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Isuzu Rodeo



  • I don't want to mislead in that I don't have a boat - stream fish for smallmouth & trout instead. I do pull a large pop-up but I haven't had it out in awhile. However, I pulled a loaded U-haul without a problem but this isn't the info you are looking for as far as boat ramp performance. I wouldn't expect a problem though. There is no comparison between the Revo's & the stock 684 Duelers I changed out at 36k & I'm glad I made the Revo purchase when I did.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Do a search on the Revo's, then you'll see the area of personal reviews.
  • buck380buck380 Posts: 10
    Bill t2s--I'm less worried about boat ramp performance as to how the tires/vehicle feels during the actual tow. Don't like squirminess, if you know what I mean. If you pulled a loaded U-Haul with no problems, that pretty much fits into my parameters as my boat is not that heavy, maybe around 2000 lbs, 2500 tops. thanks for the input.
    Big Al D--I'm hip to tirerack, that's where I first got turned on to the Revos. Still, I wanted some input from Isuzu drivers. Just doing a little cross referencing. So what you driving on?
    On a general note, and you had better be quick as I am hot to trot to get me some new tires, if any of you out there in never-never land have a spare set of 16" Rodeo wheels to sell (to fit a '98), let me know ASAP. Gotta be in straight-up condition, reasonably priced.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Dueler AT693's, they didn't make the Revo's at the time I purchased them. However, I will definitely go for the Revo's next time. I've got 30K on them now and I'm probably only at 50% treadwear, but I also rotate them every 5k. I've used them in the snow in Oregon, and alot of So.Cal desert sand and rock, they're very good tires IMO....Go for it!
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I stoped by at Discount Tires today (and make couple of stops at other local dealers) and was told at every one of them that 255/70-16 are too wide for me. In other words I am stuck with 245 width unless I want to switch to 15" wheels... Don't think so!
    Anyways... This rulles out Scorpions as they are way overpriced in this size. The best price on Revo's that I was able to get is $124.99 (Costco and Peerless Tyre). Discount Tire charges around $150 but they are willing to match. He told me, though, that Revo's are on National backorder. Some of the local Bridgestone dealers still have them in stock but I am worring about replacement if I ever need it. He also offered Michelin LTX M/S and assured me that they are far better quality tires and are no match to Revo's. He also said that they perform great in the snow and mud. Well, while I tend to agree that Michelin's quality is probably superior than Bridgestone, I have my doubts about their snow performance. I've read some reviews at TireRack (and will read some more tomorrow) and everybody claims that they are built to last but suck in snow conditions. THey look like they are straight highway tires. Michelin Cross Terrain, on the other hand, will probably offer better grip but might be reaaalllyyy bumpy. Plus they cost more (unless I can dig out some sale or something).
    Well, I think this post is confusing enough... I guess what I wanted to find out if anybody tried LTX's and have any personal winter experience?
    The thing is that honestly, 80-90% of my driving is highway and city. However, I don't want to have any major problems in the snow and I'm willing to sacrifise some softness of the ride to peace of mind.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Don't listen to them on the rim size. I have 265/70s on my stock trooper rims 16x8 I believe.

    The cross terrains are more of a highway tire. Very smooth and quiet. I have them on my MDX. Very good handling and in the snow. I am sure the LTXs are a great tire. I have the regular Dueler A/T's on my trooper, and they were rated lower in snow performance than others. I have not had any issue and they have done great in all conditions.

    80-90% highway with snow performance? The Cross terrains are probably your best bet.

    The A/T 693s are good in all conditions, however they have been problematic. The A/T tread is rougher than regular H/T...they were hard to get balanced right...I even took them to a shop with a hunter 9000 and they said they couldn't use it on them because the A/T tread was too big.

