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Isuzu Rodeo



  • Hi im trying to replace the water pump on my 94 rodeo and cant get the dam blance shaft off the truck so i can remove the timming belt cover. I tried useing a impact and did nothing i tried holding the shft still useing 2 screw drives and the 2 round holes on the shaft and it ended up breaking the holds out of it so im out of ideas on howto get it off.

    is there any kinda lub i can use to break it lose?
  • so i have a 92 rodeo 4x4 and i saw today that it has a borg warner t5 transmission, which i know for a fact is a ford mustang transmission. i was talking to a master certified mechanic today and he thinks that with some fire wall modification and some electrical work i can squeeze a 4.6l out of a 96-98 mustang gt into my rodeo. i have the knowledge and tools i just need to know if anyone has ever done it or seen it done ( not necessarily a ford v8 but any v8) i mentioned that i wanted to do this swap to a co worker/hard core mudder and he said that a trooper suspension will bolt up to my rodeo and give me 2-3 inches of lift. and advise or input is appreciated
  • I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo with 68k miles on it and have been experiencing a loss of power and an obvious vacuum leak on the passenger side. I've replaced the Intake manifold gaskets and clean out the EGR downtube. does anyone else know where the leak might be coming from? thanks
  • hey i just want to know if its legal and how hard a job it would be to put a 02 rodeo engine in a 1990 model dao.
  • DTC;s 1515, 1225, 1295. Engines starts and runs. Has no power and runs rough. Any ideas?
  • Brianc,

    I just replaced the fuel level sending unit in my 2001 rodeo, the dealer wanted $640.00 for the entire fuel pump assembly saying that I could not get the sending unit by itself. Lies, I found the sending unit for $40.00 at e-bay, and my thruck is working perfect now. the following links are for the ebay seller and his product. Good Luck! itemZ180308327411QQihZ008QQcategoryZ42604QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  • 2004 Isuzu Rodeo something wierd is going on the reduce power light comes on and i have no power tac wont go over 2,500 rpm.
    Top speed only bout 30 mph. If i get out and raise the hood and tap on the throttle body assy. Get back in the car it will start up and run fine. This may happen several times a day or it will go for several weeks with no problem. ANY IDEAS PLS or is there a way to bypass this. Thank you for at least reading this
  • Hi all,

    I have a 98 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.0. I put the car in reverse moves fine but when i put the car in drive it doesn't move unless i press the "WINTER DRIVE" button then the transmission engages and i am able to move fine but when slow down again to a full stop or slow speed i have to press "WINTER DRIVE" again to get moving otherwise i am stuck

    I have no idea what is going on ... could someone please point me in the right direction...thanks
  • Is your electical system producing >12 volts? The same thing happened to me and the problem on my truck was that the alternator had quit and I was slowing running down the battery. Your volt meter should read about 14 volts when the truck is running.
  • 1997 Passport:

    Outside temp was in low 20s. When the truck warmed up, I moved the temp control to hot, vent to defrost, air intake to "recirc", and turned on the A/C to dehumidify. I got exactly the opposite--the windows almost immediately fogged up and I could smell what I think is coolant. Switching to fresh air didn't help. If I keep the temp control at cold, I find that the widows take longer to fog up, but they still do. The A/C seems to be pumping cold air (sort of hard to tell when the outside temp is coldish to begin with!), but I'm not getting the de-humidifying effect. I can hear/feel the A/C clutch engaging.

    The fact that I can smell coolant and that the problem is exacerbated when the temp control is at hot makes me think it might be a leak in the heater core--hot, humid air is being blown to the windshield, fogging it. The problem with that idea is that the radiator doesn't seem to be losing coolant and I can't detect any leaks inside or outside the truck.

    Is there a drain for the heater core box? Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?


  • My son’s 2000 Rodeo transmission hesitates badly and has very little power in reverse. No problems in drive or any other gear, just reverse. What should he do to diagnose and fix the problem? The truck has 114K miles on it (not the original owner) and everything else seems fine. V-6 4x4. thanks
  • I just bought my 94 and I can't stand the fact that I can't put my clutch in and roll backwards without my hubs comeing out. It happened to me today and I almost ended up in the ditch. Can I put manuel hubs on it??
  • Try replacing the TPS Throttle positioning sensor. It is on the passenger side of the throttle body! I have one if you need it! Mike T
  • motermoter Posts: 1
    Have you received any feedback on your question? I am having a similar issue with the oil pressure. The pressure drops to 0 when I am at idle but returns to normal when I am above about 1000-1100 rpms. I think it is the oil pump going out but I am not sure.
  • ezjc1ezjc1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 rodeo ls and when I bought it, It had some modifications done and it looks like the straps for pulling the back seats up have been removed. Can someone please tell me how I can release the bottoms of the back seats so I can replace the straps. Thank you in advance.
  • I bought my car used. But never had this kinda of problem. While driving the steering wheel kinda get hard when I need to turn or when applying the brakes. What can I do to fix it?? Thank You!!
  • NufSaidNufSaid Posts: 6
    yes i need it pls email me thank you but it may be the throttle body motor itself thanks
  • NufSaidNufSaid Posts: 6
    email is
  • NufSaidNufSaid Posts: 6
    elect. system is fine i have no idea
  • jbkennedyjbkennedy Posts: 70
    I just had the same problem repaired on my wife's 2001, and Paisan is correct, it is the interlock mechanism. About $200 parts and labor
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