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Isuzu Rodeo



  • doublee1doublee1 Posts: 2
    I recently upgraded the spark plugs to Bosch Plus Two Platinum plugs, and now the check engine light is on. The dealer said that it is because the ECM doesnt like bosch plugs, and they are causing a misfire. I like the plugs as the engine has more power, and my gas mileage is way up also. It recently got 23 MPG while driving up I-70 at 75MPH with a full load for a weekend of camping near Breckenridge. Does anyone have any suggestions, or do you think that i could be causing harm to the engine?


  • ryanendresryanendres Posts: 122
    I have had the Drive line thump on my 00 Amigo since about 5k miles (now have 25K) when i took it to the dealer they said it was normal and sent me on my way. What is the dealer charging these days to "relube the slip yolk"

    As for plugs I have read this about 30X now about folks switching to Bosch Plus plugs and the ECM tossing a code. Solution is to not use Bosch Plus plugs.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    IIRC it's the 2->1 shift of the AT. THis is common on Isuzus and basically the hard drownshift will lead to a longer life of your automatic transmission. It doesn't slip the torque converter as long as domestic ATs.

  • trophy201trophy201 Posts: 1
    OEM tires are Bridgestone Dueler p24570R16. Disatified with them. Very hard ride. Developed a vibration in veh at about 34000 miles. Had tires reblanced but one tire cannot be balanced. Developed a cord problem. Called a Bridgestone distibutor. He said nothing can be done because of mileage. They consider 35000 abou the life of this tire. Shows plenty of tread left. Now have 44000 on them with plenty more to go but considering replacing all 4.
    Anyone have comments on other tire brands they have used on their Rodeo. Thanks
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The tires are only good for about 30K tread-life or not, tires are shot at 30K especially if they are old.

    I switched over to Pirellis Scorpion ATs. Depending on your driving you can try some Yokohama Geolanders, or Scorpion STs. Bridgestone Dueller HTs are also highly reccomended.

  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    All the Bridgestone OEM tires I've run on were exeptionaly bad in terms of life cycle. All of them had plenty of thread left but the performance was terrible after 30K mi.
    I got just under 20K mi and will probably have to replace the tires closer to 30K (hopefully not sooner). My local Discount Tire store highly recommended Pathfinders. I don't remember who makes them, but they are supposed to be very good. Also, 245/75 - 16 is somewhat unusual size, as I noticed, so you might have to go with a little bit wider or a little bit taller tires. It shouldn't make any difference (at least noticeable difference) to speedometer reading and performance.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    is the stock size tires on Rodeos and Troopers.

  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    I replaced my original at 65k, they were pretty bad looking. I replaced them with Dueller A/T, They are great tires, 50k warranty, great handling. I had great improvement in handling ( although Rodeo don't handle at all, maybe b.c i still have OEM shocks witch are in good shape ,they suck, but are in good shape) also wet traction is much better.
    You can also read reviews for each tire model at
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    yep, I meant 70 - not 75...
    75's are relatively easy to find while there are not too many 70's around. At least that's the information that I got from Discount Tire store
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    245/70 should be easy to find in an SUV tire? typically all 75 ratio tires are LT (Light Truck) series. They have stiffer sidewalls and can handle higher air pressure/loads. The different belt design (LT) also helps with the taller sidewall with a 75 ratio.

    I put 265/70R16 Dueler A/T's on my trooper recently. They handle great wet/dry. No offroad details yet. The only issue I had with larger than stock tires is that they are a little harder to balance than the stock size (larger tire with respect to rim size, etc). But not a big deal, just had to go back a second time to get one tire re-done.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Pirelli Scorpion ATs on my Trooper, so far so good.

  • I have a 98 2WD Rodeo, HATE IT. Had a 95 previously, and since I upgraded to the 98, I am on my THIRD Fuel pump, second filter, and the dealership has no reason why it keeps shorting out. I also experience the thumping or feeling of being hit from behind when I come to a stop, and also my exhaust system sounds like I don't have a muffler......... The dealership has no advice for me on what to do about any of these things. Anyone else having these same issues with fuel system?
  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    I have 98 2WD as well, i have the same problems as you except the fuel pump, I never touched or change the filter and I do have 70k on it. I do however clean the fuel system once a month. My advice is to stop using cheap gas if you are using it, had the same problem on my other car, changed gas brands and it went away. My friends also owns a 99 2WD, has problems with his engine( dealer said because he used cheap gas) My exhaust system also sounds funny ( only when i accelerate) but I think I punctured it when I went off-roading.
  • nctigernctiger Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a used 2001 Rodeo LS. Several weeks later, I read a review saying that this model came standard with remote keyless entry. Since I received no "remotes" with the vehicle this was somewhat of a surprise. Can anyone comment on this? Thanks.
  • jimmyp1jimmyp1 Posts: 640
    we only received one remote, and, though it was pricey, I just went to the dealer and they sold me one and programmed it for me.

  • ryanendresryanendres Posts: 122
    Check on ebay, I see them for 10.00 all the time. The dealer with charge you +50.00 for one.
  • I have a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo. I live in Texas and when it gets really hot, my air conditioner stinks almost like exhaust and it sticks to my clothing and hair even after I leave the vehicle. It is not the common musty smell some people experience. It is worse when it is on recycled air than on outside air. Of course, the summers here are too hot to leave on outside air. I have gone to two dealerships and followed suggestions such as Lysol in the intake and cleaning all carpets. Nothing has helped and I am tired of taking showers every time I get out of the car. Any suggestions??
  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    I also live in Texas , and had a similar problem, It had a musty odor when you first started the AC but went away after 10 min at full blast. I went to a dealer and they recommended a $180 cleaning service ( not intake) which would clean/kill the "fungus"( causes the smell) I have in the AC. Go to a dealer and ask them about the cleaning service, it involves drilling a hole some where and running some kind chemical( Cleaner I guess). Try that, as for me I didn't do it, 2 expensive and it kinda stopped now after a lot use, although does come up sometimes.
    Good Luck.
    Also can anyone recommend some good driving light to putt of the Brush Guard. Thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Go to a dealer and ask them about the cleaning service, it involves drilling a hole some where and running some kind chemical( Cleaner I guess).

    I would guess that it's just hydrogen peroxide.

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  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    programming remote should be simple. I just went through this with my MDX. Each remote has an fm signature. You probably have to go through a series of steps, like turning the on/off 20 times, and then you press the buttons on the remotes you want to program. I found the steps for the acura on The dealer wanted $60-70 to program it for me.
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