    Once I got them right however they have been good (but that was a painful process). Very good offroad, excellent wet in wet conditions, pretty quiet on the highway and they look cool.
  • buck380buck380 Posts: 10
    According to the charts, those 225's won't fit, assuming you have 8" wheels; 7 1/2 max for proper fit. 235's would be okay, but yeah, they're more. However, you could get some Bridgestone Duelers (non-Revo) for $75 or $87, Revos for $101, Pirellis for $90 or $104. All prices Tirerack, so more at your retailer, but that would include mounting. But don't forget the balancing, valves, disposal fees, etc. That stuff sure adds up. I just ordered a set of Revos in 235/75-15 thru Sears today as they had a 10% discount storewide going, so it was $427 for the tires. Still, after all is said and done, it's still $535 for the whole shebang, at least here in Chicago, what with disposal fees, environmental fees, high taxes and all. They said 3-5 business days for delivery. Local Firestone/Bridgestone had some in stock, but they were about $35 more, and the tires were already a year old (you can be sure I'll be checking the date on the tires from Sears). I wouldn't worry too much about availability in the future, as I'm sure Bridgestone is smart enough to concentrate on manufacturing Revos if they are getting that popular. My second pick was the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV, 3rd was a toss-up between Goodyear Fortera HL and Yokohama Geolander A/T Plus2. But the Revos won. I will be letting y'all know my impressions of them once I get a few miles, and pretty soon some winter driving, under my belt. Buck
  • Question: I am thinking of buying a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo with 65k miles on it. It is owned by a friend of mine and it is well maintained. Trouble is it is a 4 cyl auto trans and I'm a little concerned about how reliable this will be. Can anyone give me any tips about possible shortcomings of this vehicle? Potential maint issues? Other than a broken pass door mirror and tires that need to be replaced the vehicle is in pretty good condition.
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    I have Michelin X Radial LT (it is BJ's wholesale club version of Michelin LTX) for 3 years or 40K mi on my 97 Rodeo and it is much-much better tire than Good year OEM.They was easy to balance and they still keep good balance and no vibration after 3 years. I still have about 6/32 of treat. They are pretty good in snow but they are no snow tire. I know I would be stack in snow couple times if no 4 wheel drive. They very low noise on highway and I think better for snow/light off road than Cross Terrain becouse they have more open treat design.They cost about $110 installed in 245/70R16 in BJ's but you have special order them. I would buy them again.
  • There are a bunch of old Amigos out there with the same 2.6 4 cyl engine that have made it to 150k with few problems. Does the pup also have the same engine??? You see a bunch of those out there with 200k on them...
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    collinjeremy- You hit on the main thing already. The rig was well maintained by your friend. The 2.3/2.6's may be a bit underpowered- depending on what you are used to, but they are good isuzu engine. The weakest link for them is the cylinder head. They can crack on you. Always keep the cooling system top knotch, change the oil regularly & you'll get a lot of miles out of it. The valvetrain will smash on you if the timing belt breaks, so you want to make sure you keep a good timing belt on them. The bottom ends on these engines are extremely tough & well built. The 4L30E auto tranny is a good unit as well. Just keep the ATF clean in it & that will last well over 150Kmi too.
  • Actually, I just looked at and drove the vehicle and it is a V6 not a 4cyl. It still isn't overly powerful (compared to my '03 Maxima anyway) but it isn't a dog either. The vehicle has a few scratches and there are some rattles but it feels mechanically sound. I'm going to have a mechanic check it out next week.

    This friend of mine is moving out of state and just wants to pay off what she owes on it so I can get it for $3800. It has some cosmetic damage (broken pass door mirror, some minor scratches on the paint and the interior is really in need of a good cleaning) it also has a poorly installed trailer hitch but I know it hasn't been used to tow anything really heavy on long distances or for long periods of time.

    It also needs 4 tires but that I'm willing to accept.

    We'll see what the mechanic says next week.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Wear is not a major issue why I am looking to replace my stock Duelers. I still have about 6/32 left and the tires have 44K mi on them already. They've been very (I would even say impressively) good in all conditions for two years. I just noticed 3-4 months ago that they started squealing VERY badly on every turn no matter if I'm crawling or making a quick turn. They also lost their grip and hydroplane on wet roads and are extremely slick on snow. We just had first snow drizzle of the year and I got a chance to notice how slick they are.

