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Dodge Ram Idle and Stalling Problems



  • Between 98 and 02 the cummins lift pump located in the side of the block was a horrible design. They changed it from a mechanical pump that was run off the cam shaft to an electric pump mounted roughly in the same location (the drivers side of the block, behind the injection pump.) You can go to the dealer and get a retrofit kit that moves the pump into the tank. You can also get it from Cummins for a little less money. It's somewhat time consuming and there is an electrical harness that must be installed with the kit.
  • I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 (4.7) v-8 quad cab. The rpms idle erractically especiallly at stop lights. While driving, the truck is okay. At slow drives (2-10 M.P.H.) the truck may cut off. I been dealing with this problem for about 2 months before I finally decided to raise the hood as well as my sleeves. Now what I did was 1.Disconnect air filter and check the condition. 2. Disconnect Air Resonator box on top and remove( make sure to disconnect air charge sensor wire and hose on the other side) 3.Inside the AIR RESONATOR BOX is an air charge sensor(blue color tip)check it for dust, apply light pressure and clean it with a clean rag. 4. Get a can of injection cleaner and lightly spray inside of throttle body around the plate/below the throttle body is a smile-like opening, get a flat head screwdriver and wrap it with a clean cloth and stick it in there and wipe inside of that compartment. 5. Start engine and slightly idle up 30 seconds). 6. Turn engine off and reconnect every thing back (Don't forget to reconnect air charge wire and hose). 7. The check engine light may come on , but don't be alarmed. That's just your air charge sensor adjusting. It will go out soon. Voila! this worked for me and hopefully for you also. Now my Ram is steady idled at about 600 rpms at stop lights,and it doesn't stall anymore. To make a long story short, just clean your throttle body and check your air charge sensor to start with. Good Luck.
  • I have 98 ram 1500 4x4 5.9L.
    it was running after a short stop,i got 300 feet then loss power it would idle fine but even in park could not get rpms over 2k & runs very rough when giving it gas.
    checked fuel pressure ok. any ideas what to do?
  • Had similar problem with '02 5.9L Durango. Problem was traced to a plugged fuel injector. I had used some contaminated gas. Dealer removed and cleaned injector and problem disappeared. I can't remember if it caused the check engine light to come on.
  • Thanks.
    The problem turn out to be the catalytic converter broke inside and blocked the exhaust.
  • I have an 00 5.9 with excatly the same problem--irritating. Would you let me know if you find the cure?
  • hey - I replaced plugs/cables etc., didn't help. I'm taking it in to the shop next week - I'll let you know.
  • OK, this just started. I went to my truck yesterday the battery was low, so it wouldn't turn over, just clicked. I put a charger on it for about an hour and then it started right up. The truck had been running great up until the dead battery. Now the truck starts right up and will idle for a while, drive it for about 3 miles, and stop and the engine just dies. It starts right up, but unless your foot is on the gas won't idle. Any ideas? Like I said this was all of the sudden, I wonder if the computer just needs to be reset so it can "learn" again. Thanks in advance!
  • qhutqhut Posts: 2
    My truck ran great w/ no issues til I parked and let it set for about 3 weeks. I drove about 4 miles and the motor cut off and lost all power as others have described, like turning off the key. The big difference is after letting the truck sit for 20min or so it will start right up clean and strong. Drive for another 3 or 4 miles and off it goes again. I can hear the fuel pump coming on and pressure up. The motor cranks strong but does not fire up. I thought the coil may have been the culprit but installed new coil and problem still exist. I filled the tank w/ fresh gas still no change. I live only 1.5 miles from work and can drive that far as if nothings wrong but if I go another 2 or 3 miles it will die this has been going on for about 3 weeks now and not excited about taking it to the dealer to diagnose. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • Aug 16,2006 at 91,106 miles my dealer replaced the rear end in my 2002 Ram. Now at 106,685 miles and 13 months later, he is replacing it AGAIN. Anyone had this problem and any suggestions. This time it is to the tune of $992. The last one was covered under extended warranty. This one comes out of my pocket. Chrysler Service was extremely rude when we called to inquire about it. I asked for someone to contact over and above to inquire about my problems, the girl told such person. They say no, out of warranty, end of discussion. We have been Mopar FOREVER. This gives me a bad feeling. It makes me wonder how long the new rear end will last???? Help.....any suggestions would be appreciated!
    Dodge gal
  • qhutqhut Posts: 2
    I replaced the rearend in my 98 Ram at 75000. mi, it began howling like an old school bus. Cost me $1300.00 out of pocket. I now have 132000 mi. and noise is returning.
    I think Ill just live w/ it this time around.
  • wizzlewizzle Posts: 3
    iam having the same problem that you had,but with a 03. did you ever come with fixable answer.if so,do you think you can help me. its driving me nuts. thanks
  • don_rdon_r Posts: 3
    Well, not sure, I bought a new battery because it wouldn't hold a charge. I haven't driven it much since June because of gas prices, but it was running great up until about 3 days before it started dying, my son used it for a couple of days.

    So, for now it seems to be fixed I have been driving it this weekend and no problems, so the battery seemed to be the answer for me.
  • every time truck sits in rain for a couple hours & you start it, it runs rough for about 2-5 miles with engine light on but normally clears up & light goes out But the last time it happen the light would not go out why is it doing it & how can i get the light out
  • wizzlewizzle Posts: 3
    first off all thankyou for getting back to me. i tried a new even does it in great for about five minuts,then stalls.its also been setting for some time.i can keep it running when moving.maybe i need to take it on the highway and open it up. if you here anything let me know,and i'll do the same thanks again.
  • bigjerbigjer Posts: 5
    all you need to do is give it a good tune up new cap,rotor, wires, plugs. this should take care of this problem for you
  • Thanks i will try that, but i did spray water directly on the cap & wires with a spray bottle at night to see if i had any sparks from the wires or cap & it apeared to be okay
  • I have a 99 Dodge 1500, mine is a 5 speed and every time i go to press in the clutch the RPMs will range from 400-600. sometimes even die, i had taken it to Autozone and they ran the test on the engine light and it returned that my system is running to lean, on Bank one. which is an injector. so this may be your problem as well. it runs fine when you are driving it down the road.
  • wizzlewizzle Posts: 3
    whats up don. i had the same problem with my truck. i did everything plugs.did'nt work. then i pulled the ignition coils.noticed one of thos was might wanna cheack thos if you have them.but while i was doing all that.i also map censer was completily broke of. i dont know if yours is the same as an 03,mine is located inbetweenthe altanater,and air condision compressor. after i fixed all that my truck runs like a champ.i hope that helps you let me know.
  • don_rdon_r Posts: 3
    actually, I replaced the battery, it wouldn't hold a charge, and the problem seemed to disappear! I hope that was it, the truck doesn't get driven very often, maybe 2-3 times a month since gas prices are so high, and it's not the best in fuel consumption. :) Thanks for the reply!
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