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Chevy Tahoe



  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I have a go rhino series 3000 stepguard on my silverado. Looks good. Bolts right up tow hooks stay on

    Pics can be seen here

  • I think I have had the same problem, but I'm not positive because my wife thinks she may have done it by mistake. The clock on my 01 Yukon was off by four hours twice now. I'm keeping an eye on it so I'll let you know.
  • Greetings!

    Three days ago I picked up a 2002 Yukon SLT with 1SD option (leather seats, power lumbar control). Great truck, except for the lumbar.

    I was wearing a thick coat when test-driving, so didn't notice the bulging lumbar in the seatback (driver and passenger), even when the control was at it's deflated state. (bulge seems to stick out about 3-inches, and is located about 6-inches up from the intersection of the seat and the seatback).

    I took it to the service director, who said the bladder was fully deflated, and the seats were at their lowest state of "bulge". He told me that he doesn't like lumbar control seats either, and would check with his contact at GM to see if anything can be done.

    Has anyone else been bugged by the bulge, and is there a way to resolve the issue? The sales manager said that I couldn't return the car (I thought there was a three day window, but he said no).

  • Happens ocassionally to lots of owners including me. dealer(s) never heard of it. My OEM battery + terminal failed recently(again common GM problem) and I hope new battery helps. Haven't experienced problem since but too soon to tell.
  • I put a black Manik grill guard on my 01 YXL and am very happy with it. It can be installed also without removing the tow hooks and you don't need to drill the bumper.

    Drawback to this design is it is not as sturdy as those that are drilled in. Don't know if it would keep a deer out of the grill but did not want to go with the heavy duty look or holes in bumper. Paid $395 at local aftermarket dealer.

  • Can anyone give me as much info on the Yukon as possible? What tranny does it have? Major problems? Problems related to high mileage? How long can they go before a major rebuild? Please email me at

  • We are seriously looking to buy one of these three vehicles in the next 2 months. Really liked both Yukon and Tahoe. Also like the Sequoia a lot, but finding it to be overpriced compared to the GM vehicles. What is the main reason why someone would buy a Yukon over a Tahoe? Also what type of prices are you all getting for '02 Yukon SLT models. Can I get one for under $35,000? Only options wanted are third row seat and running boards. Hope to hear from those of you who have recently purchased or leased. Thanks very much!
  • Have same problem in an '01 Yukon XL. About a dozen times in the past twelve months the theft lock has been engaged and the clock reset. There has been no consistent pattern to predict when or why it occurs. Dealer has checked it a few times and can't isolate a problem, although it did happen to them once.

    This TSB came out a few days ago, but for now appears limited to the 2002 models and does not directly deal with the power loss issue, although it seems pretty close. I suspect GM is on its way to finding the problem, but the problem is too intermittent to isolate in the field. Hopefully when enough radios are returned and disassembled they will find the problem part they are looking for and it will help solve our problems.

    * * * * * * *

    Info - Erratic or Intermittent Operation of Radio

    Erratic or Intermittent Operation of Radio

    2002 Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette

    2002 Chevrolet and GMC C/K Pickup and Utility Models (Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe, Denali, Yukon,
    Yukon XL, Yukon Denali)

    2002 Chevrolet and GMC S/T Pickup and Utility Models (S10, Sonoma, Blazer, TrailBlazer, Jimmy, Envoy

    2002 Chevrolet and GMC M/L Vans

    2002 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade EXT

    with RPO UL0, UN0 OR UL9

    The following intermittent conditions may occur with the entertainment system:

    The radio turns off by itself.
    The radio's audio cuts out.
    The radio can't be turned off.
    The radio functions/features are erratic.


    The above conditions are INTERMITTENT symptoms and may be difficult to duplicate. The customer reporting any of these
    concerns should be justified in exchanging the unit as these symptoms may never result in a permanent failure.

    Radios that exhibit the conditions above should be returned to an ACDelco® Service Center for exchange.
  • poc322poc322 Posts: 22
    It looks like others have experienced the radio/power failures. I talked to my dealership earlier this morning and made an appointment to bring my 01 Tahoe in. They said that they would have one of their technicians look at it and test the power supply and battery, etc. etc. But he did not mention replacing the radio.
    Of those who have also experienced this problem has any one not been able to use the radio for an extended period of time. I know I was unable to get any of the buttons to work for about a minute or so. But eventually it was back up and working.

