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Isuzu Rodeo



  • 1. The PCV valve sits on the valve cover. It has a rubber hose attached to it with a clamp. Remove the hose and pull the valve out of its seat. 5 minute job to replace.


    2. To relieve fuel pressure from the system, remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse panel in the engine compartment. Crank the engine over for 30 seconds. Also, remove the gas cap and negative battery cable (just in case).


    3. The factory manuals the isuzu mechanics use are the helm manuals. Sometimes you can find them on ebay. Or, go to the Helm website (
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Thanks for the info! I'll check Helm Website.


    I forgot to reply to the posts concerning bumpy rides on Rodeo. Yes, if you lower your tire pressure it will make the ride softer. However, your gas/mileage will suffer and the tires will wear off sooner. I know Isuzu recommends lower tire pressure than Discount Tires put in, but I'd rather have better gas/mileage, better handling and less wear on the tires. That's just my opinion though.


    I did try to lower the pressure when I was 4WDing on sand and I forgot to inflate the tires after that. I can't say I was too happy with the nandling I got.
  • I currently have a 2002 S 2WD Rodeo. It's so vastly underpowered for me, and I'm thinking about trading it in for a 2002 S V6 4WD. I'm wondering if I can still even find one, or if the difference in money is worth it.
  • I take it you're talking about going from the 4 cylinder S model to the V6 model. A vehicle of that weight being powered by a 4 cylinder 130hp engine has never made any sense to me. I'm sure you'll notice a big difference when you test drive the V6 with 205 HP. In my area, there are plenty for very reasonable prices. Test drive and see.
  • Looking for an SUV to pull a camper we'll be buying. I can buy a leftover 2WD with the new 3.5L for around $18K (plus/minus). I know the Rodeo is "old tech" compared to the new SUVs on the market...but I'm looking for the biggest bang for my buck in the new-car segment. Just worried the "negative" feedback in this forum may outweigh "positive" ownership experiences with the Rodeo.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    I had a '99 Rodeo. It was a good and dependable vehicle. Since I drive a pickup, we figured we did not need two trucks so we switched my wife to a crossover (Subaru). If you are looking for a good, basic SUV, I would not hesitate to go for a leftover Rodeo. However, depending upon how it is equipped, I would think you might be able to do a little better than $18k at this point.
  • I need to know how much it cost for a power window motor? Can i install it myself or i need a mechanic to install it?
  • A power window regulator runs around 100 bucks on ebay. It's a do-it-yourself job if you have some basic mechanical ability. Often on these vehicles it is not the motor that dies but the various linkages and guides that fall out of position. Remove the door panel and check all the parts inside before putting out money for unneeded parts.
  • I have a 92 Rodeo that has 87,000 miles and the

    check engine light has been coming on intermittently, plus my gas mileage has dropped to 10 mpg. My mechanics have been unable to find a problem (with the computer sensor). Other than that it runs fine. Therefore, I am looking at a 2001 to replace it, unless someone knows a possible fix. Any suggestions, or is it time to replace?


  • Find a new mechanic. Check engine light problems are not difficult to diagnose or fix. It may be emissions-related resulting in the lower gas mileage. Getting it fixed will likely be less expensive then a new car, and who is to say the new one won't have a check engine light on at some point.
  • I did, found the problem, leak in the manifold gasket....$525.00 repair. So I guess I'm buying a new one. I'll miss my 92 Rodeo :(

    It's been a great truck. So long ole girl!
  • i have a prolem with my front axle the mechanic saw that the cv boots are ripped both of them.Can you change just the boots or you have to change the whole axle?
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    You should be able to replace just the boots. I haven't done it on the Rodeo, but I've done it on another car.


    There might be two different cv boots available: one that you can put on and glue together, and the one that you can pull on by disconnecting the axle from the wheel. Once again, I don't know what's available for Rodeo and the only experience I have as far as changing the cv boots was on '88 Chevy Nova.


    At that time (about 7 years ago) I was recommended not to get the "split" type cv boots as they don't live long.
  • I bought a repair CD off of Ebay for about $15 if I remember, for my '01.

    It is actually a Honda Passport ESM, Electronic Service Manual, copyright 2004 by American Honda Motor Company.

    It is a bunch of pdf files...I haven't looked at it much and still haven't found much of an index. But it is all there.

  • Hi folks,
    I'm just migrating over here...sold a 2002 Honda CR-V and bought a '01 Rodeo cuz I needed better off road clearance and capability, and more towing ability.

    First thing...the Isuzu takes a lot of pedal pressure to stop. It doesn't inspire confidence in braking ability. Should I look at aftermarket and/or high performance brake pads? It has 43K miles on it.

    Second thing...I just bought a set of factory fog lights. The kit contained two lights and brackets, a relay, two short wiring harnesses one for each side to connect the lights to existing wires behind the bumper...but no instructions at all? Does anyone know of a set of instructions? I'm hoping all I have to do is plug the relay into the under-hood fuse box, install the switch (hopefully the wiring harness is already there!), and install the lights. any ideas?

    Does anyone know if the fog lights work independently of the headlights? When I installed the factory fogs on the CRV, I had to do some changes to the wiring to let the fogs work independently from the headlights. Otherwise, they only worked when the low beams were on. I'm hoping to be able to use them independendtly so they can be used as daytime running lights sort of!

  • Hi, my 2000 2WD Rodeo start to leak some red/brownish fluid to the garage floor. I crawed underneath to check and it seems to leak from the small rectangular oil pan. This oil pan is located between the engine oil pan and the automatic transmission oil pan. Does anybody know what this one is? What kind of fluid, filter or gasket it used? Oh, by the way I am just past 60k mile and plan to have an independent to do the 60k maintenance rather than the dealer. The dealer is too faraway (Houston) and expensive. Do the transmisson oil pan need a gasket and filter when I change the fluid? Any suggestion for the 60 K maintenance? Thanks in advance.
  • The smaller oil pan is part of the transmission oil pan. The reddish brown fluid is transmission fluid. Since you have the leak, you might as well change the filter when they take off the trans. oil pan to replace the gasket. You can buy a transmission filter and gasket set at autozone or other auto parts stores.
  • i took my rodeo to the shop saturday to get my outer boots fix both of them the mecahnic look at it 15 mins. later came back told me that i need to replace the whole axle and it will cost me $575.00 but i told him to just change the boots coz i dont hear any clicking or noise coming from the axle and he said the botts are not gonna last.So it took the car out went to meineke and see what they say they told me the samething change the whole thing but they agree to change just the boots so i let them change the boots but it still cost me $311.00 Is it really that expensive even just to replace the boots?They said the labor take long.
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    Yes, there is a lot of involve. It is long, dirty,nasty job.There is an article on 4x4wire dot com if you want to know details. You would be glad you payed somebody to do it.
    Just change a boot actually add more work as outer joint is not separatable and they had to open/separate inner cv to get outer boot on.
  • I called the dealer about the oil leak and they said it is cover under the powertrain warranty. I brought it in last Saturday. It turn out to be some piston seal leaking and not the pan itself. It was repaired under the 10yrs/120k powertrain warranty and no charge for me. So I suggest anyone to try to utilize the Isuzu powertrain warranty first before spending one's own money.
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