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2002 Pathfinder blower motor resistor broke

romad293romad293 Posts: 1
My fan would not turn constanty blows in high mode. I know it is the resistor for the blower motor but I cannot find it! It is kind of embarassing considering that about 5 years ago I worked in a Nissan Dealership as a service tech...I just never performed this maintenance on this vehice.I cannot find where it is to replace it. Hopefuy someone can expain where to find it.Any help is appreciated.


  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    It's a fan control amplifier (a power FET), not a resistor. It appears to be on top of the fan plenum just to the left of the fan. Yours must be shorted (the power FET). Zapped or something - perhaps heat damaged it. It's right behind the upper left of the glove box.

    Have fun. ;)">
  • nate240znate240z Posts: 3
    I developed the exact same problem this morning. Is this Fan Contol Amplifier the same part listed as the Blower Motor Resistor elsewhere ($35-ish) or is this going to be a dealer-only part ($100++++)? Thanks-
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I have the "ESM" (Electronic Service Manual) - a CD. It doesn't show a blower motor resistor, either in the pictorials or the schematics. It shows the Fan Control Amplifier (which is drawn as a power FET). The Fan Control Amplifier is shown in the spot you would expect a resistor in older designs (from fan motor to ground). It is controlled by the climate control chip.
  • nate240znate240z Posts: 3
    While you have provided me with the answer to my question, It's not what I wanted to hear... oh, well I guess the wallet is going to be a little bit lighter now. Thanks for the info.
  • jimmy76jimmy76 Posts: 1
    My fan just started doing the same thing, I can't shut it off and it's on high. I have a 2002 Pathfinder, I just got a quote for the Fan Amp, it's $261! It's a dealer only part... you know it costs them about $1 to make it in China. Aparently this is a common problem with the Pathfinders... Hope that helps.
  • nate240znate240z Posts: 3
    Check the salvage yards... mine was purchased for about $25 and then I traded the Pathfinder in on an '07 Frontier CC LB, which is what I wanted to begin with... good luck.
  • Was wondering, if my fan runs but it is surging and/or makes a "whooshing" noise could this be the same problem? Any help would be appreciated.
  • Doesn't matter where I want it to blow, but the heat/clim control only comes on when the blower's on the highest setting. Help! What's wrong, and how do I fix it?
  • rtjrrtjr Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Pathfinder and the fan doesn't stop blowing even when the ac is off. It does go to different speeds when the ac is on, but when I cut the ac off, it still is blowing, but not as fast. Any suggestions?
  • I have had all the same problems as everyone has mentioned. I have a cheap fix. The problem comes from the semiconductor under the small circut board in the ampliflier. My problem is, it blew and only left two of the four numbers. It is a NEC part and easy to install. Does anyone out there have the part number? In the mean time I installed a chip that is close but not exact. I now have a only two speeds but every thing else works fine. By the way the temp part was $8.47 plus shipping. Please let me know about the number. Thanks PS you will need too use a soidering iron to remove the circut board. Can't hurt it because it doesnt work anyway
  • same issue....does anyone have the NEC part Number?? like mr bostwick, the fet in my unit also blew taking out the last 2 numbers of the nec part number. what i can see is "NEC K25..." and there are a bunch of these. here is a site that lists these components and about 6 NEC's. : en&action=Search

    the "2S" in front of K25 simply means that it was made in japan....i think.

    it's not a big deal to buy it or replace it once you know which specific component to buy. Help?
  • mr bostwick.....2 speeds are better than none. could you please tell me which component you purchased and where.

    thanks so
  • I got it from Mouser Electronics 800-346-6873
    part # NTE2393 It is the part inside the fan amp it is black and has three prongs connected to a small circut board. Can you identify the numbers on yours (the black part with three prongs?
  • thanks for the quick reply....

    here is a site that lists NEC FET's with a K25 starting part number: - en&action=Search

    i appreciate your info and i will post anything i find.

  • I have the same problem with my 2002 (climate control runs on high and won't turn off) and just took it to the dealer today. The tech said I need a "blower motor kit" which is going to cost me $415 on top of the $85 diagnostic fee I paid today. Does this sound legit?
  • In my opinion that price is way out of line for the fix that is really needed. first off, based on my research of the problem, a "blower kit", which sounds like a complete rebuild, may fix the problem but it is clearly overkill. everything that i have seen on many forums points to the fan control amplifier and that was the problem with mine. more specifically, it is the FET semiconductor on the circuit board of the fan control amp that goes bad. I have found the fan control amp for as low as $127 and as high as $190 which is a sham since the FET component goes for about $10 if you handy enough to replace it.. Be that as it may, you can purchase an amp and install it your self with little problem since it is a pluggable unit.

    also i have read that the 2 cabin air filters are a probable cause for the amp going bad. since they become very dirty and clogged, the amp overheats and causes it to fail. Bottom line is that you should clean or probably replace these filters while you have the glove box out or you will be having the same problem down the road again.

    look at this thread and you will see many conversations that steer you in the same direction. also, at about the middle of the thread , you will find a post that has the pictures of every step needed to replace this amp and filters as well as sources for the amp purchase other than a nissan dealer.

  • I agree with #17 Its not difficult to get to. Prob is the semiconductor in the fan control amp. If you do fix it let me know the nec # on the semi conductor. Thanks
  • Okay, I emailed my dealer about this and they have already called back with an explanation. They claim they can do, and have done, the less expensive amp fix but claim I can expect the same thing to happen again. Apparently there is a problem with the existing blower or amp/blower combo that replacing the amp won't completely fix. In other words the amp fix is just a Band-Aid and they said after the amp fix I can expect to be back in again to get the same problem fixed. So now I'm not sure what to do. Does their explanation sound reasonable?
  • It because the air filters get clogged after a while and the amp does not get proper cooling. By the way the owners manuel does not mention anything about the filters. Also replace the filters do not clean them.
  • Regarding the blower motor kit issue discussed immediately above here is a link to the official Nissan TSB which says the blower fan and amp kit must both be installed. (see NTB03-057b, the 6th one down)
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