda49 Posts: 15
    We have just purchased a 1997 Yukon SLE 4 door and in my search on-line for cargo liners I have been asked weather the body is the old or new style. How do I tell? Is it the VIN # or something that determines that? Also, can anyone suggest a good place on-line to order custom cargo mats or liners(which is best?)at the best price? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Yours is the old body style. The new came out in '99 on the trucks and '00 on the Yukon.

    This is a good place to start looking...they are not the cheapest....but they have good stuff.

  • airball50airball50 Posts: 13
    I posted a similar message on the aftermarket forum, but Tahoe owners out there have a Borla catback system on their new body style Tahoe or Yukon? If so, does it fit right? My does not and it creates an annoying rattle against the frame. The installer went out of business and I cannot get any help from Borla. Does anyone have a different system? I might just take mine off and put a new system on.
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    Any good muffler shop can fix that rattle. You will pay a labor charge for it but it will be way less expensive than junking that high cost Borla system and putting on another catback. Check with several high quality shops in your area, who knows you might even find one that will bend a bracket for you at no charge!
  • subliminalsubliminal Posts: 29
    I think it is simply overstock and change of model year. I speculate this is GMS not GMO pricing, meaning, the dealer still make a couple pecent. Just a smaller holdback.

    You must buy it from this dealer through my salesman and be one of the first (I forget) 10 or 20 folks to sign a deal under this plan.

    If you want to take a drive to MA it might be worth a grand or more.

    Email if you like (sorry I forgot that in my post):

  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 255
    What's the difference between GMS and GMO? I'm not familiar with GM terminology (I currently own a Honda).Is this pricing at/above/below invoice? I have relatives in the Boston area, so if the pricing is worth the drive, I might do a doubleheader.
  • ernstajernstaj Posts: 1
    How do I contact writer #1072 for details regarding the discount he wrote about. I'm ready for that offer!
  • btenbten Posts: 28
    You might try:

    I found they cost less than premier and less for shipping.


  • kmurray66kmurray66 Posts: 28
    I'm in the market for a Tahoe and just read ( that Ford has increased the rebate on the Expedition from $500 to $2,000. I'm hoping GM will react with a general rebate of $1,000 or so. Any thoughts?
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