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Isuzu Rodeo



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    How can Edmunds rate the Assender with a 5 year depreciation rate of ~69%?

    Actually, it's spelled "Ascender."

    Feel free to use the Feedback Form.

    tidester, host
  • The Ascender hadn't sold many units as of 5-7-2003, the day the depreciation list was posted. I guess my question for everyone here is: How could they predict the depreciation of a new '03 model that had sold so few units?

    Sorry about the grouchy ranting. I'm just not convinced that Isuzus are disasters on four wheels. Seems like Isuzu has a small but very loyal following.

    I'm really not looking for an answer from Edmunds, I was hoping some of you Rodeo/RS/Axiom/Trooper/Ascender guys could explain it to me... Are Isuzus really that bad???
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Love my Isuzus

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    With a shrinking dealer network (not even touching my own quality in service perception) and the possibility of them going out of business in the next few years, it isn't hard to believe they are coming up tops on the list. Who wants a used car with no dealer network to service it.

    Isuzu's are also know for being "trucks" not hybrids, which further shrinks its customer base.

    The MSRP on Isuzu's is high compared to actual selling price with discounts (one thing in my opinion that has hurt Isuzu from improving sales numbers), so the ratio of MSRP to purchase price to resale probably makes those numbers even higher. My 1999 Trooper's MSRP was $31500 and I got it for $24000++, so if I could sell it for $10000 (good luck) today that is about 40% of purchase and about 30% of MSRP.

    I wish their MSRP pricing was more accurate. I think in the long run it would have really helped them keep a market share.
  • The MSRP to real price is very confusing. As far as service goes, the dealer here is Century Buick-Volvo-BMW-Isuzu. Customer service is not a problem. If it was Century Isuzu-Kia-Hyundai I might be worried.
  • Thanks Joel...I am in the process of checking the plug chambers. There is no water apparent in the oil. I wonder if maybe the fuel injector connectors may have gotten wet. The motor was washed down before inspection at the self serv bay. Then the problems started.

  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    Tony, I guess it's possible the electrical connectors for the fuel injectors could have gotten wet. I wash the engine bays all the time on my vehicles (done it for years), including my 2002 rodeo & never have a problem. Of course use good judgement!! don't wash a HOT engine & dont spray the heck out of electcial stuff. Carefully pull the plugs on the injectors & coils, make sure their clean & dry + lube'em up with a dielectric silicone grease. You GOTTA be getting closer to a cure!
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    They can't be all that bad, Honda put their reputation on the line re-badging the Rodeo and the Trooper, and they survived it.

    You can't take "ANY" publication as the Gospel, it's simply an opinion from a group of humans. Everyone has certain likes and dislikes which makes us unique. First, I consider the source, then use the data provided, consider how it effects my needs and make an educated decision based on data from multiple sources.

    Bad "Residual Value" can be a blessing. In the last 9 years, I've owned 4 new cars, the Trooper is 4-1/2 years old now. If it would have held it's value better, I know myself well enough to know, it would have been gone some time ago. Now I have to keep it for 10 years to get my $$$$$ out of it, plus I just "LIKE" it. Could I finally be growing up? So their is a positive to every negative:)
  • buck380buck380 Posts: 10
    Hey People, name's Buck. Hope I'm not stepping on anyone here. If I am, then the full name's buck380. Anyway, did the Welcome crap and spelled out why I'm posting, which is regarding replacement tires for my '98 Rodeo S 4x4, but don't know where it will show up with that 30 minute delay. Did some research on the web and found a coupla tires that look promising, but would like to get some feedback from anyone who has actually tried them. The tires are: Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo's, Goodyear Fortera HL, Michelin Cross Country SUV, and Yokohama Geolander A/T Plus 2. [non-permissible content removed]--tie game, top 'o da ninth. Being from Chicago (read--we're not in this sucker), hope it goes for 7. Anyway, the Geolanders that came OEM are cracking pretty bad on the sidewall, and they squeal like a pig in parking lots. I want something that will handle wet and snow, feel nice and comfy hauling a light to medium boat, and can handle some northern Wis snow and logging trails. Plus, if that ain't enough, since I do spend most of my time on the road, handle decent and not be too darn noisy. So that's where I'm at--any comments or suggestions? Bye the bye, went and read the long term test for the LS. I have not had as negative an experience, tho I have had the gas pedal, battery harness, ABS recall fixes, and still need to get the slippery ABS problem fixed. Front seats, yeah they're not necessarily the best, but I get by. Overall, a good vehicle for the money spent. No, it's not an Accura or a BMW, but it's never let me down so far. Buck.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I'm in the same boat with tires are you are... I looked at Revo as well but they seem to be VERY expensive (more than Michelin). Michelin are supposed to be the best (according to the reviews I was able to find and Discount Tire recommendations). They, however, are said to be relatively noisy. Mike (paisan) recommended Pirelli Scorpions and that's what I'll probably go with. Revos look more capable but they are new and cost over $150. Scorpions will run about $90 per tire. The only thing is that I'll have to go with 255 size instead of OEM 245. The origial size, apparently, is not that common so the tires will run over $120. 255/70-16 go for about $90.
  • a set of Firestone Indy 500's for my Amigo. The wet handling is much better than the stock Wrangler AP's and they were buy three (@ $89 each) get one free, so they were about $67 each. They are a truck tire, although "Indy 500" sounds like a racing tire.
  • buck380buck380 Posts: 10
    Boris, mine came with the smaller 235/75-15's. In my size, the Revo's are $114 each, the Michelin Cross Terrains 139. I have a friend who has the Cross Terrains on his Acura, and he highly recommends them. However, I'm kind of drawn to the aggressive tread on the Revos. Plus, the Revos rate the highest for all-terrain at Still, I have yet to look at a Fortera, which should run around $105, so we'll see. Here's a link to check out:
    Amigo_john--doesn't look as though any such animal is available in my size.
  • a set of Firestone Indy 500's for my Amigo. The wet handling is much better than the stock Wrangler AP's and they were buy three (@ $89 each) get one free, so they were about $67 each. They are a truck tire, although "Indy 500" sounds like a racing tire.
  • r0de099r0de099 Posts: 35
    I bought a 99 rodeo ls 7 months ago with 54,000 miles on it.How long before the car will need a tune up? and what the tune up can do for a car?Im not good in cars dont know anything about maintenance.
  • Hi all, For the last couple of months I have been noticing that my 99 Rodeo's engine rpm is greater than before - at the same speeds. So, for e.g. it will go to 2800 at 75mph. I drove my friend's Rodeo and noted that it was 2500 at 75mph. I also notice clunking and a jolt when I put it into drive initially. Up-shifting also seems delayed. So I had the transmission fluid flushed and changed, and had it checked by the dealership (cost me $320) - to no avail. The problems still exist. They told me that it was showing a P0705 trouble code and that I should change the mode switch "and then go from there". This would cost me another $300 - but with no guarantees to fix the problem. So I decided to do some research before spending the extra $300. Can anybody think of why the transmission range/mode switch would be causing the transmission from slipping and clunking sounds when shifting to drive? I find that connection unconvincing.