    I was kind of leaning toward the A/T tires but have been told by different sales people and seen it in various reviews that A/T tires are generally not too good on ice and snow. They are very good in deep snow, but otherwise not very impressive on regular "city snow." While I'm still considering them, I was also looking at Cross Terrain and LTXs. Michelin rates their Cross Terrain's higher in pretty much every single aspect then LTXs but even considering their "zigzag" thread pattern they still look kind of like bus tires with straight groves that go around the tire :-)
    Here's the link to Michelin's review and rating page:

    I guess I'll call couple more places and will have to make up my mind relatively fast - the winter is starting here in Colorado.

    Pricewise, here's what I can get:
    Revo - 123.99 + tax (installed)
    Dueler A/T - $103.99 + tax (installed)
    LTX M/S - $114.99 + tax (installed)
    Cross Terain - $124.99 + tax (installed)
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    Well, my OEM Goodyear Wrangler AP were the same as yours now, 6/32 treat left and tire was not good at all, "lost their grip and hydroplane on wet roads and are extremely slick on snow".
    The X Radial LT I have now still very good on dry and wet, no squealing at all. Well snow, we have to wait month or two.I keep 35psi in every tire,the ride is OK and wear is even.You posted good price for Cross Terrain, I usually see these in $145-150 range installed. But again by they treat pattern they clearly SUV highway tires. Oh by the way, BJ's have a coupon $12.50 per tire off any Michelin tire, valid for one week in mid November.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    The prices for tires are Costco prices. Local Discount tire offered to match them as well. All Michelin prices also reflect $60 off (for a set of 4) that Costco offers till November 2nd.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    You mentioned their is a nationwide backorder, and your concerned about replacements. I was walking through the parking lot at work today, saw a re-designed Ford F-150 "4X4 OFFROAD" with Revo's, 265/70-16 made in Japan. I was shocked to see a Firestone product on a Ford! So I looked at the spare, and it too was a Revo. Maybe Ford and Firestone kissed and made up? This could explain the shortage.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I really doubt they went back to Firestone... I bet the guy got GoodYear Wrangler or something like that and got them replaced immediately :-)

    I just called Discount tire again and checke the price at Costco and I think I'll go with LTX's. The price is $114.99 +tax (I hope Disc. Tire can match it) and I hope to get about $10-15 credit for my old onse (cross my fingers).

    Will probably get them put on Saturday... I really like the look of Revo's but it looks like Michelin is better deal after all.
  • Hi. I had a quick question maybe someone can answer. What type of body or frame (not sure what the correct word is) does the 2001 Rodeo have? I was just in a rear end collision, and it looks like my frame might be messed up underneath (I haven't taken it for an estimate yet). My mom is concerned about them trying to fix a frame or totalling it. She believes there are certain types of frames that you shouldn't let them fix, because they can't fix it like new. Does anyone have any clue what she is talking about. I just don't want to be rolled over by the insurance company if that is the case.
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    kcchica- the rodeo has a full ladder style box frame. The body is mounted onto the frame. Same type of setup used on pickup trucks. Good to hear you didn't get hurt. If you are the one that got hit from behind, you wont have any worries! Those are pretty straight forward cases where insurance companies cant mess with you.
  • Have a question for you isuzu folks in the know out there. My son is looking at a '93 V6 4WD Rodeo, 95500 miles, auto, a/c, not sure if any other bells and whisles. Price is $2000. Questions: is this a good deal, is this a good vehicle, what problems should I expect, how many miles do they usually last, etc. All my research so far looks positive, but I wanted to get the info from thise of you that have the hands on. Thanks for any info that you all can give me and I hope that I didn't butt in on anyone.
    Thanks, Bob.
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