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Isuzu Rodeo



  • pigfanaticpigfanatic Posts: 14
    My son has a 1997 Rodeo, last night he said that on his way to work the volt meter spiked, kicked off his AC. When he tried to turn it back on it would not start back up. After the day at work got in and the AC started up, no problem... Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help.
  • pigfanaticpigfanatic Posts: 14
    After reading post on here, we replaced the alternator. Now it squeals when you first crank it up - or turn on the defroster... The belts are very tight. Will give it another go and try to tighten them up more tonight... any ideas other than being loose that will make them squeal like that?

  • jfiersonjfierson Posts: 6
    Having a problem with 6 changer (model 2350) Stuck in a cd and started making noise, then the load and eject buttons started to change the am/fm frequency? radio works. Anyone know how to re-set if possible??
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    factory changer is lousy...not much you can do about it. I would replace with aftermarket unit...they're pretty cheap and you can get MP3 capability
  • jwsjws Posts: 5
    You can pull the fuse and leave it out for a while. While it is out, you can press the eject button 50 times and when you put the fuse back in, it may work. Sounds crazy but I read it on one of these posts somewhere and it worked for me.

    If you decide to go after-market you can either go with a double DIN sized radio which should take up the room your current radio and changer take up. Or you can buy this 1.html

    and use it to fill half the space.

    My main objection to putting in an aftermarket radio is that most of them are UGLY and don't match the rest of the dash very well. Plus, I have yet to see an aftermarket radio that has the reception of an OEM radio, especially on AM.

    Good Luck!

  • jfiersonjfierson Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info on the trim kit for the radio/cd changer. I was looking at aftermarket units yesterday, pioneer and JVC and they are single cd units. I was told by the sales guy that I can buy a trim kit from them (best buy). Would you know if theirs fits or is the metra kit better? Thanks, I will try the thing with the fuse. I imagine its like resetting the unit, something that Isuzu and Fujitsu Ten ,the manufacturer said could not be done. They were both willing to take $350 for a replacement or $285 for a repair. Not happening. After 3.5 years and limited play, the unit should not have broken.
    Thanks again
  • jwsjws Posts: 5
    Don't know anything about the trim kit at BestBuy but I imagine they are comparable -- probably more expensive but there is the advantage of being able to see and touch it before buying it. Does if have the tray underneath or is it just a panel? I would definitely prefer the tray.

    Pulling the fuse and hitting the eject button repeatedly just drains off whatever stored charge the capacitors in the changer may have. You could probably accomplish the same thing by leaving the fuse disconnected overnight.

    As far as the single CD vs a changer, if you get a unit that does MP3's and you have a PC, you can put more music on a single 700 MB CD than six conventional CD's will hold. Plus you get artist, title, album info in the MP3 header which the player reads and displays. Like I said before, most of the aftermarket units have a lot of flashing lights and bright colors which IMO don't really blend in with the Rodeo's interior. I guess it's a matter of individual choice.

  • jfiersonjfierson Posts: 6
    I have had Isuzu SUV's since 1988 and from what I read and with all the dealers that handled it once and no more, it seems that Isuzu may be going away. It really is a shame because over all they made pretty good vehicles and I have always found them to be reliable. It is hard to find a dealer now and this all means that the resale value of the rodeo I now have is going to be plumetting. Really too bad when you look at some of the junk SUV;s on the road today
  • bama_lukebama_luke Posts: 27
    I just had the 60,000 mile service done on my 2000 Rodeo LS on Saturday, and yesterday after work I noticed an odd noise. The best I way I can think to describe it is like water being poured into a bowl. The sound seems to be coming from behind the passenger side dashboard. The sound is also intermittent, happening only from a standstill through acceleration to about 20 mph. I can also hear it if I have the car in neutral and rev the engine a little. Lastly, the car has to warm up before the sound starts. It probably takes about 5-10 minutes of driving before it starts. I have not had a chance to get under the hood and try to ID the specific location of the noise yet, but hope to do so tonight. Any thoughts on what it might be would be greatly appreciated.

  • garodeogarodeo Posts: 3
    Just a heads up if you are going to purchase a new Rodeo. I bought mine back in December of 03, and love my Rodeo (except for the terrible gas mileage). I am barely getting 300 miles per tank of gas, and this is highway driving. Dealer said that there was nothing wrong. I would like to find the person who gets 420 miles per tank of gas like it says in the edmunds review.
    Anyhow, with soaring gas prices, thought I would try and trade this thing in for something more fuel efficient. The most I was offered was $12k, and I paid $21k for it, and the sticker was almost $28k. If you buy this car, plan on keeping it for a very long time. In my opinion, pay the extra money and get the Pilot or 4Runner.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Are totally different vehicles. Pilot is a mini-van with AWD... 4Runner is 40K+

  • w4mkw4mk Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 1993 Rodeo LS 3.2 with PS but the steering is very loose, there seems to be about one inch of free play from left to right when I am driving straight ahead and it is very frustrating to keep moving the wheel this much to keep it in a straight line. Does anyone know how to fix this problem or what it might be? The car has 108,000 miles on it and no front end components have been replaced yet according to the previous owner. Thanks, Mike
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Yes, they are diferent but people who buy them are not. 99% don't buy the Rodeo based on its offroading prowess, they just want a cheap and a decent looking SUV for highway & city driving and there's no reason to deny it. If Isuzu had only sold their trucks to offroad junkies like you they'd be out of business a long time ago.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Although now I'm just a truck guy, haven't actually offroaded in over a year. Isuzu should just start making Full-size trucks and larger truck-based SUVs that they are good at. Unibody FWD-based SMVs are not their strong suit.

  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    They should build larger SUVs but their only hope, D-Max-based, Thai-built truck is still a pie in the sky and might never come to the States :-( ek&cat_code=carnews&content_code=01408743&Search_Type- =STD&Search_ID=2125669&record=13
  • jbkennedyjbkennedy Posts: 70
    I think a diesel version of Rodeo would sell well right now in the U.S. with the current rise in gas prices. I know that overseas, Isuzu has a 3.0L turbocharged diesel available. I see that DC is marketed a diesel Jeep Liberty in the near future.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    A diesel Rodeo would take on the Liberty head on.

    but it won't happen. Tis a shame.

  • rcopa1rcopa1 Posts: 24
    I am the orignal owner of a 1999 Rodeo LS with 54k miles. I see alot complaints/problems on here and wanted to say that my Rodeo has never had any problems. It has been a flawless vehicle. The Ford, Honda, and Toyota's I have owned have always given me one problem or another. This vehcile has not even had a fuse burn out. The only complaint I would have is the ride. I've just purchased an Axiom and am sorry to see this vehicle go. Thanks,
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