  • I bought 4 255/70-16 Revo's for my '00 Troop a few months ago from one of many Fstone dealers - less than $500 total - mounted & balanced with tax plus free balance / rotation & road hazard. Shop around & negotiate your best deal.
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    boltzman- A faulty gear range switch /sensor will give you these symptoms & OBDII code. The range sensor is located on the left side of the tranny. It's connected to the shift arm that sticks out the side. P/N 8-96017-511-0. Your tranny will act up when these go bad because this sensor not only lights up the appropriate "PRND321" dash light, it also tells the PCM what gear has been selected. If the powertrain computer is not getting a clean signal from the range sensor, it will put the tranny in "failsafe" mode which yeilds hard & erratic shifts. It's only a few small bolts, a nut on the shift arm & an electrical plug to undo to get the range sensor out. I've heard that just taking it apart & cleaning the contacts can fix it. It's about a $150 dealer part. This range/mode sensor seems to be the most problematic part of the 4L30E tranny. At least it's on the outside of the case!! G/luck
  • buck380buck380 Posts: 10
    Hey Bill troop2shos--
    So what do you think of those Revos? Good stuff?
  • So far, only 5,000 miles have been put on them but I've been impressed. Turn-in is very good & they are responsive to steering inputs; rain & dry pavement performance is excellent & they're smooth & quiet - especially with their agressive tread pattern. Max cold inflation pressure is 44 psi which I run them at 35 / 38, F/R. The tire compound seems to be very good & not hard yielding outstanding grip on the surfaces they've been run on so far. My AWA drives it most of the time since I have the SHO but I've been able to get it off the pavement when I go on fishing trips. I can report that the tires grip very well w/ no slippage pulling an incline in loose wet rock & no issues in the mud I've been in (nothing deep or real heavy) - except my wife noticed what didn't come off through the heavy rain on the drive back home - complained of Trooper abuse. No snow yet...but soon... :)
    I'm very critical when it comes to tires cause they're the only thing between you & the surface.
    I believe a few on the Trooper board run Revo's - you might ask for their opinions or do a search.
  • buck380buck380 Posts: 10
    Bill t2s, thanks for the reply. I wanted a real person review, and that's where you helped me out. From what I can tell from all my searching, the Revos are tops. I think I'll go with them. As you said, the only thing twixt you and/or the loved ones and the road is the tires; I want the best. Was hoping a Rodeo owner had them and could tell me how they translated to that particular vehicle as to handling and so forth, but no such luck so far. Guess I'll be the guinea pig and report my results in a future update. Intended usage: mostly city driving (Chicago), some hi-way, some extended trips (New Orleans, or wherever the fancy may strike), couple 1000-milers to da UP and back per year, occasional boat hauling; but mostly around town in typical midwestern weather, which is quite variable. One important thang was how they felt towing, and since you said you occasionally took them fishing and felt good on an incline, without complaining about the tow itself, I take that as a good sign the Revos felt comfortable during the tow. Thanks again...Buck
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