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Chevy Tahoe



  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    Ryan's philosophy on more motor, even at older than he thinks he'll even get to. While I've long outgrown the 'Vets (my daily commuter these days is an Accord V-6 coupe) I sorta think that with a truck, less power might almost be fine until you need it. At that point, the 85% solution, especially with a working 4x4, really doesn't look so good any more. Really wish I could get an LD SWB 1500 Ext 4x4 with an 8.1 or a diesel. But then I also live at about 6K ft, use my truck for actual truck stuff, and can afford the gas.
    -- Don
  • I've had my 2001 Yukon slt for a year. In the Winter, there is a cold draft on the passenger side floor board. Can't seem to find the source and the wife complains about it..

    Anyone else had this problem....The cold air....Not the screaming wife.

    St. Louis
  • My "check engine soon" light has come on two times and simultaneously started to shift very poorly as if the tranmission is slipping and the rpm's go way up. Once stopped and turned off it seems to drive fine. The dealer claims that they cannot find the problem since they need to see the computer code when the problem is occuring vs. after I turn the key off. Any ideas what may be causing this ... I really can't believe they have no clue.

  • brloubrlou Posts: 2
    I don't know what model year you have, but I know at least since 2000 the GMs hold any error codes so that they can be read later by the tech. It most definitely does NOT have to be having the problem at the time you bring it in. I would guess this is true for older model years, especially if you have a "Check Engine" light, but my first GM experience is with the 2000.--Louis
  • brloubrlou Posts: 2
    I was focusing on the error code issue, and not until I re-read your problem did I notice it was exactly what my Yukon suffered when it was new. This is most likely a transmission problem, but a software problem, not something physically out of whack, if that makes sense. Watch it close in the future as well. I've noticed mine not shifting correctly, but it just feels like very poor acceleration at certain speeds, and it's not obvious as to the cause.--Louis
  • When comparing smaller engines to larger ones... I always opt for the larger because

    1. You never know when you might need that extra power, you also have to compare the weight of the vehcile to the HP of the engine

    2. I feel the larger engine will last longer. It doesn't have to rev. as high to produce the same torque or HP. (Providing the engine was built right to begin with)

    Just my $.02 worth. Dave
  • When I bought My 2002 Tahoe, the salesman stressed that unless the gas cap clicks and is on tight that it will cause extra air to enter the gas tank and cause the light to come causeing the computer to malfunction resulting in an eng that doesn't run correctly. It will correct itself in a short time if the cap is screwed on tight
    Just passing this along don't know if true or not.
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    Heard about this problem a lot starting about this time last year. Have no idea what the solution is/was, but certainly do like your sense of humor!
    -- Don
  • Thanks for all the great responses to my earlier post. I bought a new Tahoe this weekend, Charcoal Grey Metallic with 5.3 engine and 3.7 axle ratio. Got a pretty good deal using GMBuypower site through a local dealer. I had called the dealer in Jasper, FL., but they didn't have what I wanted and weren't interested in my trade. I went with the 4-year 2.9% interest rate. So far I've put about 100 miles on it with no problems. It certainly rides and handles very nicely for a large vehicle. I did get the leather seats, too. My wife liked them because of the memory-seat feature-- she's about 5 feet, and I'm 6' 4", so we always have trouble readjusting driving positions. Once readjusted, she feels fine driving the Tahoe, too. I'm getting ready to go to Fla for Turkey Day, so will give it a good break-in. Everyone please have a safe and happy holiday, and as GM says-- let's keep America rolling!
  • Kevin,

      There is a TSB on this. Do a search of this board or take the easy way and go to:

    (this is the page with the TSB on it).

    I'd advise to print the TSB out and bring it to the dealer so he can't say he's never heard of it.

    Hope that helps.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I'd advise to print the TSB out and bring it to the dealer so he can't say he's never heard of it.

    The dealer can still say he's never heard of it and then send a copy along to their legal department for review! ;-)

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    But then there's a first time for everything...and those GM service managers, I hear, are reformed "inconsiderate salespersons"....
  • About a month ago was coming home from a trip, stopped at an intersection and as I accelerated, it was if the Yukon (Feb 2001) was starting in 2nd gear and the check engine light came on simultaneously. RPM's came up, but would barely move. Finally, when it got to 20 mph shifted and ran ok. The acceleration problem from a stopped position lasted for two days and then went away. Dealer looked at and said software clitch and downloaded new software. Good until yesterday, when all of sudden at an intersection, went to accelerate, RPM's came up and Yukon would barely move. Lasted most of day. Got home and in drive put Yukon in 3rd gear and seemed to accelerate fine then back into drive and now okay. Going back to dealer Saturday for look at software again. Could this be something more serious than just software glitch?
  • Chris...though the problem worries me, I am releaved to see that I am not alone. Your description of the symptoms are EXACTLY what is happening to me. I have to go 300 miles this weekend for the holidays so I will "cross my fingers". Please let me know what you find and I will do the same on my side ( Also, back when I had Ford Explorer computer problems I once read a post that suggested disconnecting the negative battery terminal for a few minutes then replacing it. This resets all of the computers and clears and "yellow lights". I have used this before and it works great for computer "glitches". I am beginning to think these new fancy cars are dependent on computers that act up just like the one on my desk.

  • Has anybody had any luck FINDING and subsequently PURCHASING one of these units? In N. Illinois these SUV's are far/few regarding inventories. And I've been told that they (dealers) are "getting" sticker prices. Any INPUT on a $40k price that I finally DID FIND?
  • I bought a '01 Tahoe Z71 from a local dealer in June, which was shortly after they were in dealer inventory.
    There were a grand total of 4 Z71's between Denver and Cheyenne, WY, but my local dealer had 1 of them
    in stock. I ended up paying $500 over invoice for it, so I think you should be able to do better than sticker.
    That assumes, of course, that the dealer quoting you sticker isn't the only guy with one in stock!

  • Hello Everyone, I recently ordered my first GMC. Its a 4WD Yukon SLT. The dealer just called with my build date, which is scheduled for 12/3/01. Can you all help me with a few questions?

    1) Is the "build date" the date my truck will begin production, or is it the final assembly date?
    2) If it it the start date. How long will it take to build my truck?
    3) Based on your expirence, can I expect to have my truck by Christmas?

    I am guessing that it will start production on the 3rd, take one week to build, and then two weeks to get it delivered. Am I close?

    Thanks for your Help.
  • It will start on the 3rd, be off line by the 7th or 8th. The rest is travel time to the dealership which can very depending on which of the 3 plants build it, and how far it will have to go before it gets to you. I would be willing to say that you will see it the week of the 17th. Let us know how you like it.
  • I just purchased a preowned 2001 tahoe. The dealer is trying to get me a manual (yea right). anyways I have a few questions about it. How do you program the homelink with my garage door? How do you program the door autolocks? Is there any other high tech tricks that someone would not konw is on one of these without the manual? Thanks
  • I purchased a Tahoe last December and it vibrates. Does anyone else have this problem? is it just a tahoe thing or do yukons do the same? It doesn't vibrate so bad that it shakes the whole truck but it does it enough to feel like a P.O.S. It has also hesitated in starting a few times. The best way I can describe it is like an old car that has a jacked carborator. When I took it to be checked the serviceman told me there was nothing found on the diagnostic and that the engine is big and it's normal. How can I convince them to look into it seriously without making lousy excuses because I am a girl??? I am getting frustrated with it and need to take it in again. Is just me or are these dealership mechanics plain stupid? help me :(
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