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Chevy Tahoe



  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    invoice price you were given?
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    tomorrow.....according to the note he said he would sell me the car for $29997 including the GM rebate + TT&L. Nothing was mentioned about invoice plus or minus anything....just a firm, walk out the door number. We'll see tomorrow.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    can also be found here. Very comprehensive, and it's free!!!

  • I would be happy to email you an excel spread sheet with the pertinent info. FYI, the interest rate is a fairly unatractive 7%. The residual value for a 36 month 12k/yr lease is 51%, which is down from 55% due to the rebate. A purchase price of $6-7k below MSRP certainly helps. While I might have been able to do better through a 3rd party leasing company, my preference is to lease through the captive companies because they tend to be very fair at lease end with respect to minor damage. With 3 kids under 5 yrs, this is an issue. I had a very unpleasant experience on a 3rd party Honda lease five years ago. GMAC also does not require a security deposit at this rate. Nevertheless, I'd be curious to see what kind of 3rd party deals are out there. I live in NJ.
  • ianshawianshaw Posts: 119
    A new Tahoe is due to be delivered to me next Monday. I am trying to decide if it is worth paying for the extended warranty. Any suggestions? The dealer is offering one for approximately $1500 that would include coverage for 6 yrs or 75,000 miles. Does that sound reasonable? I would greatly appreciate any advise.
  • balserbalser Posts: 90
    I purchased an 6yr / 100k extended warranty on a '95 burb and felt that I pretty much broke even, but the truck didn't require any major repair. We didn't get one on the '96 suburban, and it needed a tansfer case at 40k, but GM picked up the parts, we paid labor of about $800. With the other minor repairs needed over time, this one probably would have cost us money had we bought a service contract. We did buy a 6 yr / 100k contract on our 2000 suburban, primarily because it was a new design. Funny thing, when we bought it, it was a $100 deductible, but the card came through at a $0 deductible, making an OK deal much better.

    The dealer markup is about 50% if I remember, so shop around. I prefer GM warranties over 3rd party. Just my opinion.
  • Hi all,
    I just purchased an aftermarket (german) keyless entry and went to install it last weekend. I had a look in my Haynes Repair Manual before but the wire colors were not matching at all. I thing the Repair Manual is a little old... Is there anybody out there who can send me a wiring diagram for my '98 Chevy Tahoe so I don't have to try everything out. I need the wiring diagram of the Power door locks, the switches in the doors for the interiour lighting and the turn signals. My address is Thanks from Germany!!!
  • Kmurray, I found out that the GMAC lease rate on a Yukon right now is 6.5% with 51% residual value on 36 month/36,000 mile lease. I obtained this info from "Car-Man", the lease wizard on the Financing board and a few local dealers confirmed this as well.

    My out-of-town dealer originally told me the GMAC rate was 7.5%, I got him down to 7.35%, and then told him I could get the rate locally at 6.5%.
    It looks like your dealer is marking up the base rate as may want to see if you can get him down to 6.5%. That little .5% saves just a little over $250 over the life of the loan...worth a few dinners out anyway!
  • Here is the deal I have going in Chicago/Milwaukee area Msrp 41921.00 LEV%48, 15K at 36 months, .10 Penalty over, 100 over invoice Money Factor (Rate) .00214X24 equals 5.13% This is what my dealer found. GMAC was at 50% LEV, but the Money Factor was much higher.
  • Do you happen to know what bank this lease is through?
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    One of the few nice things about GM IFS is the ability to adjust the front end height. What in hell makes you think adding 4-6 rounds is going to break the adjuster? That's why they're there! We've been cranking these bars since they hit the streets with the '83 S-10s and I don't know anyone that's broken one yet.
    -- Don
  • I bought the 100,000 mile extended warranty for $1200. Since the truck is on the 0% financing, I figured I may as well go for it. It is the first extended warranty I have owned. I hear GM alternators get expensive when they go out and leave you stranded, so that played into the thinking as well.

  • Yes, the bank is FIRSTAR!!! The Lease Manager says, this is the bank he is working with right now... cause they have the best deal out there! He was ready to do the deal when I walked in. I was not ready however. There was nothing on the lot I liked. Did you look at a BURB? He quoted me at pretty close to the same payment...(due to the higher LEV which makes up for the 1500-2K difference). Baseball... what part of the USA are you from?
  • ianshawianshaw Posts: 119
    I just ordered a brand new Tahoe. Because the dealer didn't have what I wanted, he did a "dealer locate." I made him do three or four until he found a vehicle that was in transit from the manufacturer. That way, the vehicle will have no test drive miles on it when it is delivered. Don't let a dealer make you think that there is only one vehicle out there that matches your criteria. Make him do several searches until he finds one that has low mileage. Also, the dealer should not give you any grief if you want the truck trailered from the other dealership. 250 miles is a lot of miles - particularly when the driver likely will not be all that interested in complying with break-in period standards. I live in Wyoming where every dealer locate requires a long distance. The dealers here have no problem with trailering the vehicle. Furthermore, they have no problem arranging the paperwork so that you can pick up the vehicle yourself. In fact, when I go to pick up my new truck, I am going to drive the vehicle that my dealership is trading - drop it off - pick up my new truck - and drive it home. My suggestion is to not be timid with your dealer. You are buying a 35k truck. It is reasonable not to want a stranger driving it for 250 miles!
  • sf0383sf0383 Posts: 204
    I have a '97 Tahoe that has developed a problem with the interior lighting. The dome lights will turn themselves on in the middle of the night and drain the battery. I've had it to my local mechanic who so far has replaced the battery, alternator and several modules under the dash. NOW the interior lights stay on when the engine is running. The dome override switch solves the problem when you keep it pushed in but then the lights don't work when you open the doors whic is a pain at night. Anyone else experienced similar problems?
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Check out my post in the silv. pu
    thread #4518. I know what the problem
    is !!!!!!!!
  • I am planning on getting one before the 2002 discount runs out. What are people actually getting for gas mileage? Can anyone help?
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    It sounds like a busted off switch plunger on one of the doors.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    When: Saturday Jan 19
    Where: Pine Barrens (Lebanon State Forest, NJ)
    Meet: Intersection of Rte 70 and 72 near Whiting, NJ
    Time: 10:45-11am
    Who: AWD/4wd Vehicles (no 2wd please)
    What: Off-road Trail Ride through the barrens, will be fun for all, we encourage Subarus, Rav4s, CRVs, Isuzus, Highlanders, 4-runners, Santa Fe, Explorers, etc.

  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Exactly ! I had the same prob. with my
    Caddy.......SF See my post in the silverado
    thread #4518....Geo...ex 94 yukon owner..
    and would have another...but need pickup now !
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