    For the person who is looking at brush guards. I have a black manik installed on my 01 Z71 Tahoe. I also looked at a ranch hand, but decided against it because it has the metal screen in the middle. I have seen a few vechiles with the ranch hand and don't think it looks that bad. But I'm happy with the manik, and I think I paid around 350 for it. However I did loose my front tow hooks.
  • Can you who have recently purchased a Tahoe/Yukon tell me what was your deciding factor was. I'm looking to purchase in the next 6 months and unsure if it should be the Av or Tahoe. I have a 2000 Tahoe now but want to upgrade to the either one with the Z71 package. I am aware of the obvious differences but wanted feedback from others who may have considered both.
  • onebuconebuc Posts: 28
    from my research the Yukon is same truck, minor cosmetic differences and 3 to 4 grand more for a different grill and name. My choice the Tahoe with all the options that I wanted and no regrets thus far. Price difference based on the LS model that I purchased.
  • I have the same seats in my '01 YXL and if you fully retract BOTH the lumber and the side bolsters, the seat back should be relatively flat. On the round button, push down until the sides are in and back until the lumbar is in. Let us know if it's more than that.
  • I had been leaning toward buying a Sequoia because of its styling and the fact that it was a little larger and it was a toyota (better built). My wife though did not really like it so we started to look more seriously at the Yukons. Came close to buying one then figured out that the Tahoe was the same auto but with a couple of cosmetic changes and would cost at least a grand more. Started looking at the Tahoe and finally purchased one two weeks ago. So far I love it. I live in DC and drive about 2 hours to Delaware to pay $100 over invoice for the exact truck I wanted. The dealer was great and my price did not include any dealer added fees like advertising. I got a fully loaded LT and am sure I saved about 5-6 thousand over the Sequoia, since the only way to get a Sequoia with higher level options is to purchase the Limited model. Enough to scratch my head about why someone would buy the Toyota. I have heard complaints about the Tahoes "fit & finish" but so far everything seems very well put together. Oh one last thing the Sequoia's engine is only about 245HP while the Tahoe's is 285HP. Even my wife who really does not care too much about her mode of transportation said that the Toyota's pickup was horrible compared to the Tahoe.
  • poc322poc322 Posts: 22
    I ended up purchasing an 01 Z71 tahoe about 4 months ago. I looked at both the tahoe and the yukon, and found them to be the same vechile, other than the little differences here and there. Plus the yukon is a couple of grand more. Then for me the choice was between and LT or a Z71. And once I got to this point I made my decisions based on what options I wanted. I wanted larger tires, the nurf bars, and the better suspension. And once I started looking at the numbers I found the Z71 package to be about a grand cheaper than the LT. I know on the Z71 you can't get climate control or a third seat. Two options I didn't need. But other than that, the vechile is fully loaded. So I think your best bet is to determine what options you want, and what you want to pay. The yukon and the tahoe are both great vechiles so you really can't go wrong.
  • I guess, to elaborate on the question, Why did you choose the Taho/Yukon over the AV (if it was even a consideration). I agree my next truck will be a Chevy (Av or Tahoe) and not GMC.

    Any others would be greatly appreciated.
  • I bought a GMC Yukon XL for $200 LESS than I could have gotten a equally equipped Suburban. I don't know what you guys are looking at as far as price goes, but the GMC packages have more standard stuff on them, hence the "higher" price. If you add the options that come standard on any GMC to a Chevy the price for the Chevy is usually higher. Both basically the same vehicles, with a few cosmetic differences, like seat stitching, hood, grill and headlights, and front bumper, and fewer option packages for GMC. I work for the general so my employee price is set in stone, no deal making at all, and the GMC was $200 cheaper. I don't know how to explain it. This holds true for the Envoy vs. the Trailblazer as well, equally equipped Chevy costs more.
  • Is bargaining for the dealer invoice price realistic? and Did you get the convenience package, sans the sunroof? Those are the two packages I think I would consider:

    Z71 and conv pak w/o sunroof.

    Any others.
    If you want email me with you respones.

  • Thanks for your response jgmilberg.

    I had tried the lumbar controls (as had the service director) as you had suggested, but there is still a noticeable 3-inch lump about 6-inches up from the seat.

    The service director's contact at GMC said that they have been getting some complaints about the new design lumbar control seats (I think 2001 was the first year for the redesigned seats). He said it took him three months to get used to it himself.

    The GMC contact said they could take the lumbar out of the seats for me for ~$600 to $700/seat. GMC is not willing to pick up the tab.

    The service director suggested that I might want to take the Yukon to an auto trim store, to see if they could take the seatcover off and tweak the padding. He said it shouldn't void the warranty on my seat.

    What do you think?
  • punjabpunjab Posts: 102
    I think the underlying question here is: Are the Lumbar supports in your Yukon any different than the supports in the other Yukons on the dealers lot.

    If the answer is yes, then don't settle for anything less than GMC replacement seats. If this dealer can't make it happen, try another who can, or call the GMC regional service manager.

    If the answer is no, then take whatever help that the dealer is offering to make you a happy and comfortable customer.
  • I have a 2000 Yukon SLT 4WD with 44K miles. It still has the original Goodyear tires (245 75 16). Although there is quite a bit of tread remaining they have gone to crap in the rain. With snow on its way, I think I need to make a decision. I have 2 questions- since GM would not allow me to order the 265 70 16's due to my 3rd seat, I suspect that these tires may cause the 3rd row seat ride to become more rough. Any thoughts? In addition, I am looking for recommendations for tires. I have always been a Michelin fan but even they offer quite a diversity All season to Off road options. I am mostly a pavement driver but seem some light off road and expect several 6" to 10" snow falls a year. It has been quite some time since I have visited these discussions. I am sure you guys have had many discussions on this topic but am too lazy (@ 26.4K!) to search through the postings! Thanks in advance, Lee
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