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2002 Pathfinder blower motor resistor broke



  • Skinnytony. If you want to spend the money ok. But by my replacing the semiconductor and the filters all total cost $40 , 48000 miles later all is working well.
  • I have a 2002 Pathfinder with Climate Control. Seems that my fan Control Amp is blown. Opened it up and found the part number for the Power FET on mine says "NEC K2500". Part of the number was discolored but still readable. I've had no luck in finding a replacement transistor. I've rigged up a temporary grounding toggle switch to the blower motor and can force it to full. I hope the above part number will give someone a shot at finding and sharing a source for a decent replacement if not exact.

    I've checked the local salvage yards for a replacement amp, but haven't had luck there either. Does anyone known of any other makes/models that use that same part(the whole amp with heat sink)?
  • Where can I purchase the amp for $10.00, so I can replace it myself by soldering it in?
  • wow....that was quite a while ago. let me see if i can find the info in my old
  • I got it from Mouser Electronics 800-346-6873
    part # NTE2393. It is the part inside the fan amp. it is black and has three prongs connected to a small circut board. this part will give you 2 speeds, not 3 but that worked for me. i think it was about $9...

    good luck
  • Thankyou that would be awsome, Justin
  • lisasponlisaspon Posts: 1
    How common is it that the heat/conditioner blower won't shut off?? C'mon. Besides pulling out the fuses associated with the blower, isn't there some less expensive thing we can do than taking it in to the dealer to be 'fixed'? Why has this happened? How common is it? It's not an option right now for me to take my vehicle to the dealer.
  • My blower work on high and off for a few months. Then just on high for about a month.....then it quit. I replaced the A/C heater blower motor resister $54. It didn't fix it.

    still debating what to do.....thinking about putting in new blower....$150.00......lot of money to waste if it don't fix it.
  • darrell_hdarrell_h Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    Any MOSFET with a voltage rating greater than 50V (For the 12V automobile voltage plus a voltage spike at turn-off) and less than 0.7 Ohm will work. I'm installing an IRFB4310 just because I had a bunch of them for my own business. This MOSFET has 0.0056 Ohm of resistance compared to 0.7 Ohm of the original NTE2393. You have to put a shim in if the MOSFET that you find is smaller, and pretend you have tiny Indonesian fingers to get the little thermal sensor back under the clip but, it can be done.
  • I'm having the exact same experience with my 03. So far I've replaced the resistor. How did your problem work out?
  • We ended up replacing the amplifier :( Luckily we found a part at a local pull a part place so it didn't end up costing us the $125 it could have.
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